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Terms, Icons, and Labels

Many classes have shortcut names used when creating (instantiating) a class with a configuration object. The shortcut name is referred to as an alias (or xtype if the class extends Ext.Component). The alias/xtype is listed next to the class name of applicable classes for quick reference.

Access Levels

Framework classes or their members may be specified as private or protected. Else, the class / member is public. Public, protected, and private are access descriptors used to convey how and when the class or class member should be used.

Member Types

Member Syntax

Below is an example class member that we can disect to show the syntax of a class member (the lookupComponent method as viewed from the Ext.button.Button class in this case).

lookupComponent ( item ) : Ext.Component

Called when a raw config object is added to this container either during initialization of the items config, or when new items are added), or {@link #insert inserted.

This method converts the passed object into an instanced child component.

This may be overridden in subclasses when special processing needs to be applied to child creation.


item :  Object

The config object being added.


The component to be added.

Let's look at each part of the member row:

Member Flags

The API documentation uses a number of flags to further commnicate the class member's function and intent. The label may be represented by a text label, an abbreviation, or an icon.

Class Icons

- Indicates a framework class

- A singleton framework class. *See the singleton flag for more information

- A component-type framework class (any class within the Ext JS framework that extends Ext.Component)

- Indicates that the class, member, or guide is new in the currently viewed version

Member Icons

- Indicates a class member of type config

- Indicates a class member of type property

- Indicates a class member of type method

- Indicates a class member of type event

- Indicates a class member of type theme variable

- Indicates a class member of type theme mixin

- Indicates that the class, member, or guide is new in the currently viewed version

Class Member Quick-Nav Menu

Just below the class name on an API doc page is a row of buttons corresponding to the types of members owned by the current class. Each button shows a count of members by type (this count is updated as filters are applied). Clicking the button will navigate you to that member section. Hovering over the member-type button will reveal a popup menu of all members of that type for quick navigation.

Getter and Setter Methods

Getting and setter methods that correlate to a class config option will show up in the methods section as well as in the configs section of both the API doc and the member-type menus just beneath the config they work with. The getter and setter method documentation will be found in the config row for easy reference.

History Bar

Your page history is kept in localstorage and displayed (using the available real estate) just below the top title bar. By default, the only search results shown are the pages matching the product / version you're currently viewing. You can expand what is displayed by clicking on the button on the right-hand side of the history bar and choosing the "All" radio option. This will show all recent pages in the history bar for all products / versions.

Within the history config menu you will also see a listing of your recent page visits. The results are filtered by the "Current Product / Version" and "All" radio options. Clicking on the button will clear the history bar as well as the history kept in local storage.

If "All" is selected in the history config menu the checkbox option for "Show product details in the history bar" will be enabled. When checked, the product/version for each historic page will show alongside the page name in the history bar. Hovering the cursor over the page names in the history bar will also show the product/version as a tooltip.

Search and Filters

Both API docs and guides can be searched for using the search field at the top of the page.

On API doc pages there is also a filter input field that filters the member rows using the filter string. In addition to filtering by string you can filter the class members by access level, inheritance, and read only. This is done using the checkboxes at the top of the page.

The checkbox at the bottom of the API class navigation tree filters the class list to include or exclude private classes.

Clicking on an empty search field will show your last 10 searches for quick navigation.

API Doc Class Metadata

Each API doc page (with the exception of Javascript primitives pages) has a menu view of metadata relating to that class. This metadata view will have one or more of the following:

Expanding and Collapsing Examples and Class Members

Runnable examples (Fiddles) are expanded on a page by default. You can collapse and expand example code blocks individually using the arrow on the top-left of the code block. You can also toggle the collapse state of all examples using the toggle button on the top-right of the page. The toggle-all state will be remembered between page loads.

Class members are collapsed on a page by default. You can expand and collapse members using the arrow icon on the left of the member row or globally using the expand / collapse all toggle button top-right.

Desktop -vs- Mobile View

Viewing the docs on narrower screens or browsers will result in a view optimized for a smaller form factor. The primary differences between the desktop and "mobile" view are:

Viewing the Class Source

The class source can be viewed by clicking on the class name at the top of an API doc page. The source for class members can be viewed by clicking on the "view source" link on the right-hand side of the member row.

Ext JS 6.2.1



Release Date: November 21, 2016 Version Number: New Features Bind (1) Core (1) Forms (2) Bugs Fixed App (1) Button (1) Calendar (7) Charts (10) Core (7) D3 (4) Data (4) DataView (5) Documentation (9) Drag (2) Draw (2) Events (2) Examples (6) Forms (9) Grid (34) Menu (2) Misc (7) Panel (1) PivotGrid (6) Sparklne (2) Tabs (1) Theme (5) ToolTips (2) Toolbars (2) Tree (7) Window (2) Known Issues Accessibility (13) Core (1) DataView (1) Tabs (1) Theme (1) New Features Accessibility (3) Charts (1) Core (2) D3 (2) Direct (2) Draw (1) Forms (4) Grid (2) Locale (1) Misc (3) PivotGrid (2) Bugs Fixed Accessibility (3) Animation (1) Bind (1) Button (4) Calendar (16) Charts (17) Core (19) D3 (4) Dashboard (5) Data (6) DataView (4) Direct (10) Documentation (13) Drag (2) Draw (1) Events (2) Examples (31) Exporter (2) Forms (25) Grid (61) Layouts (2) Menu (3) Misc (43) Panel (3) PivotGrid (9) Scroller (1) Sparklne (1) Tabs (4) Theme (13) ToolTips (6) Toolbars (6) Tree (4) Window (5) Known Issues Accessibility (13) Calendar (1) Core (1) DataView (1) Layouts (1) Tabs (1) Theme (1) New Features Accessibility (9) Bind (3) Charts (2) Core (5) D3 (2) Direct (1) Events (3) Examples (2) Exporter (6) Grid (12) PivotGrid (11) Scroller (1) Selection Model (1) ToolTips (1) Tree (3) Window (2) Bugs Fixed Accessibility (22) Animation (1) App (1) Bind (6) Button (4) Charts (14) Cmd (2) Core (15) Dashboard (1) Data (15) Direct (3) Documentation (10) Drag (1) Draw (3) Events (6) Examples (14) Forms (51) Grid (71) Layouts (9) Locale (3) Menu (2) Misc (1) Panel (7) PivotGrid (14) Scroller (15) Selection Model (4) Tabs (1) Templates (1) Theme (7) ToolTips (3) Toolbars (2) Tree (12) Window (8) Known Issues Accessibility Charts Core DataView Layouts Tabs Theme

Release Notes for Ext JS 6.2.1

Release Date: November 21, 2016

Version Number:

New Features

Bind (1)

  • EXTJS-21703 - Allow binding of store records to nested column widgets

Core (1)

  • EXTJS-22818 - Should fire onlinechange change as a global domain event

Forms (2)

  • EXTJS-22514 - Modern form field triggers should support an iconCls config
  • EXTJS-22542 - Modern text fields should support add/remove trigger functionality

Bugs Fixed

App (1)

  • EXTJS-22836 - Application mainView not setting component id

Button (1)

  • EXTJS-22450 - Icon only buttons don't always center the icon

Calendar (7)

  • EXTJS-22451 - Calendar list badge alignment incorrect in iOS 7, iOS8
  • EXTJS-22471 - Calendar list item badge is not visible in Classic and gray themes
  • EXTJS-22697 - eventtap event not fired for calendar day/week view
  • EXTJS-22728 - Events can clip incorrectly calculating overflow when spanning multiple days
  • EXTJS-22779 - The calendar panel dateTitle is not updated if there is an event listener on the view
  • EXTJS-23003 - Event pruning causes long events to disappear
  • EXTJS-23062 - Event overflow can display incorrectly with multi day events

