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Terms, Icons, and Labels

Many classes have shortcut names used when creating (instantiating) a class with a configuration object. The shortcut name is referred to as an alias (or xtype if the class extends Ext.Component). The alias/xtype is listed next to the class name of applicable classes for quick reference.

Access Levels

Framework classes or their members may be specified as private or protected. Else, the class / member is public. Public, protected, and private are access descriptors used to convey how and when the class or class member should be used.

Member Types

Member Syntax

Below is an example class member that we can disect to show the syntax of a class member (the lookupComponent method as viewed from the Ext.button.Button class in this case).

lookupComponent ( item ) : Ext.Component

Called when a raw config object is added to this container either during initialization of the items config, or when new items are added), or {@link #insert inserted.

This method converts the passed object into an instanced child component.

This may be overridden in subclasses when special processing needs to be applied to child creation.


item :  Object

The config object being added.


The component to be added.

Let's look at each part of the member row:

Member Flags

The API documentation uses a number of flags to further commnicate the class member's function and intent. The label may be represented by a text label, an abbreviation, or an icon.

Class Icons

- Indicates a framework class

- A singleton framework class. *See the singleton flag for more information

- A component-type framework class (any class within the Ext JS framework that extends Ext.Component)

- Indicates that the class, member, or guide is new in the currently viewed version

Member Icons

- Indicates a class member of type config

- Indicates a class member of type property

- Indicates a class member of type method

- Indicates a class member of type event

- Indicates a class member of type theme variable

- Indicates a class member of type theme mixin

- Indicates that the class, member, or guide is new in the currently viewed version

Class Member Quick-Nav Menu

Just below the class name on an API doc page is a row of buttons corresponding to the types of members owned by the current class. Each button shows a count of members by type (this count is updated as filters are applied). Clicking the button will navigate you to that member section. Hovering over the member-type button will reveal a popup menu of all members of that type for quick navigation.

Getter and Setter Methods

Getting and setter methods that correlate to a class config option will show up in the methods section as well as in the configs section of both the API doc and the member-type menus just beneath the config they work with. The getter and setter method documentation will be found in the config row for easy reference.

History Bar

Your page history is kept in localstorage and displayed (using the available real estate) just below the top title bar. By default, the only search results shown are the pages matching the product / version you're currently viewing. You can expand what is displayed by clicking on the button on the right-hand side of the history bar and choosing the "All" radio option. This will show all recent pages in the history bar for all products / versions.

Within the history config menu you will also see a listing of your recent page visits. The results are filtered by the "Current Product / Version" and "All" radio options. Clicking on the button will clear the history bar as well as the history kept in local storage.

If "All" is selected in the history config menu the checkbox option for "Show product details in the history bar" will be enabled. When checked, the product/version for each historic page will show alongside the page name in the history bar. Hovering the cursor over the page names in the history bar will also show the product/version as a tooltip.

Search and Filters

Both API docs and guides can be searched for using the search field at the top of the page.

On API doc pages there is also a filter input field that filters the member rows using the filter string. In addition to filtering by string you can filter the class members by access level, inheritance, and read only. This is done using the checkboxes at the top of the page.

The checkbox at the bottom of the API class navigation tree filters the class list to include or exclude private classes.

Clicking on an empty search field will show your last 10 searches for quick navigation.

API Doc Class Metadata

Each API doc page (with the exception of Javascript primitives pages) has a menu view of metadata relating to that class. This metadata view will have one or more of the following:

Expanding and Collapsing Examples and Class Members

Runnable examples (Fiddles) are expanded on a page by default. You can collapse and expand example code blocks individually using the arrow on the top-left of the code block. You can also toggle the collapse state of all examples using the toggle button on the top-right of the page. The toggle-all state will be remembered between page loads.

Class members are collapsed on a page by default. You can expand and collapse members using the arrow icon on the left of the member row or globally using the expand / collapse all toggle button top-right.

