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Terms, Icons, and Labels

Many classes have shortcut names used when creating (instantiating) a class with a configuration object. The shortcut name is referred to as an alias (or xtype if the class extends Ext.Component). The alias/xtype is listed next to the class name of applicable classes for quick reference.

Access Levels

Framework classes or their members may be specified as private or protected. Else, the class / member is public. Public, protected, and private are access descriptors used to convey how and when the class or class member should be used.

Member Types

Member Syntax

Below is an example class member that we can disect to show the syntax of a class member (the lookupComponent method as viewed from the Ext.button.Button class in this case).

lookupComponent ( item ) : Ext.Component

Called when a raw config object is added to this container either during initialization of the items config, or when new items are added), or {@link #insert inserted.

This method converts the passed object into an instanced child component.

This may be overridden in subclasses when special processing needs to be applied to child creation.


item :  Object

The config object being added.


The component to be added.

Let's look at each part of the member row:

Member Flags

The API documentation uses a number of flags to further commnicate the class member's function and intent. The label may be represented by a text label, an abbreviation, or an icon.

Class Icons

- Indicates a framework class

- A singleton framework class. *See the singleton flag for more information

- A component-type framework class (any class within the Ext JS framework that extends Ext.Component)

- Indicates that the class, member, or guide is new in the currently viewed version

Member Icons

- Indicates a class member of type config

- Indicates a class member of type property

- Indicates a class member of type method

- Indicates a class member of type event

- Indicates a class member of type theme variable

- Indicates a class member of type theme mixin

- Indicates that the class, member, or guide is new in the currently viewed version

Class Member Quick-Nav Menu

Just below the class name on an API doc page is a row of buttons corresponding to the types of members owned by the current class. Each button shows a count of members by type (this count is updated as filters are applied). Clicking the button will navigate you to that member section. Hovering over the member-type button will reveal a popup menu of all members of that type for quick navigation.

Getter and Setter Methods

Getting and setter methods that correlate to a class config option will show up in the methods section as well as in the configs section of both the API doc and the member-type menus just beneath the config they work with. The getter and setter method documentation will be found in the config row for easy reference.

History Bar

Your page history is kept in localstorage and displayed (using the available real estate) just below the top title bar. By default, the only search results shown are the pages matching the product / version you're currently viewing. You can expand what is displayed by clicking on the button on the right-hand side of the history bar and choosing the "All" radio option. This will show all recent pages in the history bar for all products / versions.

Within the history config menu you will also see a listing of your recent page visits. The results are filtered by the "Current Product / Version" and "All" radio options. Clicking on the button will clear the history bar as well as the history kept in local storage.

If "All" is selected in the history config menu the checkbox option for "Show product details in the history bar" will be enabled. When checked, the product/version for each historic page will show alongside the page name in the history bar. Hovering the cursor over the page names in the history bar will also show the product/version as a tooltip.

Search and Filters

Both API docs and guides can be searched for using the search field at the top of the page.

On API doc pages there is also a filter input field that filters the member rows using the filter string. In addition to filtering by string you can filter the class members by access level, inheritance, and read only. This is done using the checkboxes at the top of the page.

The checkbox at the bottom of the API class navigation tree filters the class list to include or exclude private classes.

Clicking on an empty search field will show your last 10 searches for quick navigation.

API Doc Class Metadata

Each API doc page (with the exception of Javascript primitives pages) has a menu view of metadata relating to that class. This metadata view will have one or more of the following:

Expanding and Collapsing Examples and Class Members

Runnable examples (Fiddles) are expanded on a page by default. You can collapse and expand example code blocks individually using the arrow on the top-left of the code block. You can also toggle the collapse state of all examples using the toggle button on the top-right of the page. The toggle-all state will be remembered between page loads.

Class members are collapsed on a page by default. You can expand and collapse members using the arrow icon on the left of the member row or globally using the expand / collapse all toggle button top-right.

Desktop -vs- Mobile View

Viewing the docs on narrower screens or browsers will result in a view optimized for a smaller form factor. The primary differences between the desktop and "mobile" view are:

Viewing the Class Source

The class source can be viewed by clicking on the class name at the top of an API doc page. The source for class members can be viewed by clicking on the "view source" link on the right-hand side of the member row.

Ext JS 6.5.2



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Release Notes for Ext JS 6.5.3


  • EXTJS-26172 Scrolling upwards quickly when there are many expanded rows throws error

  • EXTJS-26623 grid with locked column scrolls to top on refresh with preserveScrollOnRefresh: true

  • EXTJS-19300 Store state is not applied when store binding is used

  • EXTJS-26563 Modern list multi-selection produces inconsistent behavior

  • EXTJS-19955 Visual sort state is not applied when store is sorted via API

  • EXTJS-20980 Classic grouped grid scrolls back to focused cell when user expands row

  • EXTJS-23479 Grid reconfigure does not update column alignment

  • EXTJS-23480 Grid column does not respect new values for align

  • EXTJS-24892 rowexpander with grid adding extra record

  • EXTJS-24893 Rowexpander immediately collapses second level expander

  • EXTJS-26268 Grid no longer scrollable when a menu item

  • EXTJS-26331 Grid set as Viewport ignores preserveScrollOnReload:false

  • EXTJS-26678 classic nightly regression - Too Many Row Widgets

  • EXTJS-26614 grid viewoptions scrollbar jumps to the top when scrolling

  • EXTJS-25536 Grid is grouped but no group headers or other visual indications are visible

  • EXTJS-25838 Change rating affects item below when it is grouped by rating

  • EXTJS-25950 Document requires of Summary plugin types


  • EXTJS-26515 Tree panel scroll on refresh when a row is focused

  • EXTJS-26452 treepanel scrolls to top when using replaceChild


  • EXTJS-25046 Add column to Pivot Grid makes all rows go blank

  • EXTJS-26373 PG configurator does not appear when clicking fields


  • EXTJS-26102 Tooltip is not visible in the middle of bar chart

  • EXTJS-26423 The overlay selection rect of the CrossZoom interaction doesn't render on top of the series but behind them.

  • EXTJS-26415 Adding records to Pie store does not call performLayout ('dom' legend doesn't schedule chart layout when the legend size changes)

  • EXTJS-26751 Case error in trackMouse config in chart series


  • EXTJS-26177 Select already selected item in selectfield make it unselected

  • EXTJS-26476 Datefield closing by choosing a year (on tablets)

  • EXTJS-26768 Running Msg/Prompt window twice causes issue

  • EXTJS-25839 Ext.field.File#reset does not reset result of getFiles method

  • EXTJS-26154 Calling setValue consecutively clears combo lastSelectedRecords and breaks forceSelection

  • EXTJS-26343 Tagfield with mutliselect false does not clear emptyText

  • EXTJS-26453 Datefield can prematurely invalidate when allowBlank: false and clicking picker

  • EXTJS-25632 SetScroller animation can prevent/close combo picker


  • EXTJS-26610 Calendar event is not drawn when the event is less than 24 hours


  • EXTJS-26457 Collapsible panel throws exception on expand

  • EXTJS-26578 Ext.panel.Table buildColumHash should not initially assign value to var len

  • EXTJS-26605 MODERN: Floated panel with alwaysOnTop: true throws error


  • EXTJS-25502 More Undo buttons can be shown in list with listswiper plugin

  • EXTJS-24371 Masked components should not be scrollable


  • EXTJS-26534 Windows not centred in client view when the view is scrolled down.


  • EXTJS-26437 Ext.field.Field.validator has incorrect reference to

  • EXTJS-25401 Application - getRouter method is not documented


  • EXT-568 Alt Raised button text is not visible when we toggle the style in IOS Theme

  • EXT-570 Menu Items drop down is not removed on blur

  • EXT-571 Unexpected Text NULL is appearing on the buttons

  • EXT-573 Text is not visible on selected buttons when we toggle the style

  • EXT-574 After clicking,button is not highlighted

  • EXT-575 Click on Default split buttons are altering other Split buttons

  • EXT-577 Split line is not visible in Alt,Alt Raised for different styles

  • EXT-578 Buttons size are varying while toggle the style

  • EXT-581 Buttons are not highlighted after selecting in IOS Theme

  • EXT-582 UI issue with the selected buttons while toggle the style

  • EXT-588 Alt button is left pressed automatically without clicking on it

  • EXT-589 Drop down menu is highlighted without placing mouse pointer on it

  • EXT-590 Split lines are not visible

  • EXT-592 Tapping only effect part of left or right button part.

  • EXT-593 Split vertical bar is not disabled for Raised and Alt Raised Split large buttons

  • EXT-594 Left pressed button is not working as expected

  • EXT-595 Split vertical bar is not visible for Alt and Raised Buttons when mouse hover on default button

  • EXT-599 Round ripple is coming out of the button and also in Square form

  • EXT-636 Issues in button shape when changing it to round

  • EXT-569 Split buttons Small,Medium,Large are not varied in size

  • EXT-576 Split buttons are not highlighted on click

  • EXT-585 Mouse-hovering and color issues with alt and alt raised split buttons in IOS theme.

  • EXT-586 Ripple Effect overlaps button boundary in icon type.