Charts (10)

  • EXTJS-20665 - Edge - Bubble Chart - mouseover makes action just few second after loading the page
  • EXTJS-22111 - Gauge chart does not scale properly when min/max are close
  • EXTJS-22267 - Scatter chart using sticky: true requires two clicks to de-highlight selection
  • EXTJS-22318 - Point labels are not positioned correctly when rotation config set in radar chart
  • EXTJS-22319 - Setting rotation causes style to revert back to default in radar chart
  • EXTJS-22320 - Radar chart incorrectly sets rotation
  • EXTJS-22762 - Cannot change axes on chart using setAxes method
  • EXTJS-22831 - Crosshair gesture is not properly ended on dragcancel
  • EXTJS-22882 - Area chart tooltips are incorrectly aligned
  • EXTJS-23016 - Scatter chart - bottom axis gets cropped after showing chart preview

Core (7)

  • EXTJS-11917 - LoadMask does not cover the borders of the component being masked
  • EXTJS-22553 - Ext.ComponentQuery.query() with no selector throws exception
  • EXTJS-22643 - Exception thrown when unloading page
  • EXTJS-22693 - Ext.Mixin#inheritableStatics members overriding the mixin accessor keys
  • EXTJS-22858 - When swipe carousel in Safari whole page is moving - iOS 10 Tablet
  • EXTJS-23013 - Date.add with DAY incorrectly computes hour when crossing DST boundary
  • EXTJS-23104 - Error thrown when showing tooltip of sparkline widget - IE only

D3 (4)

  • EXTJS-21698 - Sometimes folders in Hierarchy Pack can't be closed
  • EXTJS-22993 - Pivot d3 Heatmap has the axis configuration switched
  • EXTJS-22995 - Pivot d3 Treemap colors should depend on the aggregated values
  • EXTJS-22999 - Ext.pivot.d3.TreeMap raises exception with matrix of type "remote"

Data (4)

  • EXTJS-15068 - SortTypes asText and asUCText do not strip html tags
  • EXTJS-22786 - Adding/removing records when using hasMany relationship doesn't clear owner record reference
  • EXTJS-22788 - When saving manyToMany from child to parent session, a removal and subsequent add show be considered a no-op
  • EXTJS-23043 - Chained Store does not forward beforeload/load event when used as a source

DataView (5)

  • EXTJS-18695 - When list items do not cause automatic scrolling, Ext.plugin.PullRefresh plugin does not work
  • EXTJS-20671 - ItemSelector does not scroll when dragging node and placement indicator is incorrect
  • EXTJS-22377 - Ext.plugin.PullRefresh does not display correctly
  • EXTJS-22741 - DataView/List/TitleBar listeners run in wrong scope
  • EXTJS-22897 - Ext.view.View.getRecords returns null when passed an array of nodes

Documentation (9)

  • EXTJS-21526 - Document the return type for Ext.dom.Element.getConstrainRegion
  • EXTJS-21669 - Ext.list.TreeItem is wrongly showing as private in the documentation
  • EXTJS-22393 - The tagfield inline example is broken
  • EXTJS-22615 - ExtJS doc said recommended API return value is not to be used
  • EXTJS-22717 - previousButton config mislabeled on Calendar Panel
  • EXTJS-22862 - Ext.calendar.panel.Month class docs using wrong xtype
  • EXTJS-22863 - Ext.view.View multiSelect config docs has broken links to Ext.selection.Model
  • EXTJS-22865 - The Modern Ext.grid.column.Boolean example in the API docs does not work
  • EXTJS-23074 - Configs data and html of Ext.Component in the docs should have bindable option.

Drag (2)

  • EXTJS-21972 - Drag drop of elements containing image triggers browser native image move
  • EXTJS-22653 - DragTracker makes main element unselectable when using a delegate selector

Draw (2)

  • EXTJS-21632 - Scroll is triggered in touch paint example while drawing
  • EXTJS-22609 - Animation modifier throws on Edge referencing triggers on destroyed sprite

Events (2)

  • EXTJS-22261 - Ext.event.Event.within disregards allowEl paramater
  • EXTJS-22902 - MouseEnterLeave publisher null reference during callParent

Examples (6)

  • EXTJS-18644 - Errors while loading Sandbox Example
  • EXTJS-21092 - Prevent touch event propagation in KitchenSink - drag and drop examples
  • EXTJS-22290 - [Free Paint] Drawings keeps disappearing once clear button has been pressed
  • EXTJS-22476 - Warning generated by Ext.Gadget alternateClassName in Modern
  • EXTJS-22508 - Feed Viewer: Icons don't change in edit mode
  • EXTJS-22654 - Combobox example talks about wrong config

Forms (9)

  • EXTJS-18335 - Field emptyText isn't correctly html encoded
  • EXTJS-21257 - Cannot specify a renderer string for display field
  • EXTJS-21886 - Checkboxes don't return the correct value
  • EXTJS-22541 - Setting the weight config on a modern form field trigger has no effect.
  • EXTJS-22556 - Using Safari: Ext.form.FieldContainer collapses its width when one is not specified regardless of contents; other browsers render their contents without an explicit width config
  • EXTJS-22661 - labelAlign of placeholder has does not show label / throws JS error
  • EXTJS-22670 - Hidden field crashes when created
  • EXTJS-22812 - Calling setValue in render listeners of textfield causes exception
  • EXTJS-23054 - Can't set text background color in HTML Editor in Edge

Grid (34)

  • EXTJS-15537 - Property name "value" breaks editors in
  • EXTJS-19805 - Reconfigured grid store does not correctly reset scroll position
  • EXTJS-21248 - Row Editor Plugin: Headers Don't Scroll Horizontally With Editor Fields
  • EXTJS-21292 - BufferedStore / SpreadsheetModel throws exception when reconfiguring a grid with a selected cell
  • EXTJS-22028 - While editing grid, selecting date with keyboard navigation then tabbing leaves grid instead of moving to next cell
  • EXTJS-22478 - Docked summary in locked grid does not sync with its view's pseudo-scroller
  • EXTJS-22495 - Expanding collapsed locking grid with row expander breaks the grid - IE8
  • EXTJS-22515 - Virtual scroll range not extended in some cases.
  • EXTJS-22517 - Requiring Ext.rtl causes LTR grid columns to align right
  • EXTJS-22571 - Grid with spreadsheet selection and row editing throws error
  • EXTJS-22610 - Grid header visibility is not in sync between locked and normal sides
  • EXTJS-22635 - Locked TreePanel#ensureVisible doesn't scroll to node
  • EXTJS-22636 - GridColumn#setText throws exception in a locked grid
  • EXTJS-22641 - Setting the width of the locked grid doesn't have any effect
  • EXTJS-22652 - Ext.grid.column.Check throws exception when instanced without config
  • EXTJS-22655 - RowWidget incorrectly binds record to defaultBindProperty
  • EXTJS-22660 - Ext.grid.Panel ignores flex for column with items in header
  • EXTJS-22667 - Grid layout is not updated when panel is collapsed
  • EXTJS-22672 - Crash when clicking grid view area outside cells
  • EXTJS-22673 - Infinite loop with grid key navigation in some cases when a column is non focusable
  • EXTJS-22680 - Grid with only locked column doesn't render correctly
  • EXTJS-22709 - Closing floating grid throws error
  • EXTJS-22748 - defaultListenerScope on widget used in widgetcolumn doesn't resolve methods correctly
  • EXTJS-22792 - Record can hold incorrect reference to group when using grouping
  • EXTJS-22805 - RowWidget is removed from DOM on row update
  • EXTJS-22847 - Row editor startEdit method throws an exception when specifying scrollable: true on the grid
  • EXTJS-22891 - Row Widget stops responding after grid reconfigure
  • EXTJS-22900 - RTL classes are incorrectly applied to locked grids when including ext-all-debug-rtl with RTL not enabled
  • EXTJS-22907 - Column resize on double click when resize is disabled.
  • EXTJS-22941 - Grid throws exception when clicking in the body to focus from another grid
  • EXTJS-22997 - Locking grid doesn't resize body correctly on expand
  • EXTJS-23032 - Headers have unnecessary ellipsis with overlapping arrow
  • EXTJS-23070 - Contains method fails on column.Action
  • EXTJS-23087 - Nodes are not visible after expanding - IE10