Desktop -vs- Mobile View

Viewing the docs on narrower screens or browsers will result in a view optimized for a smaller form factor. The primary differences between the desktop and "mobile" view are:

Viewing the Class Source

The class source can be viewed by clicking on the class name at the top of an API doc page. The source for class members can be viewed by clicking on the "view source" link on the right-hand side of the member row.

Architect 3


Version 3.5.1 Build 348

New Features

  • Added Ext JS 6.0.2
  • Added Cmd 6.1.2

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error 0xc00007b on Windows
  • Fixed scrollbar in Project Inspector
  • Set correctly file association on Windows
  • Fixed converting store name to plural of model
  • Persist preview url prefix after project reload
  • Allow custom ports for preview
  • Upgraded warning before framework upgrade
  • Fixed upgrade ExtJS framework from 4.2 to 5.0
  • Fixed error 'store.getTotalCount is not a function'
  • Fixed components configs defined as object instead of function/string
  • Fixed missing css in app.json in production build
  • Terminating always sencha command process when SA is closing
  • Clear error message is displayed when service port is blocked
  • Removed 5 minutes delay after asset update finished
  • Fixed failed Cmd initialize when running on virtualized environment
  • Fixed allowNull in model when upgrading the framework
  • Allow adding tools in chart config
  • Fixed proxy authentication
  • Removed possibility to turn off web server
  • Fixed upgrading of the project created in SA 3.2
  • Allow namespaces for generated entities by builders
  • Allow past text from clipboard to the certain dialog fields
  • Added Exporter plugin for Grid
  • Allow set string value for function/string configs
  • Supported Ext JS 6 Direct Load API
  • Allow deleting of top level ViewModel and ViewController
  • Added Triton theme to Library combobox
  • SA is recognized as application on Linux
  • Added new configs for fav-icon and title
  • Allow adding static functions for Application class
  • Removed black stripe from 'Assets synchronization' dialog
  • The tooltip is displayed for filter locking button
  • Fixed Header/Content/Left Tree Menu template

Known Issues:

  • A black window is shown on Windows 7 (DSGNR-6654). The workaround is to run SA from command line with --disable-gpu switch.
  • Auto-update on OSX takes extra 5 minutes after which SA will just shut down instead of restart.
  • Auto-update on 32bit platforms (Windows and Linux) is not supported. Download the new installer from sencha support.

Version 3.5.0 Build 268

New Features

  • Added support for Ext JS 6 Classic toolkit
  • Added support for Ext JS 5.1.2
  • Added Cmd 6.1.1
  • Updated the application container to utilize Electron

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented child processes from being destroyed after Architect closed
  • Fixed an issue that caused an invalid Cmd base path to appear in the Preferences window
  • Fixed an issue in which templates could not be written
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the copy shortcut from being used with CAPS LOCK on
  • Fixed an issue that caused CAPS LOCK to be treated as COMMAND in the editor
  • Fixed an issue with comments on OSX
  • Fixed an issue with buffered stores
  • Fixed an issue when dragging and dropping when using an absolute layout
  • Fixed an issue with theme duplication
  • Fixed Cordova detection on Linux
  • Fixed an issue that caused scrollbars to reset when elements were moved on canvas
  • Fixed the button status when auto-compile is active
  • Fixed an issue with the Data UI builder lowercasing urls
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from setting grid border to true
  • Fixed drag and drop on a canvas with scrollbars
  • Added missing date and number fields
  • Added missing range and bound validators

Known Issues:

  • A black window is shown on Windows 7 (DSGNR-6654). The workaround is to run SA from command line with --disable-gpu switch.
  • Starting SA on Windows 64 bit displays a system error 0xc00007b (DSGNR-6680). Download the new installer from sencha support. The fixed version is An additional workaround is to install 64 bit Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013.
  • Running SA on virtualized systems can break Sencha Cmd (DSGNR-6704). You can workaround this issue by increasing the number of dedicated CPU cores for the virtual machine. Ideally, you'd want 3 or more. The second workaround is to install Sencha Cmd v6.1.2.9 or higher.
  • Updating can take up to 5 minutes longer on OSX. Additionally, it will shut down after the update is complete instead of restarting. Please manually start Architect after the asset update is complete.