  • EXT-587 Click and Mouse-hovering Issues in IOS theme and style decline

  • EXT-591 Default button: Vertical split bar is deflected on left pressed on Default Small button


  • EXTJS-25779 [Multisort DateView] items stay selected when sort


  • EXTJS-25845 Chart has a set theme from previous example as default


  • EXTJS-26672 GlobalEvents does not properly propagate events associated with touch/press release


  • EXTJS-26190 Specifying ui config as array results in an error


  • EXTJS-26409 Ext.util.TSV#decode does not handle quotes correctly


  • EXTJS-26553 NestedList Issues

Release Notes for Ext JS 6.5.2

New Features

Misc (1)

  • EXTJS-22458 ColorPicker UX should accept and display values in RGB(A) format

Bugs Fixed

App (1)

  • EXTJS-25985 Window with destroy listener throws uncaught Controller error when closing window

Bind (3)

  • EXTJS-26211 Store binding publishes count as null between load request and response

  • EXTJS-25417 Binding for associated record is not triggered if the key setting causes a change

  • EXTJS-25971 Strings in bind templates cannot contain literal "{" characters (escape mechanism needed)

Button (1)

  • EXTJS-26023 Ext.Button Missing callParent Method on initialize method

Charts (10)

  • EXTJS-25914 No visible change after changing the template of the Instancing sprite

  • EXTJS-26064 Bar Chart with 2 columns renders incorrectly

  • EXTJS-26074 Theme is not applied to a chart with no series

  • EXTJS-26223 modern Line Chart doesn't load on iOS9 tablet

  • EXTJS-26014 Hiding marker in series hides it in legend as well

  • EXTJS-26024 Chart navigator can't resolve chart listeners to a controller

  • EXTJS-26111 Series range calculation doesn't take nulls into account

  • EXTJS-26344 Drag and drop markers make error in console and won't move

  • EXTJS-25850 Should be able to dynamically configure series 'marker' config.

  • EXTJS-25904 Scatter series: can't change the type of marker dynamically

Core (5)

  • EXTJS-26163 alignTo method no longer works with element id

  • EXTJS-25784 ESC does not hit the Dialog's onEscape when its buttons are focused

  • EXTJS-23668 Component - unused local variable in onRemoved

  • EXTJS-26020 Component does not update correctly when changing tpl

  • EXTJS-25990 Weighted container incorrectly adds a single object after construction

Data (4)

  • EXTJS-26208 Adding filters and/or sorters to a Virtual Store causes it to break

  • EXTJS-26270 Memory leak through usage of

  • EXTJS-25989 produces JSON that cannot be parsed when Ext.USE_NATIVE_JSON true

  • EXTJS-26107 Data reader should not explicitly set phantom state unless data is coming from a proxy

DataView (1)

  • EXTJS-26048 CTRL/A to select all doesn't work in dataviews and grids.

Dialog (1)

  • EXTJS-26008 Dialog close uses showAnimation when initialized with displayed: true

Distribution (2)

  • EXTJS-25974 Framework ext-*.js builds should not use transpiler

  • EXTJS-26229 Build errors in KitchenSink are not failing the overall build

Documentation (12)

  • EXTJS-25793 Calendar configs are incorrectly determined to be properties

  • EXTJS-25072 Ext.MessageBox docs for "show" method not as expected

  • EXTJS-25340 Textarea should indicate growMin/growMax should be used with grow, as opposed to height

  • EXTJS-22393 The tagfield inline example is broken

  • EXTJS-26071 Ext.button.Segmented#change event -- newValue and oldValue can be an array of values

  • EXTJS-25944 Missing config name causing incorrect output ...

  • EXTJS-23316 Documentation - radiofield input value config type is only string

  • EXTJS-24923 Wrong description of Ext.grid.column.Action.menuText

  • EXTJS-25954 Incorrect default labelAlign layout in Ext.field.Text

  • EXTJS-24919 Incorrect default closeAction displayed for MessageBox

  • EXTJS-20064 The twoWay config should be added to the documentation

  • EXTJS-26029 Ext.concat not visible in the docs

Events (1)

  • EXTJS-22909 Firing event on destroyed component throws an exception

Exporter (2)

  • EXTJS-26195 Excel Export Sheet name as Excel Title

  • EXTJS-26203 Ext.exporter.file.Style#interior corrupts the generated download

Forms (16)

  • EXTJS-26283 Item in selectfield or combobox is picked by selecting and picker is closed

  • EXTJS-19731 ComboBox.valueNotFoundText not displaying

  • EXTJS-25921 ComboBox attempts to scroll before items are rendered and get promise rejection

  • EXTJS-25910 Using iOS, inputs with emptyText fail to open keyboard on tap

  • EXTJS-25829 TextField with grow: true doesn't use padding in the autoSize calculation

  • EXTJS-25889 User can end up with open edge picker and open virtual keyboard

  • EXTJS-25982 Calling setValue on focused field won't update it's value until blur

  • EXTJS-26010 Invalid datefield cannot be reset

  • EXTJS-26019 TextArea with minHeight doesn't stretch the inputEl correctly

  • EXTJS-23374 Text field focus bug on touch devices

  • EXTJS-25967 ComboBox minChars is not honored when queryMode is 'remote'

  • EXTJS-25957 Query selector returns duplicate components for a carousel wrapped in a form

  • EXTJS-23285 Cannot focus on textfields with emptyText config on touch devices

  • EXTJS-25448 Load record does not set radiogroup field in inactive tab correctly if it has a default value checked

  • EXTJS-25997 Hidden field should default hidden: true

  • EXTJS-25385 Field is not scrolled into view when you start typing

Grid (20)

  • EXTJS-26087 Grid's columnsort event is never fired

  • EXTJS-25909 Column renderer gets passed the groupPlaceholder record instead of the first record for renderedGroupValue

  • EXTJS-25996 Navigation issues when grouping feature and cell edting and record updating are combined

  • EXTJS-26207 CheckboxModel throws error when updating checked cell using checkOnly: true

  • EXTJS-26295 Empty text visible even when one of containers is shown

  • EXTJS-24698 Grid view is blank after store reload

  • EXTJS-20934 Locking a column in a locked grid subclass with dockedItems shows them twice

  • EXTJS-26076 If a grid is scrolled down and loaded again, empty view results

  • EXTJS-26091 Grid mask target differs for locked and unlocked grids

  • EXTJS-26058 Grid with buffered renderer will jump when record dragged from it

  • EXTJS-24308 shift + select with checkbox does not work with spreadsheet selection model

  • EXTJS-11547 Locked grouped grid doesn't respect 'lockable' attribute of column

  • EXTJS-26031 Re-ordering grouped header with inner items throws error

  • EXTJS-25691 Reconfiguring grid with ALL locked columns renders no rows

  • EXTJS-23618 Grid column header does not sync correctly with vertical scroll in Firefox

  • EXTJS-25958 RTL grid does not display row editor correctly

  • EXTJS-23766 deferEmptyText: false not honored when columns are not present

  • EXTJS-26092 Locked grid columns headers misaligned when navigating between locked and unlocked sides

  • EXTJS-26113 Grid focuses on all cells while cycling to next row when using cell editing

  • EXTJS-24330 Grid group tabbing navigation from bottom causes error

Layouts (1)

  • EXTJS-26191 Viewport sized incorrectly with Chrome iOS and breaks scroliling

Misc (4)

  • EXTJS-26105 DatePanel: disabledDays doesn't prevent selection.

  • EXTJS-25923 Remote ComboBox is not editable

  • EXTJS-25194 Dialog with displayed: true doesn't display unless the displayed config is changed

  • EXTJS-22404 Grid scroll position is reset and blanked out when moving between containers

Panel (4)

  • EXTJS-26032 Panel throws exception on null buttons config

  • EXTJS-26040 Panel with no items and bound to collapsed isn't actually collapsed

  • EXTJS-25816 Changing panel header to left throws exception in IE8, IE9

  • EXTJS-25960 collapseMode:'mini' expander doesn't render when initially collapsed

PivotGrid (1)

  • EXTJS-26278 Error thrown during key navigation in locked pivot grid in certain cases

Sparklne (1)

  • EXTJS-26151 sparkline graph disableTooltips config does not work

Tabs (2)

  • EXTJS-26079 Tab panel does not destroy tools for overflow scrolling

  • EXTJS-24159 Tabpanel doesn't scroll in RTL

Templates (1)

  • EXTJS-26000 Coworkee app throws error when reloading dataview

Theme (5)

  • EXTJS-26081 Triton split button icons are horizontally misaligned when the button has no text

  • EXTJS-26027 Widget ripple config wrongly processes release property for ripple-on-release

  • EXTJS-26022 FieldSet top border is in triton theme doesn't use correct variable

  • EXTJS-25170 Opacity should not be used to lighten colors that are used as borders or backgrounds

  • EXTJS-18728 Loadmask spinner colors make it difficult to see in triton/neptune theme

ToolTips (3)

  • EXTJS-24917 Tooltip not showing in correct position after view scroll

  • EXTJS-23611 onTargetOver throws exception when tooltip element of QuickTipManager.register has been removed

  • EXTJS-26011 6.5.0 Modern - Various tooltip errors

Tree (1)

  • EXTJS-25817 Fails to load XML Tree example on IE9

Window (2)

  • EXTJS-26016 Window is sent to back when clicking the close tool while tooltip is visible

  • EXTJS-25919 Window z-index changes after closing windows

Known Issues

Tabs (1)