Menu (2)

  • EXTJS-22867 - sluggish on hovering menu items
  • EXTJS-23006 - CheckItem: Bind for checked does not work

Misc (7)

  • EXTJS-14758 - TextArea shows vertical scrollbar before growMax is reached
  • EXTJS-20097 - When select in Spreadsheet all items, than "allSelected" is false
  • EXTJS-21844 - Date picker with default value not showing correct value selected
  • EXTJS-21915 - Column charts return 502 error on download
  • EXTJS-22358 - Initial height of a textarea with grow true is too large in vbox layout
  • EXTJS-22428 - Progressbar with animate enable throws uncaugh error when calling setValue
  • EXTJS-23079 - Swedish Locale Ext.Date.parse crash when fed with non string input.

Panel (1)

  • EXTJS-23002 - During animation background is missing when expand / collapse panel in Safari 9 and 10

PivotGrid (6)

  • EXTJS-22275 - Chart in Pivot Grids Chart integration is missing
  • EXTJS-22572 - PivotGrid experiences significant performance degradation with record counts over 1K
  • EXTJS-22716 - Value filters doesn't work on Modern toolkit
  • EXTJS-22811 - Exporter#getColumnHeaders: Cannot read property 'expanded' of undefined
  • EXTJS-22844 - Pivot grid displays duplicate data after adding new records to the store
  • EXTJS-22949 - Aggregate dimensions in Configurator plugin are wrong when using same dataIndex

Sparklne (2)

  • EXTJS-22532 - SparklineBullet tooltip not visible in widgetcolumn
  • EXTJS-22573 - Mousemove coordinate calculations are wrong

Tabs (1)

  • EXTJS-22987 - In IE, rapidly closing tabs causes error: unable to get property "focus" of undefined or null reference

Theme (5)

  • EXTJS-21960 - $fieldset-header-padding has no effect in Classic Triton
  • EXTJS-22526 - Checkbox/Radio Disabled Color Variable is overridden by the checked color
  • EXTJS-22531 - Menu icon padding too small since 5.0
  • EXTJS-23012 - [modern] Theme image not found after cmd upgrade
  • EXTJS-23023 - Triton theme panel tools are swapped for expand/collapse

ToolTips (2)

  • EXTJS-22614 - Modern Tooltip align config sample ('t25-b80') from Whats New guide throws exception
  • EXTJS-22681 - Ext.tip.Tooltip#showBy is not chainable

Toolbars (2)

  • EXTJS-19831 - Safari Gray theme button text issue
  • EXTJS-22566 - Cannot check checkboxes when moved into a toolbar overflow menu

Tree (7)

  • EXTJS-22613#160;TreeList throws error "me.getFloated" is not a function in AbstractTreeItem.js
  • EXTJS-22657 - Layout run failed on a treelist that begins in micro mode when hovering
  • EXTJS-22721 - Delayed handling of tree drop causes exception
  • EXTJS-22731 - Tree list in micro mode doesn't show hover state correctly on floated menu
  • EXTJS-22781 - Tree checkbox selection doesn't select nodes correctly in some cases when tapping the checkbox and using drag/drop
  • EXTJS-22785 - Simple tree with no column definition doesn't scroll horizontally
  • EXTJS-22881 - Horizontal scroll position is reset when editing with locked columns in treegrid

Window (2)

  • EXTJS-22691 - MessageBox text cannot be selected
  • EXTJS-22933 - A window with closable:false will still close on 'ESC' key

Known Issues

Accessibility (13)

  • EXTJS-10451 - Tree component does not support ARIA expanded state
  • EXTJS-10467 - Menu overflow scrollers are not navigable using the keyboard
  • EXTJS-10475 - ToolTip is not accessible
  • EXTJS-10477 - HtmlEditor is not accessible
  • EXTJS-10480 - Color Picker is not accessible
  • EXTJS-10492 - DragDrop is not accessible
  • EXTJS-10494 - Grid grouping feature is not accessible
  • EXTJS-10495 - Locking grid is announced as two separate widgets by screen readers
  • EXTJS-10497 - Grid row expander is not accessible
  • EXTJS-10498 - Grid RowBody feature is not accessible
  • EXTJS-10499 - Grid CheckboxSelectionModel is not accessible
  • EXTJS-10503 - Grid headers cannot be resized using the keyboard
  • EXTJS-10504 - Grid Headers cannot be reordered using the keyboard

Core (1)

  • EXTJS-21139 - View incorrectly resized when changing screen orientation while the virtual keyboard is shown

DataView (1)

  • EXTJS-12345 - ComboBox's bound list becomes transparent on second show on iPad

Tabs (1)

  • EXTJS-13538 - Ext.ux.TabScrollerMenu has not been updated to work in Ext JS 5 and 6

Theme (1)

  • EXTJS-17790 - Triton should support tree lines

Release Notes for Ext JS 6.2.0

Release Date: September 8, 2016

Version Number:

New Features

Accessibility (3)

  • EXTJS-22031 - RowEditor should support screen readers

  • EXTJS-22032 - Checkbox selection model should support screen reader announcement

  • EXTJS-22063 - Grid should support announcing dirty cells to screen readers

Charts (1)

  • EXTJS-16591 - Modern toolkit should provide sparklines

Core (2)

  • EXTJS-19839 - Configs should be nulled when an object is destroyed

  • EXTJS-21976 - Move plugin creation and management to core package

D3 (2)

  • EXTJS-21391 - Pack, TreeMap, Partition/Sunburst, Tree/HorizontalTree, HeatMap components should support tooltips

  • EXTJS-21890 - Provide a component that integrates pivot matrix and D3 HeatMap

Direct (2)

  • EXTJS-21848 - Should be able to set additional headers for Direct remoting requests

  • EXTJS-21850 - Direct proxy and Form actions should support prefix for method names

Draw (1)

  • EXTJS-21579 - Instancing sprite should support the 'instances' config

Forms (4)

  • EXTJS-20517 - Ext.form.field.File should support accept attribute

  • EXTJS-20813 - Date field should be able to configure strict date parsing

  • EXTJS-21205 - HtmlEditor should have a buttonDefaults config to configure editor toolbar buttons

  • EXTJS-21479 - Spinner fields should fire a spinend event when value stops changing

Grid (2)

  • EXTJS-20407 - Add ability to configure locked grid/tree splitter

  • EXTJS-8111 - Add ability to use flex for grid group child columns

Locale (1)

  • EXTJS-21729 - Update Italian translation

Misc (3)

  • EXTJS-18146 - Create circular progress component

  • EXTJS-21520 - split kitchen sink into classic & modern version

  • EXTJS-22409 - Tooltip and Files examples only for desktop?

PivotGrid (2)

  • EXTJS-22066 - DrillDown plugin should fire events when the view is shown/hidden

  • EXTJS-22077 - RangeEditor plugin should fire events when the view is shown/hidden

Total: 23

Bugs Fixed

Accessibility (3)

  • EXTJS-18857 - Different behavior of Tab and Shift+Tab in row editor

  • EXTJS-19718 - FocusableContainer does not handle focus moving to its encapsulating element.