Version 3.2.0 Build 339

  • Fixed Touch projects to use 'validations' instead of 'validators' for fields

Version 3.2.0 Build 320

  • Get ARIA theme working with Ext JS 5.1.1
  • Fixed a bug making it impossible to add charts or draw items using Touch 2.4

Version 3.2.0 Build 279

  • Updated assets: Ext JS 5.1.1, Touch 2.4.2 and CMD 5.1.3
  • Application node supports routes
  • Schema can be applied to the models
  • Fixed import of custom component that includes an override
  • Glyph supports hexadecimal format of the number
  • Model's field use 'validators' in ExtJS 5
  • Ability to set Panel border to true
  • Updated documentation of the 'url' config: the local file system path must be relative to the project folder

Version 3.2.0 Build 239

  • Fixed an issue when Touch 2.3 projects used Quick Theme's and were upgraded to 2.4
  • Fixed a bug where code is not properly completed when the MVVM component is imported into the project
  • Fixed an issue that published projects with ext-all-dev.js instead of ext-all-debug.js
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to sort functions in the view controller
  • Added new config settings 'userAliasPrefix' to address the issue where alias prefix was missing for custom classes
  • Fixed an issue when duplicating a function didn't create the new name with an incremented number suffix
  • Fixed a bug in the Touch component overview example in which the view of overlays was broken

Version 3.2.0 Build 193

  • Fixed an issue where a mixin 'undefined' error occurred in new Sencha Architect 3.2 projects
  • Fixed a bug making it impossible to add charts or draw items to SA3 using Touch 2.4
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when Data UI builder was too large on smaller screen
  • Fixed an issue regarding Grid Builder's "Remove Existing option" not removing all columns
  • Fixed an issue that caused the FileUpload browse button text in ExtJS 5 to show the wrong default value.
  • Fixed an issue that caused ExtJS' Component Overview example to throw errors after preview

Version 3.2.0 Build 75

  • Fixed a bug with processConfig functions disappearing on upgrade from 3.1 to 3.2
  • Fixed a bug in the form builder and grid builder with the "remove existing" dialog warning
  • Fixed a bug where global controllers could be duplicated when using the helper dialog box for event bindings and pointing to an existing global controller
  • Fixed an issue with SortableList in touch 2.3 / 2.4 not being available via the Plugins "-" button.
  • Fixed an issue with function params being lost when converting an event binding to a controller action
  • Fixed an error / freeze when performing an empty string project search
  • Fixed an issue with upgrading grid panels / table panels using the "scroll" config
  • Fixed an issue where some grid plugins could not be dropped onto Grid Views in ExtJS 5.1 projects
  • Fixed a bug with applying quickthemes on ExtJS 5.1
  • Fixed an issue where opening a 5.1 project and then a 5.0 project could sometimes freeze architect
  • Fixed an issue where "save entire project" may throw an error in the presence of certain components
  • Fixed an issue where the config panel would sometimes disappear when clicking certain components in the canvas
  • Updated config upgrade process for boundlist from ExtJS 5.0 to 5.1
  • ExtJS 5.0 templates now available when creating ExtJS 5.1 projects
  • Fixed a bug where some projects would cause a "maximum call stack size exceeded" error message
  • Fixed an issue with the "persist" config's default value on model fields

Version 3.2.0 Build 58

  • Fixed an issue with upgrading grid panels / table panels using the "scroll" config
  • Fixed an issue where some grid plugins could not be dropped onto Grid Views in ExtJS 5.1 projects
  • Fixed a bug with applying quickthemes on ExtJS 5.1

Version 3.2.0 Build 54

  • Fixed an issue where opening a 5.1 project and then a 5.0 project could sometimes freeze architect
  • Fixed an issue where "save entire project" may throw an error in the presence of certain components
  • Fixed an issue where the config panel would sometimes disappear when clicking certain components in the canvas
  • Updated config upgrade process for boundlist from ExtJS 5.0 to 5.1

Version 3.2.0 Build 44

  • ExtJS 5.0 templates now available when creating ExtJS 5.1 projects
  • Fixed a bug where some projects would cause a "maximum call stack size exceeded" error message