  • EXTJS-13538 Ext.ux.TabScrollerMenu has not been updated to work in Ext JS 5 and 6

Release Notes for Ext JS 6.5.1

Release Date: Thur Jul 20 2017
Version Number:

New Features

Charts (1)

  • EXTJS-25382 - Chart rotate interaction should fire rotatestart/rotate/rotateend (deprecate rotationEnd)

Core (1)

  • EXTJS-24406 - Disabling pinch/zoom should also prevent elastic over-scrolling of viewport on iOS in modern

Data (1)

  • EXTJS-25665 - Store should be configurable to reload on reduction of sorter count to zero

Exporter (1)

  • EXTJS-21125 - Exporter should be able to export treegrid to spreadsheet

Forms (4)

  • EXTJS-21726 - Navigate the DatePicker to the first available date onShow

  • EXTJS-24913 - Allow selectfield to default "empty text" value

  • EXTJS-24354 - ComboBox should support an object passed to setValue with both value and display fields

  • EXTJS-21816 - Add a defaultValue config to the DatePicker

Grid (1)

  • EXTJS-16590 - Modern toolkit grid should support clipboard plugin

Layouts (2)

  • EXTJS-25242 - Modern box layout should provide scroller overflow handler

  • EXTJS-25049 - Modern Ext.Container should provide bindable activeItemIndex config

Tabs (1)

  • EXTJS-16516 - Modern toolkit should support desktop-style TabBar

ToolTips (1)

  • EXTJS-25305 - ToolTip should provide a way to show ellipsis overflow content

Bugs Fixed

App (2)

  • EXTJS-25878 - Component references are not cleaned up properly by destroy()

  • EXTJS-25308 - Router redirectTo force option is ignored

Bind (2)

  • EXTJS-25316 - Two-way binding through store first or last meta properties fails

  • EXTJS-25304 - Textfields and Textareas with 'publishes' config ignore value binding

Button (2)

  • EXTJS-25724 - Button stays in pressed state after tapping to hide the menu

  • EXTJS-24268 - Button w/menu should appear pressed when menu is displayed (material)

Calendar (4)

  • EXTJS-25664 - Calendar month view doesn't clear drag selection on add if no add form is available

  • EXTJS-25615 - SideBar items with negative weights should appear at top

  • EXTJS-24891 - Dragging events throws error in IE8/9

  • EXTJS-24996 - Moving All-day event in month view causes throwing error to console

Charts (22)

  • EXTJS-25745 - Bar series rendering is not spread out across canvas (remove non-functional increment and labelInSpan configs)

  • EXTJS-25741 - Extra legend is created while creating series dynamically

  • EXTJS-25550 - Sprite legend does not render markers when "pie3d" series use the "colors" config. Series "colors" config does not affect colors of series and sprite legend sprites, if configured dynamically.

  • EXTJS-25449 - Add a config that will allow you to change where the gauge chart needle renders

  • EXTJS-25411 - Legend sprite image markers are not visible on first render.

  • EXTJS-25508 - Chart Navigator doesn't bind dynamic store correctly

  • EXTJS-25413 - The bottom axis animation is jittery in the Real-time (numbers) example

  • EXTJS-25384 - Chart Navigator component can't find the overlay surface

  • EXTJS-25333 - 3D Pie series: setting 'highlight' only works in the initial config.

  • EXTJS-25332 - Removing series label (setting to null) doesn't work.

  • EXTJS-25331 - 3D pie series: if the 'label' config wasn't set initially, setting it later won't work

  • EXTJS-22782 - SpriteLegend should have the 'hidden' config. 'docked' config should support dynamic reconfiguration.

  • EXTJS-23053 - Tooltips do not hide immediately when moving to another series

  • EXTJS-25266 - Bouncing logo example has jerky movement in IE11

  • EXTJS-24540 - Chart axes and sprite legend are not using a proper font on initial render to document.body

  • EXTJS-20721 - IndexSizeError on Pie3D destruction and mousemove

  • EXTJS-20870 - Calling loadData can throw error on Pie Chart

  • EXTJS-17104 - When a pie chart displays only one slice, the border of the slice creates a vertical line

  • EXTJS-24894 - 3D pie: chart legend doesn't update when new data is loaded into a store via AJAX proxy

  • EXTJS-25263 - Graphic glitches in charts in IE11

  • EXTJS-25265 - 3D pie chart is rotating slowly in iE11

  • EXTJS-25181 - Ext.chart.AbstractChart is missing require for Ext.chart.Util

Core (9)

  • EXTJS-25830 - Inheritable - return false when ancestor or descendant not found

  • EXTJS-25809 - layout initialConfig value is being mutated

  • EXTJS-25518 - Rows do not layout properly when grid is scaled by CSS transform

  • EXTJS-25551 - documentMode is not interpreted correctly with X-UA-Compatible meta tag and IE11

  • EXTJS-25601 - Ext.dom.Element.measure() is affected by transforms

  • EXTJS-25423 - referenceHolder is not set correctly when using a view controller

  • EXTJS-23263 - getOrientation incorrect in IE11/Edge

  • EXTJS-25282 - Ext.Function.bind() incorrectly changed default value of appendArgs to true

  • EXTJS-21139 - View incorrectly resized when changing screen orientation while the virtual keyboard is shown

D3 (4)

  • EXTJS-25584 - Configurable pivot treemap has performance issues when set more dimensions

  • EXTJS-25336 - Root won't collapse d3 tree and than first child collapse whole d3 Tree

  • EXTJS-24332 - D3 components leak tooltip instances once activated

  • EXTJS-23751 - D3 Zoomable Sunburst performance is noticeably worse on Firefox

Dashboard (2)

  • EXTJS-19853 - Programmatically added views to Ext.dashboard.Dashboard ignore columnWidths

  • EXTJS-19881 - Ext.dashboard.Dashboard does not set state properly when columns are removed

Data (6)

  • EXTJS-25652 - Session getSaveBatch doesn't set records correctly when proxy has batchActions: false

  • EXTJS-25465 - IPAddress validator has unnecessary escape in its regex

  • EXTJS-25516 - Exception in Virtual Store when result set has fewer pages than initial request (default of 2 pages)

  • EXTJS-23578 - Session is not clean after removing a phantom associated record

  • EXTJS-23577 - Session dirtychange not fired when pushing new records from a child session

  • EXTJS-19901 - Store autoload when groupField specified along with autoLoad: false

DataView (5)

  • EXTJS-25754 - Incorrect animation in picker slot for UP direction

  • EXTJS-25453 - Component DataView throws exception when store removal occurs while not rendered

  • EXTJS-25586 - Cannot multiselect dataview items with shift

  • EXTJS-24870 - selectable: false should disable selection in dataviews, lists and grids

  • EXTJS-25016 - Dragging images in Lists or DataViews creates a browser native selection

Direct (1)

  • EXTJS-25560 - When enter the space character " " to menu>textfield is displayed error message

Documentation (38)

  • EXTJS-25934 - Ext JS - FAQ page should be updated

  • EXTJS-25927 - API diffs are creating page errors

  • EXTJS-25928 - API diffs Classic page has broken layout at the end of the page

  • EXTJS-25748 - Modern Panel - addTool method is not documented

  • EXTJS-25932 - In Documentation link should be updated to chosen version in Quick Start - Helpful Resources

  • EXTJS-25900 - Typo in sass var name $fieldset=border

  • EXTJS-25679 - Touch scroller should be removed from documentation

  • EXTJS-25441 - Router - suspend and resume documentation missing

  • EXTJS-25407 - Route mixin doc typo

  • EXTJS-25443 - History.add - document return value

  • EXTJS-25432 - Documentation should indicate datachanged is fired along with update

  • EXTJS-25442 - Router - typo in a param description

  • EXTJS-25464 - Incorrect signature for component 'painted' event

  • EXTJS-25581 - Container - Remove the fake "." after setActiveTab

  • EXTJS-25375 - GridEditable triggerEvent docs incorrect

  • EXTJS-25363 - Ext.Toast examples throw error

  • EXTJS-25347 - Add documentation for date panel's headerFormat config

  • EXTJS-23230 - Documentation of Ext.ux.colorpick.Selection#format config should use slash as type delimiter

  • EXTJS-23080 - Missing Ext.calendar.panel.Panel#switcher config documentation

  • EXTJS-20242 - Documentation is unclear on combining grouping and groupingsummary grid features (deprecate groupingsummary)

  • EXTJS-25306 - API diffs are missing the deprecated events

  • EXTJS-24694 - Several modern classes marked as private that shouldn't be

  • EXTJS-24879 - typo in Ext.Widget-cfg-instanceCls

  • EXTJS-24289 - Docs for select event are unclear on how record(s) are passed

  • EXTJS-25169 - Cannot run example of Ext.Progress when using Modern API docs

  • EXTJS-24863 - typo in Ext.field.Text links

  • EXTJS-16890 - Make sure all Deprecated members have suggested alternatives

  • EXTJS-25109 - Ext.grid.Tree - add class description

  • EXTJS-25107 - Ext.field.InputMask - add class description

  • EXTJS-25162 - - add class description

  • EXTJS-25079 - Documentation for Ext.field.ComboBox gives wrong instructions

  • EXTJS-25128 - Add itemtap event to treelist

  • EXTJS-25161 - Ext.slider.Slider - add class example

  • EXTJS-25081 - Viewport documentation refers to old Ext.setup() method

  • EXTJS-25287 - Classic Viewport scrollable's default value is not documented

  • EXTJS-25164 - - add class description

  • EXTJS-25163 - - add class description

  • EXTJS-25165 - - add class description

Drag (1)

  • EXTJS-25726 - Panel that is draggable and resizable will drag on resize

Events (1)

  • EXTJS-25469 - Event stopPropagation from directly attached listeners (such as 3rd party libs) cause gesture recognizer to fail

Examples (24)

  • EXTJS-25804 - Direct example doesn't report validation errors.