  • EXTJS-21457 - activeChildTabIndex of collapsible panel header is not copied to reExpander

Animation (1)

  • EXTJS-22364 - Flip animation is not working in IE

Bind (1)

  • EXTJS-21849 - Bind Stub doesn't remove its store listener when destroyed

Button (4)

  • EXTJS-15982 - setUI doesn't change the UI of a button

  • EXTJS-18925 - Overflowing buttons in toolbar don't fire click handler

  • EXTJS-22184 - Segmented button has wrong value during change event

  • EXTJS-22273 - Button text is not visible, if text overflows button.

Calendar (16)

  • EXTJS-21197 - When move events, they disappear on WP 8.1 tablet

  • EXTJS-21577 - Month view dates outside current month range aren't calculated correctly in some scenarios

  • EXTJS-21646 - Button ">" doesn't work, can't change month/week/day to next one

  • EXTJS-21648 - Today button navigate to wrong month in month view standalone calendar app

  • EXTJS-21649 - Created event appear in previous day than it should in standalone calendar app

  • EXTJS-21679 - Calendar App: Unexpected Drag & Drop Behaviour

  • EXTJS-21712 - Layout for Edit or Create Calendar Event is broken

  • EXTJS-22042 - Some amount of modal mask should remain in the calendar app in modern view

  • EXTJS-22044 - Calendar example not showing logged in state in modern

  • EXTJS-22052 - Events in day view are missing after navigating between days

  • EXTJS-22055 - Create button in Calendar doesn't work

  • EXTJS-22073 - Imported google calendar events aren't shown correctly in Calendar

  • EXTJS-22107 - Calendar - Date is covered by buttons and it is not fully visible

  • EXTJS-22246 - KitchenSink / Calendar Panel: Not possible to fill up From/To field on Chrome and Edge.

  • EXTJS-22271 - Calendar application - not visible switch menu day, week, month

  • EXTJS-22312 - Imported google calendar events are not shown correctly in Month View

Charts (17)

  • EXTJS-19890 - Time axis configured renderer not recognized

  • EXTJS-19891 - Gauge chart labels overlap ticks

  • EXTJS-20491 - Can't scroll legend docked to the top (Classic)

  • EXTJS-20684 - Should be able to update series.label.field config dynamically

  • EXTJS-20759 - Adding minorTickSteps to chart should automatically display

  • EXTJS-20887 - D3 chart Treemap styling issue on Edge/IE

  • EXTJS-21053 - sparklineline shows wrong values in tooltips when moving between different charts

  • EXTJS-21068 - Cannot zoom-in on tablets when pan/zoom interaction not initially allowed

  • EXTJS-21199 - [BarChart] Y axis labes missing

  • EXTJS-21606 - Changes to the Ext.chart.axis.Time.dateFormat config do not trigger axis layout

  • EXTJS-21681 - PieChart 3d with Donut fails to render if any data is 0, Null Undefined or False

  • EXTJS-21740 - Chart interactions might get messed if you accidentally hover tooltip

  • EXTJS-21747 - Basic barchart example wrong units in table

  • EXTJS-21937 - Stock chart - Cannot move with tittle Bar on Edge

  • EXTJS-22040 - Legend is not properly updated when series title changes.

  • EXTJS-22080 - setHighlightItem does not work for pie chart

  • EXTJS-22091 - Polar chart tooltip problem when store has single value of 100

Core (19)

  • EXTJS-12113 - Task Runner repeat doesn't work if args are also provided

  • EXTJS-19845 - Boot and Loader are extremely slow

  • EXTJS-21433 - Scroll snapping does not work in modern pickers when using Chrome

  • EXTJS-21502 - Resizing is broken if component is draggable with translated events

  • EXTJS-21533 - inheritableStatics in child can pollute parent values

  • EXTJS-21628 - Chart title covers refresh and reload buttons after screen rotation

  • EXTJS-21706 - Modal window is not centered in nested list example

  • EXTJS-21718 - Blank screen when loading Admin Dashboard on phones

  • EXTJS-21835 - Configs with cached: true can affect subsequent configs

  • EXTJS-21876 - Resizer grabbers appear wrong,

  • EXTJS-21907 - Broken layout in Widgets in admin dashboard

  • EXTJS-21991 - Typo in Ext.promise.Promise#log()

  • EXTJS-22079 - Unable to get plugin instance from the Pluggable mixin

  • EXTJS-22186 - Widgets throw an error when firing a bubbled event

  • EXTJS-22188 - Responsive updates do not always fire and can stop until page is reloaded

  • EXTJS-22201 - Exception in Ext.plugin.PullRefresh

  • EXTJS-22368 - Viewport autoBlurInput can throw exceptions in IE

  • EXTJS-22384 - Observable onFrame config does not work.

  • EXTJS-22411 - Aligned floaters throw error if their alignTo element is destroyed.

D3 (4)

  • EXTJS-20902 - [D3] Text in Treemap is badly formated

  • EXTJS-21397 - D3 PanZoom interaction should properly support panning while zooming

  • EXTJS-22151 - Double tap provide zoom in iPads and Edge tablet

  • EXTJS-22412 - D3 Heatmap demo tooltip is blank

Dashboard (5)

  • EXTJS-21209 - [Admin Dashboard] Can't scroll menu in modern toolkit (except phones)

  • EXTJS-21715 - [Admin Dashboard] in TODO List Checkboxes missing in Chrome and can't multichoose in FF

  • EXTJS-22134 - Content data of executive dashboard are missing

  • EXTJS-22256 - Admin DashBoard Charts not scrollable

  • EXTJS-22279 - [Admin Dash] Member type buttons are broken [Modern]

Data (6)

  • EXTJS-21359 - Store#onCollectionAdd is not called when a synchronous proxy is used with autoLoad

  • EXTJS-21638 - TreeStore changes on a child node cannot be rejected when its parent node is collapsed

  • EXTJS-21965 - TreeStore#findNode contains typo in optimized path

  • EXTJS-22187 - Keyless associations throw errors updating some fields

  • EXTJS-22189 - Store filter cannot be initially disabled

  • EXTJS-22430 - Linear data is treeified with wrong node depth values

DataView (4)

  • EXTJS-21405 - Bound title empty when returning from nested item in NestedList

  • EXTJS-21588 - IndexBar in List is not visible

  • EXTJS-21860 - Store remove doesn't correctly remove dataview item

  • EXTJS-22378 - Selected dataview item is not highlighted - AdminDashboard

Direct (10)

  • EXTJS-16255 - Stack overflow exception in Direct proxy with invalid Method configuration

  • EXTJS-18692 - Form submit using Ext Direct does not include params in modern toolkit

  • EXTJS-18756 - Form submit with Ext Direct submits the form.element not the generated <form> on Modern

  • EXTJS-18901 - Form load over Ext Direct does not work with modern

  • EXTJS-19216 - Direct form submit ignores timeout

  • EXTJS-20463 - RemotingProvider should not throw exception while handling Response with no TID

  • EXTJS-21132 - Direct proxy unable to cancel requests correctly

  • EXTJS-21207 - Direct Providers do not abort pending transactions upon destruction

  • EXTJS-21505 - Direct proxy sends object instead of array on destroy

  • EXTJS-5762 - Ext Direct doesn't fire an exception event if responseText is empty.