Version 3.1.0 Build 1934

  • Support for Touch 2.4
  • DSGNR-6218: Fixed missing initConfig codegen when processConfig present without any items
  • Removed split-column layout from Ext 5 as it’s private
  • DSGNR-6196: Fixed errors during framework upgrade to Ext 5
  • Saving project no longer loses platform configs in app.json

  • Fixed an issue where Ext wasn’t being used by default

Version 3.1.0 Build 1903

  • Tab key now indents correctly in editor when Tabs are used instead of spaces (indentation)
  • Phonegap/Cordova init now follows the spec for app.json platforms property
  • DSGNR-6179 Fixed Crash to desktop opening touch projects
  • DSGNR-6098 - Project images give 404 after building on testing enviroment
  • Theme UI changes no longer throw exceptions
  • Fixed crash occurring on exit of the app OS X only
  • DSGNR-6073 Fix issue where Caps-lock is treated as cmd in editor
  • Fixed several editor inconsistencies
  • Keyboard shortcut helper restored in editor
  • Quickthemes that are duplicated as regular themes now properly convert UIs
  • DSGNR-3752 - Promoting custom event handlers to a controller actions now retains their parameters
  • DSGNR-6125 - Restoring a saved toolbox component now works properly
  • Editor updated to JSHint 2.5.2
  • Editor updated to CodeMirror 3.2.4
  • DSGNR-6038 - Added Draw container to toolbox
  • DSGNR-6107 - Fixed JSON code view for Ext5
  • DSGNR-6105 - Grouper no longer shows an error for no groupFn when a property is present
  • Fixed a resize issue on the template selection screen on Linux
  • Fixed issue where viewmodel listeners would not click through to be edited from the models code view
  • Fixed quicktheme compile issue when reverting vars to default
  • Made output log much more lightweight fixing intermittent render issues
  • DSGNR-6079 - archive saved during upgrade is not able to be opened in older versions of architect
  • Comboboxes (and other derived text fields) now allow adding triggers as children
  • Varous Fixes for Data UI Builder
  • Cmd Updated to

Version 3.1.0 Build 1851

  • DSGNR-6081 - Routes, Controller Actions can be added to View Controllers
  • DSGNR-6080 - Enabling build tools fails on Windows where Cmd path contains space
  • Radio buttons now get a default name

Version 3.1.0 Build 1847

  • DSGNR-6050 - Functions being removed in VC when closing view in Design View
  • DSGNR-6053 - Upgrading Projects with checkcolumns can cause project to fail
  • DSGNR-6045 - Touch Projects with custom ui classes failing on upgrade
  • DSGNR-6056 - BufferedStore missing
  • DSGNR-6055 - Handle x-compile config when upgrading from Ext 4.2.x to Ext 5.0.x Reported Internally
  • DSGNR-6057 - Debug option missing in Non-Cmd Projects
  • DSGNR-6041 - Error creating TicketTracker template project Reported Internally
  • Fixed change log build numbers
  • Known Issue: DSGNR-6047 - Grey Screen on quit on OS X

Version 3.1.0 Build 1835

  • Fixes Crisp Theme for template projects

Version 3.0.4 Build 1385

  • Move isDisabled config from action column to action column item
  • When Architect fails to resolve dependencies we should display the output of the tests
  • Improve the UX of the project settings screen
  • Cmd v5 is not allowed due to compatibility

Version 3.0.3 Build 1382

  • Updates Cmd to
    • fixes build issue where older version of stbuild was included
    • package changes required for user extensions
    • full list of changes here
  • UNC paths should now work as expected
  • Fix crash on timeout of Proxy Login
  • Shell exec calls should now properly use the environment path on OS X
  • Autoupdate of Cmd is again working for windows users
  • Certificate Alias is now being added to packager.json which makes Cmd happy
  • Changing the appName on the application should now successfully update app.json
  • Viewport class is now being added to build dependencies