  • EXTJS-25782 - Direct doesn't load form data in live example

  • EXTJS-25774 - KitchenSink JSONP example fails to get weather data

  • EXTJS-25666 - Edge date picker persists on back button in Form Panel example in modern KS

  • EXTJS-25438 - Fails to load data in JSONP example

  • EXTJS-25477 - Formula in modern Tooltip example is not working

  • EXTJS-25412 - Legend sprite markers are too small in the Line with Markers example

  • EXTJS-25583 - Rating widget is not showing tooltip

  • EXTJS-25574 - Fails to load store source in Remote Combobox examlple

  • EXTJS-25610 - New tabs have incorrect generated number

  • EXTJS-25607 - Forum search example can't be scrolled back to top on touch devices

  • EXTJS-25398 - Changes on rating box don't have effect on the Rating cell

  • EXTJS-25388 - States don't load in Store details

  • EXTJS-24195 - Kitchen Sink throws exception on invalid route

  • EXTJS-25313 - Long names of examples are not fully visible in kitchensink

  • EXTJS-25312 - Advanced date panel won't adapt to window width

  • EXTJS-24984 - Improve styling of form in Dialog - iOS theme

  • EXTJS-24886 - sync config and checkbox state in Flexible Selection example

  • EXTJS-24051 - User is not able to redirect to forum pages from Forum Search example on touch devices

  • EXTJS-25247 - Tooltip align option example Tip and Target buttons have unreadable text

  • EXTJS-25101 - "Undoable Accordion Swiper" - "Swiper" word is not visible in KitchenSink when iOS theme is chosen

  • EXTJS-24938 - Remote ComboBox won't navigate to forum in touch devices

  • EXTJS-25246 - Rapidly clicking buttons in Toast example displays too many toasts

  • EXTJS-25260 - Right tab is clipped in Tree decorations example

Exporter (7)

  • EXTJS-25749 - XLSX exporter does not properly encode special characters

  • EXTJS-25686 - Exporting XML in Exporter Plugin doesn't work on iPad

  • EXTJS-25558 - Excel pivot table class should generate a name

  • EXTJS-25626 - Poor performance when exporting large grid to XLSX

  • EXTJS-25403 - Dates exported in XLSX files do not import properly in Google Docs

  • EXTJS-25339 - Exporter produce corrupted XLSX when using Japanese saveDocumentAs titles

  • EXTJS-25349 - Exporter Excel03 does not export the correct value for booleans

Forms (43)

  • EXTJS-25879 - Filefield does not receive red border when the field is invalid for certain themes

  • EXTJS-25887 - Input should be disabled when you tap on field trigger icon on Android

  • EXTJS-25896 - When tap on Combobox (or trigger), keyboard appear in Android tablet

  • EXTJS-25732 - Editing of numberfield - Cursor jump on last position after interaction

  • EXTJS-25895 - Contact Form - Cannot press button Browse by ENTER

  • EXTJS-25913 - Spinner field spinValue should be 1 to match classic

  • EXTJS-25670 - Cannot choose a value after the initial value with remote combo loading

  • EXTJS-25701 - Cannot re-select a previously selected value on combobox

  • EXTJS-25669 - Datepicker throws exception if the day slot is removed

  • EXTJS-25700 - Label as placeholder not positioned correctly on initially hidden fields

  • EXTJS-25694 - Forms using card layout and binding do not validate properly until all cards are visited

  • EXTJS-25671 - Datepicker doesn't set weekend day indicator correctly with startDay that isn't Sunday

  • EXTJS-25476 - No animation should be performed when field with placeholder label is blurred

  • EXTJS-25553 - Scroller showing incorrectly with auto growing TextArea

  • EXTJS-25425 - Date field throws error with invalid input

  • EXTJS-25485 - Custom error handling - passwordValidator doesn't work on empty text

  • EXTJS-25496 - Slider fires change event during construction

  • EXTJS-25587 - Spinner field cannot increment or decrement by arrow keys

  • EXTJS-25620 - Cannot type into numberfield in Safari 9

  • EXTJS-25611 - Buttons are not visible in Date Panels examples - tablets

  • EXTJS-25362 - Floating picker appears behind toolbar

  • EXTJS-25371 - Toggle field doesn't toggle correctly in a dialog with animation

  • EXTJS-25368 - Form layout does not respect configured labelWidth when label has wider text

  • EXTJS-25367 - Filefield "browse" does not set correct request payload for file uploads

  • EXTJS-25356 - field with inputMask throws error on blur

  • EXTJS-24446 - Typeahead not working on Combobox

  • EXTJS-23488 - Combobox's inputEl gets focused when the trigger is tapped on Android devices.

  • EXTJS-25300 - Cannot select item in bound list of modern toolkit combobox on mobile device

  • EXTJS-24948 - Combobox: hideTrigger has no effect

  • EXTJS-24477 - Checkout form - Numberfield - user can change just last digit of number

  • EXTJS-24490 - Ext.field.Toggle and slider flicker on rendering initial non-zero value

  • EXTJS-24180 - Field input mask - Key navigation doesn't work properly on Firefox

  • EXTJS-24019 - Should not immediately start field editing input field of picker when dismissing its popup

  • EXTJS-25052 - File input button text not visible in IE11

  • EXTJS-25014 - Date edge picker navigates to first item when tap above items

  • EXTJS-25193 - Placeholder labels incorrectly aligned in dialogs

  • EXTJS-25048 - Numberfield places decimal at the end

  • EXTJS-25205 - Input mask incorrectly appends user input in some cases

  • EXTJS-25199 - Modern textfield should not require all framework validators

  • EXTJS-25228 - Ext.field.Toggle change event does not provide newValue argument

  • EXTJS-25018 - DatePicker in mobile phones do not allow changing the year

  • EXTJS-15652 - Viewport resizes incorrectly with virtual keyboard open on Windows 8.1 / IE11, Android

  • EXTJS-23628 - Text field heights are incorrect, and text is misaligned, in Chrome 56

Grid (55)

  • EXTJS-25763 - Column selection after a hidden column goes wrong after scroll.

  • EXTJS-25766 - Disable grouping menu options for tree stores and columns without dataIndex

  • EXTJS-25861 - Grid with rownumberer column allows hiding all "regular" columns with header menu

  • EXTJS-25835 - Nightly build throws 'Duplicate component name' with editors with the same dataIndex but in other grids

  • EXTJS-25747 - Clicking a row numberer cell will select a record even if setRows(false)

  • EXTJS-25767 - Columns with fixed width do not render cells properly after hiding and resizing

  • EXTJS-25725 - Home and End key doesn't work in the widget column fields

  • EXTJS-25756 - Expanding grid group throws exception with scrollable: false

  • EXTJS-25655 - Row selected by checkbox cannot be copied by ClipboardPlugin

  • EXTJS-25644 - Error when inserting container into grid header

  • EXTJS-25656 - Column sorting in header menu is disabled when column selection is enabled

  • EXTJS-25654 - Incorrect row height in Grid ViewOption plugin when column title has wrapping text

  • EXTJS-25640 - Cannot type space when editing cell in modern grid

  • EXTJS-25492 - Focus error on grid scroll in classic

  • EXTJS-25757 - Grid cell editor does not complete edit on blur

  • EXTJS-25459 - Cell editing validateedit event cannot be vetoed

  • EXTJS-25555 - Editing throws error in tree grid

  • EXTJS-25451 - Grid throws an error if cell binding executes after store has been nullified

  • EXTJS-25486 - Clicking check column's "check all" throws error in IE8

  • EXTJS-25488 - Row editing throws error when unlocking a locked column

  • EXTJS-25539 - Multiple sort arrows are not displayed in all themes in modern grid

  • EXTJS-25572 - Show error when changing value in the salary field at big data grid example

  • EXTJS-25593 - Changing the id of a selected record causes orphaned record in grid selection model

  • EXTJS-25630 - Correct width is not set when hide columns in drill down grid

  • EXTJS-25602 - Horizontal scrollbar is removed after collapsing and expanding locked side of grid

  • EXTJS-25358 - ItemSelector does not auto scroll when dragging an item

  • EXTJS-25351 - Grouped Grid with pinHeaders false throws error when header is clicked

  • EXTJS-25303 - menuDisabled for the CheckColumn is not set to true by default

  • EXTJS-23330 - CellEditing plugin editor.el.dom is null

  • EXTJS-20524 - HTML comment in grid cell data leads to error on value update

  • EXTJS-22414 - Double click on cell editor invisibly selects text on Windows

  • EXTJS-20980 - Classic grouped grid scrolls back to focused cell when user expands row

  • EXTJS-25302 - Column groupable config does not hide Group By This menu item

  • EXTJS-25318 - Grid editor being cleared by the Garbage Collector when it shouldn't

  • EXTJS-19567 - Rows with subpixel height in locked grid can become misaligned

  • EXTJS-25275 - Checkbox column performs badly when header checkbox clicked

  • EXTJS-24751 - Row numberer column should not appear in the column header menu

  • EXTJS-24620 - Grid editors should be able to specify extended CellEditor classes both as instances and configs

  • EXTJS-24409 - SpreadsheetModel throws an error when clicking in the grid just below rendered rows

  • EXTJS-24288 - Ext.dataview.Abstract.enableTextSelection config doesn't work.