Documentation (13)

  • EXTJS-18379 - Source Code for ExtJS 5.1.1 - Ext.tree.Panel is not actually of version 5.1.1

  • EXTJS-18673 - Improve hasMany documentation

  • EXTJS-20380 - Broken tag in TreeViewDragDrop plugin

  • EXTJS-21517 - Ext.dom.Element center method should be documented as chainable

  • EXTJS-21527 - Ext.dom.Element.getPositioning accidentally has an <h1> in the description

  • EXTJS-21565 - Some links from 6.2.0 goes to documentation of other version

  • EXTJS-21597 - glyph config incorrectly states that xf005 is the home icon

  • EXTJS-21605 - Fix Ext.chart.axis.segmenter.Time.step config documentation

  • EXTJS-21652 - Some private functions are missing doc comments and are not shown

  • EXTJS-21656 - Ext.field.Input declares isFocused as a property but should be a config in Modern

  • EXTJS-22140 - Ext.field.Toggle change event is documented twice in Modern toolkit

  • EXTJS-22227 - Document scrollDocked as a public config option

  • EXTJS-22228 - Evented since version incorrectly states 5.5.0 instead of 6.0.0

Drag (2)

  • EXTJS-22330 - Cannot finish Drag&Drop, drop doesn't work, Firefox

  • EXTJS-22362 - Can't move Element as proxy with revert: true more than one time in IE

Draw (1)

  • EXTJS-21580 - Surface.add(sprite) should remove the sprite from the old surface (if any)

Events (2)

  • EXTJS-15735 - Ext.event.publisher.Dom#dispatch appends the event target to the args list every time it is called.

  • EXTJS-18439 - Cannot use "element" option with declarative listeners in instance configs with widgets

Examples (31)

  • EXTJS-20414 - Filter in Grid with Buffered Store doesn't work

  • EXTJS-20941 - Add model validation to KS Model Validation example

  • EXTJS-21198 - Reload and download buttons in Column Charts are not visible (Material Theme)

  • EXTJS-21355 - Icons in Kitchen Sink header do not scale when pinch/zoom used.

  • EXTJS-21370 - Message Box - Waiting Dialog show percentage counter

  • EXTJS-21489 - Rendered charts - Refresh button doesn't work

  • EXTJS-21617 - In MICRO state items in submenu are not selectable

  • EXTJS-21697 - [Resizable Examples] "Customizable Handles" example displays image at wrong position on page

  • EXTJS-21733 - Example landing page - Example links are off

  • EXTJS-21852 - Grid view is not refreshed after adding new child in session

  • EXTJS-21930 - Purchases by day - d3 heatmap example is not properly aligned

  • EXTJS-21938 - Simulated placeholder text not aligned in admin dashboard

  • EXTJS-21969 - Vector Icons - Cannot read property 'getXY'

  • EXTJS-21992 - modern Admin dashboard - Pages - mising background

  • EXTJS-22100 - Routing doesn't work in phone profile of Modern KS

  • EXTJS-22103 - Text of column disappears after clicking on it on Android

  • EXTJS-22106 - Some icons are clipped in Modern Kitchensink on IE11

  • EXTJS-22109 - Configurable Pivot Tree map - incorrect naming of config field groups

  • EXTJS-22112 - Error after clicking on DataView example

  • EXTJS-22121 - Console error during navigate in Kitchen sink

  • EXTJS-22131 - Checkboxs are not visible on Android tablets [Material Theme]

  • EXTJS-22168 - Tree Grid example does not render within a sized (w,h = 50% vs. fit) container

  • EXTJS-22199 - Gauge not working in IE8, getting "Object doesn't support this property or method"

  • EXTJS-22217 - Typo in example binding - KS>Locking grid with row expander

  • EXTJS-22274 - Navigation text is not displayed, if the text overflows the area.

  • EXTJS-22303 - Button text in buttons example in KS modern is unreadable

  • EXTJS-22313 - [DataView] inline DataView is not visible over whole page

  • EXTJS-22339 - Portal Demo - Minimize creates mask over all panels on iOS tablets

  • EXTJS-22381 - Button doesn't stretch to full width - AdminDashboard

  • EXTJS-22390 - Admin Dashboard / Chart is not visible on Chrome

  • EXTJS-22395 - Unable to load the Form Panel example on iOS

Exporter (2)

  • EXTJS-21667 - Export to excel xml should auto-detect cell type correctly depending on the value

  • EXTJS-22237 - Export to ... broken in Pivot Grids/Exporter Plugin example, modern KS

Forms (25)

  • EXTJS-14693 - Scrolling a boundlist while resizing blanks out the list

  • EXTJS-14938 - Combobox AutoSelect doesn't work if the value is typed

  • EXTJS-15228 - Changing emptyText sets value of field to emptyText in browsers that do not support placeholder

  • EXTJS-18639 - Ext.field.Text moves cursor to the end of the field when not appending

  • EXTJS-18730 - Change event fires twice on file field

  • EXTJS-19219 - Tagfield should adhere to grow set to false

  • EXTJS-19657 - form.reset() doesn't reset model in Modern

  • EXTJS-20768 - Setting the raw value on a date field does not correctly parse the value as a date

  • EXTJS-20978 - Datefield is not validated on change

  • EXTJS-21035 - Custom invalidCls not set on Ext.form.field.Text elements

  • EXTJS-21041 - Keyboard navigation in Radio/Checkbox multi column group does not respect its layout

  • EXTJS-21103 - File field shows blinking caret in IE when button is focused

  • EXTJS-21364 - Grid editor configured as tagfield cannot use array to select multiple values

  • EXTJS-21472 - File field does not propagate tabIndex attribute to trigger

  • EXTJS-21487 - It is almost impossible to choose item in submenu - iPads

  • EXTJS-21528 - ComboBox with "forceSelection:true" and custom "displayTpl" clears selection on blur

  • EXTJS-21620 - Checkbutton couldn't be unchecked in Edge

  • EXTJS-21622 - Label as PlaceHolder disappear after putting text into textareafield

  • EXTJS-21682 - Clear icon does not clear value in NumberField

  • EXTJS-21920 - Grid with cell editing leaves blank cell after editing when the editor has selectOnFocus:true

  • EXTJS-22056 - Modern checkboxfield body aligment

  • EXTJS-22141 - Change event is not fired in Ext.field.Toggle

  • EXTJS-22266 - Form (Spinner) fields do not render proper in Modern (KS)

  • EXTJS-22295 - Form submit with null value throws exception in latest nightly

  • EXTJS-22357 - Spinner field does not look right next to text fields

Grid (61)

  • EXTJS-16685 - Grouped grid does not respect store.insert(index)

  • EXTJS-17874 - RowExpander overrides injectCheckbox position when using checkbox selection model

  • EXTJS-19838 - Cellediting grid doesn't fire blur or focusleave with tab key

  • EXTJS-20212 - Superfluous rows when load bound store with summary feature

  • EXTJS-20222 - Tabbing + Cellediting in grouped grid fails at row end

  • EXTJS-20420 - Row expansion "sticks" when row is recycled upon scroll.

  • EXTJS-20456 - Big data: resizing columns doesn't work correctly

  • EXTJS-20535 - Reordering columns after store filter removes groups throws error

  • EXTJS-20538 - Row expander: Click to expand does not bring rowBody into full view

  • EXTJS-20599 - Can't choose items in Multi-Selector Grid's submenu

  • EXTJS-20605 - Grid column cannot bind properties

  • EXTJS-20627 - [modern - Big Data] dates are not editable

  • EXTJS-20628 - [modern - Big Data] rows are not editable in IE11

  • EXTJS-20633 - Store.removeAll on autoSync, MemoryProxy store does not remove the unfiltered records.

  • EXTJS-20731 - BufferedRenderer error when removing a row and using rowediting plugin

  • EXTJS-20761 - Same row remains expanded on sorting - Modern toolkit

  • EXTJS-21033 - Grids - Submenu menu disappear, if user want hide column in IE11

  • EXTJS-21044 - Cannot open grid header menu on Windows tablets

  • EXTJS-21083 - Layout run failed with syncRowHeight false

  • EXTJS-21089 - Scrolling of locking grid is not fluent when touch scrolling

  • EXTJS-21124 - Locking grid rows get out of sync on momentum scrolling on Android

  • EXTJS-21140 - Grid row is scrolled out of view when expanded - touch devices

  • EXTJS-21147 - Buffered store load causes scrolled grid to jump back to start

  • EXTJS-21308 - Cell editor remains active if view is refreshed after editing

  • EXTJS-21322 - GridViewDragDrop plugin does not inherit overClass config from dropZone definition

  • EXTJS-21499 - BufferedRenderer refresh of unconnected view at wrong position.