Version 3.0.2 Build 1375

  • New version of Touch (2.3.1a) and Cmd (
  • Added a new theme for Tizen.
  • Fixed a bug in Ext JS projects where the framework location was getting set to "undefined" in the base path config of Resources -> Library and in the generated index.html.
  • Removed "overwrite index file" from build settings as it doesn't do what users expect it to do.
  • Fixed a bug where configs were not getting applied on Ext JS projects when a top-level class had a layout-specific config set and a default layout value applied to its prototype by the framework.
  • Fixed a bug where adding a viewport config to a project caused it to fail to build.
  • Fixed an issue where the "No" button would not display correctly when the unsaved changes dialog was displayed.
  • Removed the "Script includes have Cache busting" setting from Ext JS project settings as it caused builds to fail when checked.
  • Added "Publish Path" back to General Project Settings.
  • Got rid of an error when turning off build tools and then turning them back on again.
  • Fixed a problem where code completion would stop working on saving and re-opening a project.
  • The "Report a Bug" help link now points to the correct forum.
  • Clarified the exit dialog. The choices are now: "Cancel", "Exit without Saving", and "Save and Exit".
  • Got rid of the flashing cursor in read-only sections of the code editor.
  • Fixed a problem with Cmd+A (or Ctrl+A) selecting all the Architect UI when used in various dialogs.
  • Opening an .xdc with a store no longer gives an incorrect warning about missing fields.

Version 3.0.1 Build 1343

  • The framework license selection screen has been removed. We now assume you are using the commercial license (you are still responsible for making sure you actually own the right license, this hasn't changed). You can change the selection in the project preferences.
  • Support for Sencha Cmd workspaces.
  • Ability to disable Sencha Cmd.
  • Dependency checker for Sencha Cmd. Architect now verifies that you have Java, Ruby etc installed, and it notifies you if you don't, and points you to appropriate installers for your platform.
  • Log in is improved so that you aren't re-prompted to log in after migrating from Architect 2 on Windows OS.
  • Adjusting the orientation using build settings now lists in packager.json.
  • New blank Ext JS projects now default to the Neptune theme.
  • Transforming a text field to a date field now works correctly.
  • Inserting a tab now inserts at current cursor position.
  • Architect auto saves before publishing a project.
  • When editing theme variables, entering a value that is identical to the variable no longer creates a circular reference.
  • Converting a RowEditingPlugin event listener to an action no longer fails.
  • Architect no longer removes Cordova or Phonegap references.
  • Build for Web now publishes the build directory.
  • defaultMargins property now saves as an object.
  • Themes now honor the library base path.
  • app/DirectAPI.js file no longer creates with null content.

Version 3.0.0 Build 1337

  • User extensions enable you to incorporate components developed outside Architect into an Architect project.
  • Ability to create your own user extensions to share with others.
  • App templates are displayed when you launch Architect to provide skeletal code for many common app types.
  • Ability to create your own app templates.
  • Support for Custom Theming.
  • Support for Appurify for testing Mobile devices.
  • Code completion support when editing in the Code window.
  • Enhanced set of keyboard shortcuts.
  • Mock data feature is enhanced so you can choose to have Architect generate mock data for your store.
  • Support added for Cupertino theme for iOS7 devices; CupertinoClassic is now for the older iOS7 theme.
  • Support added for MountainView theme for Android devices.
  • Redesigned screens for Architect Settings and Project Settings that are cleaner and support Sencha Complete users and users who use a custom framework.
  • Sencha Cmd is integrated into Sencha Architect and provides the default build tools.
  • Senchs Cmd now supports Ruby 2.0.
  • More diagnostic information has been added to the "About" screen.
  • The Sencha Touch 2.3 Ext.Menu component is now supported in Sencha Architect.
  • The ext-all-dev.js library is now used for debugging Ext JS projects in Architect.
  • Color preview compiling uses Cmd Compass so it works on all systems.
  • Improved handling of Ext.Direct.
  • Improvements to the framework upgrade functionality.
  • index.html replaces the app.html file as the index file that is loaded in the browser to preview and run your application.
  • Contextual menu items added for Add Controller Action and Add Controller Reference

Architect 3