  • EXTJS-24361 - Grid Rownumberer not working with bindable store in modern

  • EXTJS-24482 - Editor fields in Editable grid are not validated

  • EXTJS-23619 - Selecting partially visible column causes header and grid cells to scroll out of sync in locked grid

  • EXTJS-23363 - [Modern] Grid column has incorrect parameters for renderer

  • EXTJS-20461 - Column header alignment gets out of sync when collapsing groups in a locked grid

  • EXTJS-22637 - Grid refreshNode causes widget to be removed from the DOM

  • EXTJS-25258 - Flexible selection is lost after scrolling down and back up in IE11

  • EXTJS-25236 - Can't open SelectField when gridcelleditable is configured with triggerEvent: 'tap'

  • EXTJS-25251 - Cell editor combo box displays unwanted scrollbar when last item is focused

  • EXTJS-25268 - Grid "group by this" menu action does not work unless grid sets grouped config

  • EXTJS-25235 - Tree garbage collects widgets from WidgetColumn incorrectly on node collapse

  • EXTJS-25240 - Selection column should not have header menu

  • EXTJS-25147 - Click on column header with no dataIndex or sorter configured throws error

  • EXTJS-24963 - 'Show in groups' cannot be unchecked

  • EXTJS-16455 - Grid columns resize when using grid without fixed width and forceFit true

Layouts (6)

  • EXTJS-25645 - Mousedown on a modal floated component when it has a floated child occludes the child

  • EXTJS-25683 - Flicker when transitioning from to hiding/showing scroll indicators when scrollbar has a size

  • EXTJS-25563 - East panel header is wrongly displayed on Safari / iOS

  • EXTJS-23460 - Able to scroll view behind modal mask in modern on iOS

  • EXTJS-24851 - Carousel swiping is slugish on phones

  • EXTJS-10622 - Container with frame: true causes Layout run failed in IE8/9 if no CSS framing was defined for that component

List (13)

  • EXTJS-25833 - Error is thrown after swiping accordion list swiper back

  • EXTJS-25870 - NestedList: back button always goes to root after goToLeaf or goToNode is called

  • EXTJS-25511 - Error thrown after deselecting record in binded lists

  • EXTJS-25467 - List multi-selection should toggle item selection on tap

  • EXTJS-25406 - Tapping on index bar should scroll group to top

  • EXTJS-25639 - Indexbar indicator is not hidden after selection in IE11/Edge

  • EXTJS-25357 - PullToRefresh should react only to vertical gestures and list is scrolled to the top

  • EXTJS-25307 - dataMap does not assign data correctly

  • EXTJS-25277 - List items always have (hidden) disclosure tools even if not needed

  • EXTJS-25271 - Nested list breaks if you click back button fast

  • EXTJS-25152 - Pull to refresh list gets stuck

  • EXTJS-25223 - Cannot tab out of Basic list after focusing items with arrow keys

  • EXTJS-25192 - Items appear collapsed after store update when infinite: true and variableHeights: true

Locale (1)

  • EXTJS-19995 - Incorrect overrides in Swedish Locale

Menu (6)

  • EXTJS-25523 - Menu hides on global scroll, needs to be more granular

  • EXTJS-25387 - Datepicker in menu hides after choosing year/month on tablets

  • EXTJS-25361 - Using instanced menu as a submenu results in an error

  • EXTJS-25343 - Cannot click menu item of a button in a toolbar with trackMenus set to false

  • EXTJS-25319 - Menus in modern toolkit are documented as being weighted containers but do not set weighted:true

  • EXTJS-25200 - setMenu causes button element to be destroyed

Misc (7)

  • EXTJS-25822 - ShowBy does not apply a default alignment

  • EXTJS-25697 - Modern viewport should not add the x-root cls to the documentElement

  • EXTJS-25719 - Responsive plugin sets a component's id

  • EXTJS-25292 - Modern toolkit should prevent scroll overflow to disable pull to reload on Android

  • EXTJS-25243 - Various elements in the UI are native browser selectable

  • EXTJS-25244 - Mashup throws exceptions on non-component classes

  • EXTJS-15042 - Ext.ux.IFrame cannot be made to scroll on iPad

Panel (10)

  • EXTJS-25704 - Cannot remove panel header dynamically

  • EXTJS-25660 - Panel beforeexpand/collapse event doesn't veto correctly

  • EXTJS-25429 - Panel collapsed to the side has incorrect header width in Safari

  • EXTJS-25372 - Panel instance added to container doesn't bind viewmodel correctly

  • EXTJS-25353 - Splitter obscures scrollbar when using a panel with a UI

  • EXTJS-23990 - Incorrect titlebar height on several browsers

  • EXTJS-25301 - Quickly moving years in date panel can cause exception

  • EXTJS-24849 - Date panel is incorrectly displayed after selecting date - iOS10

  • EXTJS-20307 - The collapsed placeholder header does not respect the titlePosition config

  • EXTJS-25234 - Date panel styling issues (material)

PivotGrid (6)

  • EXTJS-25631 - Drill down grid is not paged

  • EXTJS-25633 - Range Editor: blank value is displayed as Not a Number

  • EXTJS-25554 - Pivot grid expand/collapse all operations should disable events for better performance

  • EXTJS-25424 - Error in console when open Boundlist as RangeEditor

  • EXTJS-25276 - Aggregator functions should have an option of how to treat nulls

  • EXTJS-25284 - Error in console when Expand and collapse row after opening Range editor in Pivot grids

Selection Model (2)

  • EXTJS-22576 - Tagfield should keep items in order as they are added to the inputEl

  • EXTJS-19866 - Pasting doesn't paste into the selection - only the selected field

Tabs (3)

  • EXTJS-25693 - Adding closable config to extended Ext.Panel throws uncaught errors in TabPanel

  • EXTJS-25580 - Tab Panel - enable method should be chainable

  • EXTJS-25201 - TabBar layout config not applied correctly

Templates (2)

  • EXTJS-25842 - Admin Dashboard Profile button icons are not centered on iOS

  • EXTJS-25734 - Admin Dashboard is moving when mouseover menu - scroll bar is showing and hiding

Theme (8)

  • EXTJS-25408 - Check is not visible, if checkbox is focused, on Aria, Crisp theme

  • EXTJS-25494 - Not able to print multiple pages when using viewport

  • EXTJS-25416 - $button-badge-min-width assumes $button-badge-padding is not a list

  • EXTJS-25352 - Text color of active tab is incorrect when focused in modern neptune and triton themes

  • EXTJS-22783 - Breadcrumb button icon is overlapped with useSplitButtons: false in Triton

  • EXTJS-25131 - Icon Arrow Up (down) is missing in grid headers (iOS Theme)

  • EXTJS-25202 - OpenSans font not loaded in Triton theme

  • EXTJS-25083 - Floating action button (fab) ui is not round on mobile devices

Tree (2)

  • EXTJS-24548 - Tree panel checkchange event fired twice when using checkPropagation

  • EXTJS-19821 - UI is not updated correctly when node is directly loaded

Window (5)

  • EXTJS-25728 - Window resize should update size of window ghost

  • EXTJS-25590 - Showing a MessageBox repeatedly throws an error

  • EXTJS-21840 - Draggable items should not react to right mouse

  • EXTJS-24989 - Mask is not hidden when closing maximized dialog

  • EXTJS-24974 - Classic Window will not close on first tap on iOS

Known Issues

Tabs (1)

  • EXTJS-13538 - Ext.ux.TabScrollerMenu has not been updated to work in Ext JS 5 and 6

Release Notes for Ext JS 6.5.0

Release Date: Thursday, May 11 2017
Version Number:

New Features

App (4)

  • EXTJS-24277 - Support hashbang in app routing

  • EXTJS-22819 - Router should fire a global beforeroute event

  • EXTJS-24636 - The getApplication method should be available earlier

  • EXTJS-16051 - Router redirectTo should have a replace option to avoid adding to the history

Bind (2)

  • EXTJS-22695 - ViewModel setData should always set the data on the called VM and should not climb to parents

  • EXTJS-22913 - ViewControllers should support declarative bindings into ViewModels

Charts (2)

  • EXTJS-23228 - Candlestick series should support the 'renderer' config

  • EXTJS-24239 - Pie 3D series should have series and label renderer support

Cmd (1)

  • EXTJS-24738 - All packages in extjs/SDK should be npm- and mondorepo-compatible

Core (4)

  • EXTJS-16563 - Modern toolkit should support Ext.Editor

  • EXTJS-23242 - Add Ext.promise.Promise.catch

  • EXTJS-23472 - Component should provide maskDefaults config for setLoading

  • EXTJS-23158 - Ext.Promise - add race method

Data (3)

  • Modern toolkit should be able to utilize a store that only fetches the pages needed by the views using it (virtual store).