  • EXTJS-21532 - logs warning about stateId

  • EXTJS-21578 - Jump in scrolling when an expended widget row rejoins the rendered block.

  • EXTJS-21586 - Adding new row to grid with summary feature shows duplicate summary rows

  • EXTJS-21595 - Grid summary feature showing duplicate rows on a tree when expand last tree node

  • EXTJS-21600 - Grid with no data duplicates summary row when sorted

  • EXTJS-21644 - Cannot tap/longpress grid header on Android/Windows tablet devices

  • EXTJS-21651 - Grid column doesn't remove empty text class correctly when setting text

  • EXTJS-21666 - Invisible last row of Big Data table in Modern KS

  • EXTJS-21735 - Focus should not escape from row editor when Shift+Tabbing

  • EXTJS-21742 - Checkbox selection model - can't unchecked checkbox - FF

  • EXTJS-21812 - Grid filters fires extraneous change events when using key navigation inside field

  • EXTJS-21813 - Header width is changing and grid content changes differently or disappear.

  • EXTJS-21829 - [modern] Typo in grid/cell/Number.js near line 46

  • EXTJS-21838 - Use of IE mergeAttributes keeps previously set cell attributes

  • EXTJS-21851 - Failing to restore focus when removing records from multiselector grid

  • EXTJS-21856 - Widget column does not get updated when records added from inactive page

  • EXTJS-21868 - RowEditor horizontal scroll gets out of sync when columns resized

  • EXTJS-21900 - Spreadsheet selection model does not have selection count correctly when selectionchange is fired

  • EXTJS-21903 - Dragging a grid column with Ext.useShims enabled causes JS error

  • EXTJS-21912 - Exiting Action mode after removing grid rows may cause an exception

  • EXTJS-21918 - Grid view is empty if data is not present initially in modern grid (wrong row height)

  • EXTJS-21988 - Multi-selector grid submenu disappears after click into textfield, on tablets

  • EXTJS-21999 - colorfield in grid editor has wrong CSS applied

  • EXTJS-22027 - Grid row editing on firefox does not place cursor in correct position

  • EXTJS-22037 - Missing font icons in Column customization sheet - modern grid

  • EXTJS-22038 - Cannot sort column, android tablet

  • EXTJS-22039 - Clicking on column resizer hides column

  • EXTJS-22082 - PagingToolbar plugin fails when used with a remote store

  • EXTJS-22210 - RTL Locking grid - broken scrolling/column position

  • EXTJS-22226 - Auto-config of hideHeaders doesn't respect "text" binding

  • EXTJS-22302 - Grid has rendering issues (KS Modern)

  • EXTJS-22309 - Row header is not styled over the entire width of grid

  • EXTJS-22349 - Can't edit values in range editor plugin in IE

  • EXTJS-22383 - Incorrect page number after scrolling in Modern paging grid

  • EXTJS-22416 - List throws exceptions when configured with grouping and no store

Layouts (2)

  • EXTJS-20052 - Box layout improperly handles object form of split config

  • EXTJS-21911 - Carousel - Horizontal carousel is missing

Menu (3)

  • EXTJS-19340 - When href is defined, menu item click event is not fired

  • EXTJS-21105 - Accordion layout with non-floating menu throws error on expand/collapse

  • EXTJS-21708 - Overflowing menu is closed when scrolled

Misc (43)

  • EXTJS-12310 - Wrong thousands separator for Swedish locale

  • EXTJS-18951 - Difficult to navigate nested (need a delay before switching between menus)

  • EXTJS-20349 - Filefield produces infinite looping when selectOnFocus is enabled

  • EXTJS-20582 - Calling Ext.Msg. in the callback of Ext.Msg. causes TypeError

  • EXTJS-20596 - On Ext JS 6.1's main page is written Ext JS 6.0 (also in panel)

  • EXTJS-20703 - Ext.dataview.List causes the browser to hang when infinite with empty store

  • EXTJS-20738 - when filtering in Kitchen Sink, navigation Breadcrumb disappear

  • EXTJS-20916 - Ext.toast message goes from bottom to top and out of the page

  • EXTJS-21013 - Grouped list - Indexbar is not visible

  • EXTJS-21067 - Spreadsheet selection model, difficult to check cells via the UI

  • EXTJS-21091 - [TouchEvents]Swipe event is triggered with tap

  • EXTJS-21216 - When swipe carousel in Safari whole page is moving

  • EXTJS-21570 - Modern grid scroller does not have the correct vertical scroll size, resulting in jittery scrollbar

  • EXTJS-21741 - Broken layout in modern Menus example

  • EXTJS-21743 - Nested Loading example has broken layout when clicking on Explaing button

  • EXTJS-21744 - GeoCongress "Finding location" label is not centered

  • EXTJS-21821 - Dragging pivot configurator fields selects text

  • EXTJS-21823 - Error in Form with Grid example when changing value in radio buttons

  • EXTJS-21825 - IndexBar is not displayed

  • EXTJS-21927 - Collapsing grouped grid doesnt work on IE9-8

  • EXTJS-21931 - Cannot scroll in select field, phones

  • EXTJS-21953 - View controller event domain can't listen to widget events

  • EXTJS-21981 - Paging example is not loading data

  • EXTJS-21995 - Bad alignment of labels in adress book

  • EXTJS-21997 - Issue in navigation beetwen dataviews

  • EXTJS-22024 - does not open phone dial pad on Android

  • EXTJS-22048 - Pivot D3 container should have an xtype

  • EXTJS-22051 - Window with constraints can't be moved in whole constrained area

  • EXTJS-22096 - Black border around tabs

  • EXTJS-22124 - Layout of Calendar box is broken on modern

  • EXTJS-22125 - Source is not displayed on tablets

  • EXTJS-22175 - Radio buttons are missing in Form Panel example

  • EXTJS-22176 - Basic Buttons example is missing labels on buttons

  • EXTJS-22178 - Checkboxes in Admin Dashbord are chopped

  • EXTJS-22192 - Date picker is broken on iOS8

  • EXTJS-22194 - Pivot treeMap configurator: can't perform any action when tree label is added

  • EXTJS-22215 - [Nested list] Ok button is not visible properly when user edits an item

  • EXTJS-22219 - Examples are not rendered properly [Modern]

  • EXTJS-22293 - Exception in Editing plugin with Checkbox selection model

  • EXTJS-22348 - Updating the image sprite causes the window to refresh

  • EXTJS-22380 - Toolbar size is incorrect in Modern AdminDashboard phone view

  • EXTJS-22406 - Cannot scroll in Vector icons example, phones, tablets

  • EXTJS-22413 - Chart is not rendering axes - when switched from different tab

Panel (3)

  • EXTJS-21507 - Incorrect Panel state when removed from owner while collapsing with animation

  • EXTJS-21625 - View isn't resized correctly after screen rotation when source window is open iOS 7

  • EXTJS-22185 - Collapsed panels do not restore correctly using placeholder collapseMode

PivotGrid (9)

  • EXTJS-21214 - Drill down window doesn't show any data

  • EXTJS-21647 - Formatter is not shown correctly in field settings window

  • EXTJS-21663 - Expanding or collapsing group columns in a pivot grid results in extra refresh cycles

  • EXTJS-21986 - Row styling invisible numeral of total numbers.

