Using the Data Package in Sencha Touch

The data package is responsible for loading and saving all data in a Sencha Touch app. Most of the actions involving the data package are related to models, stores, and proxies:

  • Model: A model represents an entity your app cares about. User, Contact, Address, and Product could all be models. At its simplest, a model is just a collection of fields and their data, but they can do a lot more.

  • Store: A store is a collection of model instances. Mostly it is just a glorified array, but it also provides capabilities like sorting, filtering, and grouping, and it is capable of firing useful events.

  • Proxy: A proxy is responsible for the actual loading and saving of data into a store. Usually you will create an AJAX proxy which fetches data from your server and uses it to populate a store.

Find out more about Models, Stores and Proxies in their individual guides.

Further Reading

Data is only a part of the Sencha Touch ecosystem. To understand more about the framework and how it works, we recommend reading the following guides:

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