  • Virtual stores should be able use a configured range.

  • EXTJS-23231 - MemoryProxy should allow its data to be cleared after being read (clearOnRead)

DataViews (1)

  • DataViews should be able to limit the amount of associatedData presented to the itemTpl and tpl

Documentation (3)

  • EXTJS-22198 - Promote Toolbar trackMenus config to public and document

  • EXTJS-20444 - DockingContainer. initDockingItems should be marked as protected

  • EXTJS-23353 - Document Ext.Component#renderConfig

Exporter (3)

  • EXTJS-23512 - Exporter should support an exportRenderer config for columns

  • EXTJS-20353 - Exporter should export grouped data and summaries

  • EXTJS-22627 - Column exportStyle should allow width to be specified

Forms (8)

  • Form fields should have more succint rules for determining validity

  • EXTJS-16530 - Modern toolkit should support FieldSet

  • EXTJS-24437 - Include a textfield ui that makes searchfields look good in a titlebar

  • EXTJS-16528 - Modern toolkit should support TagField

  • EXTJS-16518 - Modern toolkit should support desktop-style ComboBox

  • EXTJS-23235 - Date picker week start day should default to Ext.Date.firstDayOfWeek

  • EXTJS-16521 - Modern toolkit should support TextField triggers

  • EXTJS-20896 - multislider setValue method should accept multiple values and create or destroy thumbs to match

Grid (17)

  • Modern Grid should support spreadsheet-style selection  
  • Modern Grid should support tools in cells  
  • Modern Grid should support tools in row headers

  • Modern Grid should support tools in column headers

  • Modern Grid should support tools in grouped headers

  • Modern Grid should support column menus

  • Modern Grid should support tools in tree cell tools

  • Modern Grid should hide selection tools until needed

  • Modern Grid should support customizable grouping

  • Modern Grid should support summaries and summary models

  • Modern Grid should support pinned footers

  • Modern Grid should support row numbers

  • EXTJS-16549 - Modern toolkit grid should support Action column

  • EXTJS-16548 - Modern toolkit grid should support checkbox selection model

  • EXTJS-16539 - Modern toolkit grid should support inline cell editing

  • EXTJS-16581 - Modern toolkit grid should provide column drag reordering

  • EXTJS-24163 - Paging toolbar should be able to buffer page loads in modern grid

Layouts (1)

  • EXTJS-23982 - Card layout should automatically choose the correct direction when animating between cards

Lists (8)

  • Lists should support tool placement within list items

  • Lists should support an improved pullRefresh plugin

  • Lists should support auto-height

  • Lists should support infinite lists

  • Lists should support list item swiping

  • List swiping should have the ability to display an accordion menu

  • List swiping should have the ability to display different items based on the amount of swipe

  • List swiping should have the ability to undo the previous action

Misc (6)

  • Modern toolkit should support the rating picker

  • EXTJS-18620 - Ext.util.Cookies should be in the core package

  • EXTJS-24012 - Automatically set ripple color based on context

  • EXTJS-22943 - Allow stores to be used inside formulas to calculate values when data changes

  • EXTJS-22677 - Modern toolkit should support form layout

  • EXTJS-22828 - ServerProxy should allow sorting or grouping fields and directions to be the same URL parameter (such as ?sort=name%20ASC)

PivotGrid (1)

  • EXTJS-22908 - It should be possible to configure pivot grid rows and/or columns as collapsible:false

Bugs Fixed

Accessibility (2)

  • EXTJS-20408 - Grid NavigationModel incorrectly consumes F2 key with modifiers

  • EXTJS-23171 - Ctrl-Up arrow does not work in Grid and toolbar in Accordion child panel

App (1)

  • EXTJS-17386 - store undefined while loading in a viewmodel formula

Bind (6)

  • EXTJS-24322 - Bind expressions w/minus operators but no spaces are treated as identifiers instead of subtraction

  • EXTJS-23442 - Viewmodel formula doesn't parse arguments correctly when using inline named function

  • EXTJS-23286 - ViewModel doesn't get created if there are no bindings/publishes

  • EXTJS-19403 - Child viewModel saves undeclared root data on parent viewmodel

  • EXTJS-18892 - Calculated field function parser adds dependencies from code in comments

  • EXTJS-17254 - Store should deliver presence while loading to allow loadmasks to be shown

Button (3)

  • EXTJS-25032 - Improve FAB hover style

  • EXTJS-22450 - Icon only buttons don't always center the icon

  • EXTJS-23682 - Text in buttons is missing in IE 11 modern

Calendar (2)

  • EXTJS-23742 - [Calendar event] window for create/edit event didn't displayed

  • EXTJS-22697 - eventtap event not fired for calendar day/week view

Charts (25)

  • EXTJS-24624 - Multiple radar series can not be added dynamically

  • EXTJS-24225 - Should prevent view scrolling when a D3 component is zoomed via mousewheel

  • EXTJS-24594 - Charts legend does not implement isFloating() method causing ZIndexManager to crash

  • EXTJS-23760 - Chart example loads with transparent background

  • EXTJS-23499 - addSeries throws an exception

  • EXTJS-23218 - Time axis: ticks don't match data points in certain cases.

  • EXTJS-22111 - Gauge chart does not scale properly when min/max are close

  • EXTJS-22142 - Colors for Gauge are not respected in legend

  • EXTJS-22318 - Point labels are not positioned correctly when rotation config set in radar chart

  • EXTJS-17104 - When a pie chart displays only one slice, the border of the slice creates a vertical line

  • EXTJS-15893 - Series 'highlight' config should be themable

  • EXTJS-20426 - Chart numeric axis does not respect minimum when adjustByMajorUnit is true & minimum > 0

  • EXTJS-22518 - Line series with smoothing does not render correctly

  • EXTJS-22320 - Radar chart incorrectly sets rotation

  • EXTJS-19788 - Radar chart shows incorrect data if there are multiple series and no min/max is provided

  • EXTJS-22319 - Setting rotation causes style to revert back to default in radar chart

  • EXTJS-20807 - Radar marker misplaced when value equals 0

  • EXTJS-20109 - itemhighlight/change should be consolidated into a single event and fired consistently

  • EXTJS-23136 - Rotated labels randomly not rendering in Charts

  • EXTJS-15671 - Column chart - limit line not cleared when store cleared

  • EXTJS-20496 - Pie chart labels for very small slices can overlap

  • EXTJS-24106 - Modern Gauge example is broken in Safari

  • EXTJS-24085 - Bar chart throws an exception when extending Ext.chart.axis.Category

  • EXTJS-23720 - Modern Area Basic example doesn't work on mobile

  • EXTJS-23824 - Modern chart dataview legend can neither scroll nor wrap when overflowing container.

Core (5)

  • EXTJS-25064 - Ext.Function.interval does not honour scope parameter

  • EXTJS-24832 - Component keyMap definitions are duplicated on each instance

  • EXTJS-22553 - Ext.ComponentQuery.query() with no selector throws exception

  • EXTJS-20525 - Resizing elements next to an iframe will lose track of mouse move

  • EXTJS-21141 - Ext.util.CSV.decode doesn't recognize the first column value when it is blank.

D3 (5)

  • EXTJS-23911 - D3 components don't respond to shrinking

  • EXTJS-23797 - Source click doesn't work on mobile phones

  • EXTJS-24017 - Treemap won't load correctly

  • EXTJS-23940 - HeatMaps shouldn't have layout transition on resize

  • EXTJS-23877 - Heatmap layout is not responsive

Data (9)

  • EXTJS-23647 - Model getValidation.isValid() can be incorrect when using cancelEdit

  • EXTJS-23140 - data.Reader should not cache extractors when using anonymous classes

  • EXTJS-17728 -'s recordCreator does not update existing, unmodified records with new data

  • EXTJS-20648 - Stateful grid with buffered store, autoLoad:true, and sorters loads twice

  • EXTJS-20025 - ignores proxy batchActions setting

  • EXTJS-23102 - Model dependencies are not correctly recalculated in some cases when using replaceFields

  • EXTJS-23044 - If an associated store is referenced before a model is load, the data is not loaded into the store correctly

  • EXTJS-23033 - Changing the group of a record can throw an exception when using a chained store

  • EXTJS-23558 - Some ChainedStore methods can fail when no source is attached

DataView (4)

  • EXTJS-24560 - Unhandled exceptions when navigating in grid using HOME/END keys

  • EXTJS-23467 - List scrolls to the top when items are inserted or deleted

  • EXTJS-23685 - Horizontal DataView can not be scrolled

  • EXTJS-23560 - Grouped list throws an exception when clearing the associated store

Documentation (24)

  • EXTJS-24801 - Documentation of Ext.layout.Box configs is not visible

  • EXTJS-23404 - Toast show position does not match documentation

  • EXTJS-23384 - Grid feature code example incorrectly marked as runnable

  • EXTJS-23368 - Ext.carousel.Carousel directionLock config not documented

  • EXTJS-23484 - expanderFirst missing from Ext.list.Tree docs

  • EXTJS-23465 - Wrong var name for $form-toolbar-text-field-invalid-border-color

  • EXTJS-23224 - Improve documentation for undefined values

  • EXTJS-23172 - Window.floating does not inherit documentation correctly

  • EXTJS-23259 - Modern Ext.grid.Grid - itemConfig marked as private, but referred to in docs

  • EXTJS-22632 - removeAll should make it clearer that it is affected by filtering

  • EXTJS-22784 - Messagebox show documentation has incorrect parameter name

  • EXTJS-21059 - Rating picker limit config default is incorrect

  • EXTJS-22825 - beforeload and load events should be clarified and referenced to before/prefetch events

  • EXTJS-22730 - Ext.util.Filter code example comments have inaccurate comment statements

  • EXTJS-23092 - asUCText duplicated

  • EXTJS-22689 - -> exception indicates the request is returned but should be response

  • EXTJS-21246 - Ext.grid.filters.filter.Boolean value shouldn't be quoted

  • EXTJS-19637 - Documentation should clarify that BufferedStore is not supported on the Modern Toolkit

  • EXTJS-23015 - Mashup example documentation should show mixins as an array of strings

  • EXTJS-23075 - Add default to columnLines doc entry

  • EXTJS-23869 - Documentation - displayfield - submitValue has incorrect default value

  • EXTJS-23960 - Options and Parameter are not currently producing documentation.