  • EXTJS-22070 - The event beforemoveconfigfield should be fired when a configurator field is removed

  • EXTJS-22075 - DrillDown plugin doesn't work with remote store in modern toolkit

  • EXTJS-22130 - Drag & drop doesn't work properly in Edge (Configurator plugin and Two Trees examples)

  • EXTJS-22224 - Wrong row heigh in the pivotGrids/Configuration plugin on IE11/Edge

  • EXTJS-22244 - Paging toolbar does not work in modern drill down pivot

Scroller (1)

  • EXTJS-21878 - Scroll state not restored correctly in RTL after layout

Sparklne (1)

  • EXTJS-22207 - JS error upon hover of zero values in bar sparkline

Tabs (4)

  • EXTJS-18438 - Issue removing tab panel using removeAll()
  • EXTJS-20526 - TabBar overflow menu is missing icon

  • EXTJS-21717 - Cannot TAB to tab panel tab bar

  • EXTJS-21872 - Tab focus border in triton theme does not display on IE and Edge

Theme (13)

  • EXTJS-17080 - Neptune theme missing required images

  • EXTJS-20854 - Tooltip background is transparent - Modern theme

  • EXTJS-21618 - When button is marked as round and something else together - it is not round

  • EXTJS-21634 - UI of index page is broken on IE8

  • EXTJS-21691 - Ext.Progress renders differently in grid cells depending upon what alias was used to instantiate it (progress, progressbarwidget)

  • EXTJS-21707 - Vertical carousel doesn't show indicators in some themes

  • EXTJS-22171 - theme-cupertino-all-debug.css is not builded on ext-

  • EXTJS-22264 - hovered and pressed datetrigger variables have no effect in modern triton

  • EXTJS-22341 - iOS theme has wrong font in IE

  • EXTJS-22345 - Configurator plugin - in configuration text is not visible in IE

  • EXTJS-22347 - Wrong align cell styling pivot grid header in iOS theme - IE

  • EXTJS-22355 - Label should be grey and placeholder bold in IE

  • EXTJS-22363 - Text has almost same color as background in iOS theme

ToolTips (6)

  • EXTJS-21538 - Tooltips needs to be "alwaysOnTop"

  • EXTJS-21599 - showBy doesn't respect offsets

  • EXTJS-21968 - Tooltip manager throws error on drag start

  • EXTJS-22350 - ToolTips demo in Modern KS has issues

  • EXTJS-22405 - Delegated tooltips do not show on a target after showing on that target has been canceled

  • EXTJS-22424 - Targetless tooltip throws error if show() called with no align info.

Toolbars (6)

  • EXTJS-21056 - Store configured with pageSize: 0 causes the PagingToolbar to display an infinite number of pages

  • EXTJS-21506 - Toolbar doesn't add spacer as a dependency

  • EXTJS-21512 - Drag stops when you drag toolbar button from right to left in IE10

  • EXTJS-21993 - Missing menu in modern toolkit - IOS theme

  • EXTJS-22067 - Material Toolbar padding

  • EXTJS-22243 - Toolbars/Toolbar Input: Text overflows the other element.

Tree (4)

  • EXTJS-16474 - treeviewdragdrop#copy will not copy node's children

  • EXTJS-21213 - [iOS theme] When Expand/collapse Tree items or Grid rows (which should be shown) are sometimes missing

  • EXTJS-21273 - Locked TreeGrid throws errors on collapse

  • EXTJS-21908 - Can't navigate from Two Trees example by breadcrumb - error in console

Window (5)

  • EXTJS-12219 - Container-owned stateful window not restored to the correct page position between page loads

  • EXTJS-21604 - Modern: Ext.Msg.confirm box onAppUpdate() wrong position

  • EXTJS-21709 - Prompt overlay window is not editable in IE

  • EXTJS-21910 - Window can't be moved to the bottom of the page

  • EXTJS-22426 - Animated Window.hide "forgets" window position on reshow.

Total: 327

Known Issues

Accessibility (13)

  • EXTJS-10451 - Tree component does not support ARIA expanded state

  • EXTJS-10467 - Menu overflow scrollers are not navigable using the keyboard

  • EXTJS-10475 - ToolTip is not accessible

  • EXTJS-10477 - HtmlEditor is not accessible

  • EXTJS-10480 - Color Picker is not accessible

  • EXTJS-10492 - DragDrop is not accessible

  • EXTJS-10494 - Grid grouping feature is not accessible

  • EXTJS-10495 - Locking grid is announced as two separate widgets by screen readers

  • EXTJS-10497 - Grid row expander is not accessible

  • EXTJS-10498 - Grid RowBody feature is not accessible

  • EXTJS-10499 - Grid CheckboxSelectionModel is not accessible

  • EXTJS-10503 - Grid headers cannot be resized using the keyboard

  • EXTJS-10504 - Grid Headers cannot be reordered using the keyboard

Calendar (1)

  • EXTJS-22410 - Week view calendar does not display correctly on Windows Phone 10

Core (1)

  • EXTJS-21139 - View incorrectly resized when changing screen orientation while the virtual keyboard is shown

DataView (1)

  • EXTJS-12345 - ComboBox's bound list becomes transparent on second show on iPad

Layouts (1)

  • EXTJS-4768 - Regions overlap when their width is too high to fit within a container in a border layout

Tabs (1)

  • EXTJS-13538 - Ext.ux.TabScrollerMenu has not been updated to work in Ext JS 5 and 6

Theme (1)

  • EXTJS-17790 - Triton should support tree lines

Total: 19

Release Notes for Ext JS 6.2.0 EA

Release Date: June 14, 2016

Version Number:

New Features

Accessibility (9)

  • EXTJS-10490 - Progress Bar should be accessible
  • EXTJS-14272 - Menu should support horizontal layout
  • EXTJS-17298 - Tree should provide basic screen reader support
  • EXTJS-17333 - Tag field should be accessible
  • EXTJS-19343 - ActionColumn items should have configurable tabIndex and role attributes
  • EXTJS-19944 - Components should have a keyMap config that supports declarative handlers
  • EXTJS-19977 - Accordion panels should support Ctrl+Up to navigate to panel header
  • EXTJS-20054 - MessageBox should be accessible
  • EXTJS-21182 - Property grid should support tabbing out in Actionable mode

Bind (3)

  • EXTJS-12719 - Cell widgets in a WidgetColumn now have access to a ViewModel which contains the row's contextual record in a property called "record". Binding is now the recommended way for updating cell widgets.
  • EXTJS-19738 - Bind templates should support chained and nested formatters
  • EXTJS-21434 - Binding expressions should support operators and basic algebra

Charts (2)

  • EXTJS-19342 - Charts should provide a sprite-based legend type
  • EXTJS-16706 - Chart line series should treat missing data points as zero or connected instead of as a gap

Core (5)

  • EXTJS-15817 - Viewport pinch-to-zoom, pan and dblclick-zoom should be supported on touch devices
  • EXTJS-16508 - Modern toolkit should support Drag/Drop
  • EXTJS-20077 - KeyMap config should be disableable
  • EXTJS-20505 - Ext.batchLayouts should wrap user code in try/finally to ensure layouts resume
  • EXTJS-20995 - Components should support a touchAction config to specify cross-browser default behaviors

D3 (2)

  • EXTJS-20137 - Create a D3 integration package
  • EXTJS-20639 - Implement interaction support for D3

Direct (1)

  • EXTJS-20013 - Polling provider should support request headers

Events (3)

  • EXTJS-12964 - Gesture system should support nested gesture processing
  • EXTJS-20997 - Gesture events should fire synchronously with their triggering native event
  • EXTJS-21073 - Allow users to initiate drag gesture via longpress on touch-screen devices

Examples (2)

  • EXTJS-19903 - Add example of double donut chart to Kitchen Sink
  • EXTJS-20508 - Add PHP example of server-side data calculation for Pivot Grid

Exporter (6)