  • EXTJS-23583 - Missing pie label display "inside" config

  • EXTJS-23352 - The "beforedestroy" event documentation needs to include a warning about vetoing

Draw (2)

  • EXTJS-22883 - Draw container with SVG Engine throws uncaught errors when trying to download

  • EXTJS-22609 - Animation modifier throws on Edge referencing triggers on destroyed sprite

Events (1)

  • EXTJS-22261 - Ext.event.Event.within disregards allowEl paramater

Examples (14)

  • EXTJS-24242 - Value is not visible when textfield is too small on Triton theme

  • EXTJS-24536 - Prevent tap event propagation in picker list

  • EXTJS-24120 - [D3] Pivot Heatmap example is not loaded correctly

  • EXTJS-23616 - Incorrect rounding in two-way formulas

  • EXTJS-23279 - Menu fields not disappearing after picking one while window is resized

  • EXTJS-22360 - Vector icons are not properly aligned

  • EXTJS-20922 - BoxReorderer plugin doesn't work in RTL mode

  • EXTJS-24071 - Update Custom error handling example for modern toolkit

  • EXTJS-23996 - Wrong functionality for spinners in two-way formulas example

  • EXTJS-24070 - Ticket App - Icon for button search is not displayed

  • EXTJS-23727 - Elements initial position is out of constrained area

  • EXTJS-23870 - Hide then expand code preview in KS leads to unresizable panel

  • EXTJS-23979 - D3 example should not be presented on IE8/9

  • EXTJS-24000 - Error thrown when destroying Easing example

Exporter (3)

  • EXTJS-24351 - The xlsx files generated by exporter are not visible in iOS Safari

  • EXTJS-23405 - When exporting grid, zeros are exported as blanks

  • EXTJS-23300 - Grid Exporter should ignore hidden columns

Forms (25)

  • EXTJS-24683 - Error thrown as you type to number/email field - Chrome

  • EXTJS-25042 - Combobox with labelAlign="placeholder" doesn't keep label elevated when value is set

  • EXTJS-25009 - Selectfield/Combobox should not allow value deselecting when using list picker

  • EXTJS-24866 - Label misaligned when using labelAlign: 'placeholder'

  • EXTJS-24699 - Number field, enter in value above max value will not update input

  • EXTJS-24604 - selectfield cannot be opened in sheet on touch devices

  • EXTJS-24131 - Date is not changed by datepanel picker

  • EXTJS-24538 - Picker fields should open on touchend and allow form scrolling

  • EXTJS-24570 - Numeric validator shows invalid when field is blank

  • EXTJS-23445 - TextArea doesn't propagate enter key

  • EXTJS-23617 - When focused the regular placeholder should be displayed even if labelAlign is 'placeholder'

  • EXTJS-21116 - Datepicker header background color undocumented

  • EXTJS-22670 - Hidden field crashes when created

  • EXTJS-18335 - Field emptyText isn't correctly html encoded

  • EXTJS-21245 - Textarea preventScrollbars disables grow

  • EXTJS-21257 - Cannot specify a renderer string for display field

  • EXTJS-23120 - Cannot upload a file with form submit on Firefox and IE11

  • EXTJS-22968 - Text field focus method doesn't select text correctly when passed a selection range

  • EXTJS-22954 - DateField getValue() should return a Date with cleared time values based upon format config

  • EXTJS-23924 - Displayfield does not add a line break after commas

  • EXTJS-24056 - Selection doesn't work with two items in selectfield on iPhones

  • EXTJS-23677 - Selectfield does not properly apply bind value when using a restful store

  • EXTJS-23662 - Textarea field does not adhere to growMin at init

  • EXTJS-23976 - Placeholder label is not visible when switching between fields

  • EXTJS-23692 - standardSubmit does not post correctly

Grid (52)

  • EXTJS-24735 - setExtensible does affect a current selection

  • EXTJS-25089 - Shift+Tab in first editable cell crashes browser tab

  • EXTJS-24471 - Focus error thrown after opening column menu in grid header menu

  • EXTJS-24578 - Grid DragDrop#containerScroll true not working

  • EXTJS-24470 - Grid row remains focused after scrolling out of view

  • EXTJS-24686 - Error thrown when you navigate from first or last row in grouped grid

  • EXTJS-24468 Locked grid scrolls to top if you click on a partially exposed cell in normal view

  • EXTJS-24589 - Grid mutates an incoming dockedItems array by unshifting its HeaderContainer into it

  • EXTJS-24496 - Columns are offset to the right on tablets and phones

  • EXTJS-24252 - Trigger icons of pickers used in celleditors are not visible

  • EXTJS-24102 - Modern grid column reorder doesn't update columns in grid body

  • EXTJS-24453 - RowBody presence in grid should imply variableHeights: true

  • EXTJS-23375 - Can't bind store to grid with paging toolbar

  • EXTJS-23695 - Rownumberer column is placed at end of columns in locked grid

  • EXTJS-23461 - List filter with a non array value doesn't have initial value set correctly

  • EXTJS-23687 - Missing scrollbar in some pivotgrid

  • EXTJS-23345 - Tabbing from a celleditor will move misalign the unlocked portion of a grid

  • EXTJS-23311 - Error thrown when hiding column which contains selection extension handle.

  • EXTJS-23373 - Buffered Store reload throws error when holding 1 record

  • EXTJS-23413 - Navigation via keyboard arrows can misalign columns in lockable grid

  • EXTJS-23576 - Collapsing a group while editing throws an error

  • EXTJS-23377 - After a load caused by auto-paging, 1 or 2 items are missing on top of the grid.

  • EXTJS-23238 - Unlocked portion of lockable grid scrolls horizontally when editor is activated

  • EXTJS-23212 - Grid header does not scroll with view when cellediting is active

  • EXTJS-23453 - Hidden column state in locked grid can result in layout failure

  • EXTJS-23152 - Ext.grid.filters.filter.Boolean: Filters checkbox does not correctly apply default filter

  • EXTJS-23269 - Editing plugin crashes when editing and then clicking on a widget

  • EXTJS-23127 - Non-collapsing grid groups shouldn't have tips about collapsing

  • EXTJS-23301 - Locking Grid: Unable to scroll horizontally via scroll buttons in normal grid

  • EXTJS-22911 - RowExpander does not properly display when only plugin used in Modern grid

  • EXTJS-22822 - Column#cellFocusable allows focusing the cell when using a focusable widget

  • EXTJS-21488 - Header is scrolled into view when trying to resize - IE

  • EXTJS-23236 - Rowbody throws an exception when reconfiguring columns while not rendered

  • EXTJS-21855 - Accesses to should be guarded for cross-domain restrictions

  • EXTJS-23217 - Stateful Grid with enableLocking and no locked columns does not apply column width correctly

  • EXTJS-20484 - Ext.grid.Panel.sealedColumns has no effect

  • EXTJS-23248 - Grid in collapsed container throws an exception while reconfiguring columns when not laid out

  • EXTJS-20539 - Having a grid with greater than 250 columns causes the grid to misalign headers

  • EXTJS-23187 - Grid checkbox selection doesn't select row correctly with gridviewdragdrop plugin

  • EXTJS-18993 - Sorting column removes active filters

  • EXTJS-23178 - Summary feature corrupts grid when not docked and used with GroupingSummary

  • EXTJS-22727 - RowNumberer does not respond to store insertions/removals

  • EXTJS-22648 - Grid widgets disappear and cause misaligned rows on column sort

  • EXTJS-15537 - Property name "value" breaks editors in

  • EXTJS-21292 - BufferedStore / SpreadsheetModel throws exception when reconfiguring a grid with a selected cell

  • EXTJS-23030 - Widget column cannot bind to hidden state correctly when loading a new dataset

  • EXTJS-22975 - Column header bindings fail on moved grid column

  • EXTJS-23702 - Scrolling in buffered rendered grid is broken by chrome 56 release (Classic)

  • EXTJS-24374 - Grid scroll partners not in sync in certain situations.

  • EXTJS-23865 - Grid columns do not get hidden when using Columns visibility menu

  • EXTJS-23457 - Vertical scrolling by scroll buttons produces abnormal horizontal scroll/jump

  • EXTJS-23786 - RowExpander not getting added to the grid

Layouts (4)

  • EXTJS-24628 - Expanding a collapsible panel with hideCollapseTool throws error

  • EXTJS-22722 - Ext.Msg can produce viewport scroll

  • EXTJS-23088 - Grid with BufferedStore throws error when heighted by viewport

  • EXTJS-23821 - Card layout in Modern shouldn't create an animation instance when animation config is falsy

List (1)

  • EXTJS-25008 - Swipe in Pull Refresh list cause error in console in non-material theme

Menu (2)

  • EXTJS-24672 - Tap won't open child menu of menucheckitem

  • EXTJS-24170 - Menu items do not respect a group value in the menu's defaults config

Misc (41)

  • EXTJS-24982 - View Options plugin column option indicators are not aligned correctly

  • EXTJS-24710 - Nested list editor has an extra button

  • EXTJS-24451 - Tab badges are clipped

  • EXTJS-24664 - Opening menu throws error on iPhones

  • EXTJS-24584 - Columns cannot be sorted when open View Option

  • EXTJS-24101 - [Simple Actions] Message alert is not displayed

  • EXTJS-24100 - Toasts not working properly in Safari

  • EXTJS-24117 - Preview/Download button don't work at Nobel Prize example

  • EXTJS-24122 - Focused spinner field is few px larger, causing remaining content to move

  • EXTJS-24133 - DrillDown: mask is not hidden when hide plugin

  • EXTJS-24432 - Unbound ripples are clipped

  • EXTJS-23757 - Google map is not correctly centered on initialization

  • EXTJS-23749 - [Datepicker] It doesn't show pickerslots for change date

  • EXTJS-24321 - Chained combo - value is not changed when switch first combo

  • EXTJS-23222 - Textfield with selectOnFocus: false puts cursor at end of field, not mouse click position

  • EXTJS-23339 - Remove LazyItems plugin from modern documentation

  • EXTJS-23125 - TextField's content gets selected onFocus when selectOnFocus is false

  • EXTJS-19856 - Combobox with paging toolbar clears input field after next page button is pressed

  • EXTJS-20073 - Store.rejectChanges() after a Store.remove() restores records in wrong order

  • EXTJS-23159 - ensureVisible automatically scrolls element to center not minimum needed

  • EXTJS-24075 - Cannot select row on second time on touch devices and emulation

  • EXTJS-24054 - Body container is not displayed in Data examples on iPhones

  • EXTJS-24077 - Wrong row selection on touch devices

  • EXTJS-23997 - In Right-To-Left RTL example sort icons are not present

  • EXTJS-24013 - Ripple animations pause when element is hidden, resume when shown

  • EXTJS-23883 - Checkout Form: same billing address doesn't work correctly

  • EXTJS-24243 - Last item in Picker (Overlays) can't be selected in non-Chrome browser

  • EXTJS-23846 - Click events are not being triggered in Firefox/Windows/Touch Monitor

  • EXTJS-24130 - Modern Segmented button doesn't handle false value properly

  • EXTJS-23799 - Drag field to Grid - > Drag this date has no effect after action

  • EXTJS-24304 - Method signature for Ext.form.field.Picker onTriggerClick is inconsistent

  • EXTJS-23735 - BadgeText covers button text in Material Theme

  • EXTJS-23768 - Phone viewport should not be scrollable

  • EXTJS-23929 - Pivot Grids: horizontal scrollbar is missing on IE/Edge

  • EXTJS-23781 - Expander should be vertically centered

  • EXTJS-23771 - Error when destroying carousel

  • EXTJS-23882 - Reconfigure grid - Error in console after show some grid.

  • EXTJS-23819 - Cannot scroll in combobox menu

  • EXTJS-23785 - TreeList singleExpand: true doesn't expand clicked node

  • EXTJS-23758 - Charts: preview of SVG charts is broken

  • EXTJS-24055 - [Forum Search] Error is displayed when enter text to combobox

Panel (6)

  • EXTJS-23451 - Panel mutates passed tool configuration

  • EXTJS-23593 - Cannot reorder docked items

  • EXTJS-23175 - Custom Accordion panel tools have erroneous background image in Triton theme

  • EXTJS-23176 - Focused accordion header tool outline is too light in Neptune and Triton

  • EXTJS-17697 - Panel.ShowBy(...) not working if panel.left is not set

  • EXTJS-23588 - Panel.setTitle has no effect in TabPanel

PivotGrid (15)

  • EXTJS-24319 - Pivot should use the aggregator functions defined on the Configurator fields

  • EXTJS-24128 - Export (or Download in Chart) doesn't work on Safari desktop

  • EXTJS-24237 - Pivot grid should be reconfigurable via setMatrix

  • EXTJS-23291 - Modifying pivotconfigurator can remove labelRender

  • EXTJS-23669 - [Configurator plugin] Sort switch doesn't work

  • EXTJS-23249 - Dirty indicator remains visible on pivot grid after committing changes to store

  • EXTJS-23602 - Defining more than two topAxis columns will throw uncaught length errors

  • EXTJS-23587 - Pivotconfigurer plugin throws error when removing pivotgrid before displayed

  • EXTJS-22844 - Pivot grid displays duplicate data after adding new records to the store

  • EXTJS-23096 - setStore on pivot grid does not work correctly

  • EXTJS-24129 - Tabular pivot: person names duplicate when sort

  • EXTJS-23598 - Using drag and drop in Configurator plugin should move fields between lists

  • EXTJS-23806 - Outline Pivot grid cells should be empty

  • EXTJS-23674 - CellEditing plugin does not work with the Configurator plugin in a classic pivot grid

  • EXTJS-23747 - [PivotGrid exampels] They aren't scrollable in horizontal direction

Scroller (2)

  • EXTJS-23182 - Asking for scroll position after calling scroll prevents scroll partners from invoking

  • EXTJS-22559 - Unable to scroll items in a carousel

Selection Model (1)

  • EXTJS-23913 - Cannot check rows in checkbox selection model with checkOnly:false - Firefox

Tabs (2)

  • EXTJS-24659 - Configuring activeItem on tabpanel does not work in modern

  • EXTJS-23129 - Switching tabs during removal causes too many layouts

Theme (7)

  • EXTJS-24461 - Action button in a floating toolbar does has same color as background

  • EXTJS-19641 - Triton theme tool icons overlapping

  • EXTJS-17080 - Neptune theme missing required images

  • EXTJS-24069 - Improve error message styling

  • EXTJS-24021 - Incorrect element size in IE11

  • EXTJS-24168 - Incorrect menu width in IE11

  • EXTJS-24096 - Tree icons are not rendered properly on iOS theme

ToolTips (1)

  • EXTJS-22501 - Anchor background positioned wrong on Safari

Toolbars (2)

  • EXTJS-24834 - Toolbar for audio is not displayed on Android mobile

  • EXTJS-22566 - Cannot check checkboxes when moved into a toolbar overflow menu

Tree (6)

  • EXTJS-24869 - TreeList nodes expanded when setting selection cannot be collapsed

  • EXTJS-23659 - Invalid CSS selector generated for TreeList item

  • EXTJS-23164 - Tree List with filtered store causing error on expand/collapse

  • EXTJS-20650 - Expand/collapse an auto height tree with a maxHeight scrolls to top on refresh

  • EXTJS-23031 - Exception is thrown when collapsing a node in a filtered TreeGrid

  • EXTJS-23842 - Nav, Micro buttons and bottom treelist-log are missing in TreeList example

Window (3)

  • EXTJS-24211 - Ext.Msg.alert has wrong position

  • EXTJS-23592 - Modal mask is not expanded to cover the background of a moved window in IE11

  • EXTJS-23124 - of already visible window doesn't bring it to front automatically

container (1)

  • EXTJS-24375 - setHtml content does not honour component innerElement padding

Known Issues

Accessibility (13)

  • EXTJS-10477 - HtmlEditor is not accessible

  • EXTJS-10498 - Grid RowBody feature is not accessible

  • EXTJS-10495 - Locking grid is announced as two separate widgets by screen readers

  • EXTJS-10492 - DragDrop is not accessible

  • EXTJS-10497 - Grid row expander is not accessible

  • EXTJS-10480 - Color Picker is not accessible

  • EXTJS-10499 - Grid CheckboxSelectionModel is not accessible

  • EXTJS-10503 - Grid headers cannot be resized using the keyboard

  • EXTJS-10494 - Grid grouping feature is not accessible

  • EXTJS-10451 - Tree component does not support ARIA expanded state

  • EXTJS-10467 - Menu overflow scrollers are not navigable using the keyboard

  • EXTJS-10475 - ToolTip is not accessible

  • EXTJS-10504 - Grid Headers cannot be reordered using the keyboard

Core (1)

  • EXTJS-21139 - View incorrectly resized when changing screen orientation while the virtual keyboard is shown

DataView (1)

  • EXTJS-12345 - ComboBox's bound list becomes transparent on second show on iPad

Tabs (1)

  • EXTJS-13538 - Ext.ux.TabScrollerMenu has not been updated to work in Ext JS 5 and 6

Theme (1)

  • EXTJS-17790 - Triton should support tree lines

Ext JS 6.5.2