  • EXTJS-19559 - Modern grid should have an exporter plugin
  • EXTJS-19832 - Columns should have an "exportStyle" config for styling exported data
  • EXTJS-20343 - Exporter should support XLSX format
  • EXTJS-20344 - Exporter should support HTML format
  • EXTJS-20345 - Exporter should support CSV/TSV format
  • EXTJS-20695 - Exporter plugins should fire events during export

Grid (12)

  • EXTJS-16541 - Modern toolkit grid should support RowBody
  • EXTJS-16542 - Modern toolkit grid should support RowExpander
  • EXTJS-16551 - Modern toolkit grid should support check column
  • EXTJS-16552 - Modern toolkit grid should support column resize grip
  • EXTJS-16553 - Modern toolkit grid should support RowNumberer
  • EXTJS-17375 - Check columns should be generalized from selectionmodel and allow for a checkbox in the header
  • EXTJS-19610 - Grid row expander should support components and data binding in the row body
  • EXTJS-20147 - GridPanel should fire beforeitemlongpres and itemlongpress
  • EXTJS-20580 - Grid should support grid column formatters in Modern toolkit
  • EXTJS-20742 - Grid cell should display the value when no tpl/renderer/formatter available in the modern grid
  • EXTJS-20874 - Grid columns now offer an enableTextSelection config to allow more granular configuration of where to allow text selection inside grids.
  • EXTJS-20949 - Provide ability to disable extensibility on Spreadsheet selection model

PivotGrid (11)

  • EXTJS-17850 - Provide ability to define a set of aggregation functions available for each field in the Configurator
  • EXTJS-17851 - Provide ability to style Configurator's fields
  • EXTJS-17852 - Provide ability to limit field usage in the Configurator
  • EXTJS-17853 - Pivot grid should provide a cell editing plugin in the classic toolkit
  • EXTJS-18142 - Provide a way to use control Configurator's grid cell formatting
  • EXTJS-18961 - Provide the ability to rename the Configurator's aggregate dimension headers
  • EXTJS-19002 - Configurator field menu should be extendable via events
  • EXTJS-19003 - Configurator field settings window should be extendable via events
  • EXTJS-19505 - Drill down plugin for modern pivot grid
  • EXTJS-19565 - Modern toolkit should provide a Pivot Grid
  • EXTJS-21344 - Pivot Grid should fire "pivotbeforereconfigure" and "pivotreconfigure" events

Scroller (1)

  • EXTJS-20996 - Scrollers should use native scrolling on touch screen devices

Selection Model (1)

  • EXTJS-21011 - Improve checkbox selection model performance when bulk (de)selecting records

ToolTips (1)

  • EXTJS-16507 - Modern toolkit should support tooltips

Tree (3)

  • EXTJS-16556 - Modern toolkit grid should support TreeColumn
  • EXTJS-19399 - A Tree node renderer may set the node's iconCls or glyph config in the metaData object. Panel tools now accept an iconCls config or glyph config. ActionColumn now accepts a glyph config. MenuItems now accept a glyph config.
  • EXTJS-20400 - TreeModel.set method should handle direct change to the "visible" field

Window (2)

  • EXTJS-16515 - Modern toolkit should support floated components
  • EXTJS-19952 - Modal Windows should be able to be configured to close mask on click

Total: 64

Bugs Fixed

Accessibility (22)

  • EXTJS-10397 - Datepicker is not accessible
  • EXTJS-10479 - LoadMask is not accessible
  • EXTJS-10491 - Property Grid is not accessible
  • EXTJS-10493 - Paging Toolbar is not accessible
  • EXTJS-10496 - Grouped grid headers are not accessible
  • EXTJS-10675 - No voice information for "Disabled item" in the "Button w/Menu" drop down menu
  • EXTJS-14350 - Screen readers are not reading message boxes
  • EXTJS-18308 - File inputs in IE/Edge require two TAB presses to navigate through
  • EXTJS-18835 - Mouse click on grid expander adds outline on both cell and icon.
  • EXTJS-19476 - If FocusableContainer's last focused element is removed, it is no longer tabbable.
  • EXTJS-19679 - Tabbing from menu with hidden ancestor goes out of the document
  • EXTJS-19683 - Menu's focus using keyboard doesn't handle first item being disabled.
  • EXTJS-19755 - Combo boxes should support Alt-Up/Down arrows
  • EXTJS-19758 - NVDA announces Date picker as editable
  • EXTJS-19855 - Key navigation isn't working in Firefox on Linux
  • EXTJS-19954 - Tabbing between fields inside a modal Window's child focuses the parent component
  • EXTJS-20103 - Panel should not enable focusable container behavior for "buttons" toolbar
  • EXTJS-20190 - Menus should always focus the first item
  • EXTJS-20201 - Window close tool should not be focusable
  • EXTJS-20897 - Dropdown selection not working when selecting font in notepad component in examples
  • EXTJS-21178 - Adding a tabIndex throws off tabbing around a window
  • EXTJS-21204 - Buttongroup with enableFocusableContainer: false throws error when clicking disabled buttons

Animation (1)

  • EXTJS-21131 - Animated card panel not shown after animation

App (1)

  • EXTJS-13843 - menucheckitem breaks #route on Nexus7

Bind (6)

  • EXTJS-17414 - Two-way bind on toggle button not writing pressed state to viewmodel
  • EXTJS-19451 - Combobox text input gets cleared in some cases when using forceSelection
  • EXTJS-20533 - Unable to remove binding by setting property to null when configured for twoWay: true
  • EXTJS-20622 - Destroy method does not remove bindings
  • EXTJS-20646 - Setting a field in an associated record via a binding doesn't work correctly
  • EXTJS-21266 - Two-way binding with negation should be marked as read only

Button (4)

  • EXTJS-19795 - KeyboardInteractive mixin is duplicated in Button
  • EXTJS-19880 - Button click() event should be optional
  • EXTJS-20094 - SplitButton arrowEl focusable by default when arrowVisible configured false
  • EXTJS-20641 - Button text property overrides overflowText property

Charts (14)

  • EXTJS-14177 - Label's display config does not work when set to 'none' on 3D Pie Charts
  • EXTJS-14615 - Zoom and Pan buttons are missing in the Kitchen Sink charts on IE10
  • EXTJS-16631 - New records of store have incorrect index in pie chart renderer and label renderer
  • EXTJS-16954 - majorTickSteps are not rendered properly on numeric axis
  • EXTJS-18204 - Legend is not included when downloading image using Sencha Charts
  • EXTJS-18820 - A 3D pie chart with a single slice is not rendered correctly
  • EXTJS-19858 - Chart component(s) prevent interaction with overlapping items on mobile devices
  • EXTJS-20018 - Destroying animated charts can throw uncaught errors
  • EXTJS-20158 - Buttons are disabled and cannot be pressed on Plot Charts
  • EXTJS-20175 - Area series renderer never called for markers
  • EXTJS-20279 - Chart with bar and line series with single data point causes bar to be outlined with the line color
  • EXTJS-20573 - legend/sprite.js failing to load on Kitchen Sink example in Modern toolkit
  • EXTJS-20862 - 2010 Census Example is not properly loading
  • EXTJS-20872 - Sprite legends can cut off part of a polar charts if docked 'left' or 'top'

Cmd (2)

  • EXTJS-20681 - Direct examples don't work on IE10
  • EXTJS-20913 - Loader's deadlock detection can cause large applications to crash

Core (15)

  • EXTJS-15584 - DOM element in Element cache is not the same
  • EXTJS-16624 - Ext.ux.IFrame cleanupListeners method throws an error due to element cache collision
  • EXTJS-17477 - Scroll snapping does not work in modern pickers
  • EXTJS-19341 - Delegated events don't fire correctly on containers with an itemId
  • EXTJS-20039 - Ext.Loader deadlock detecion is not reliable
  • EXTJS-20056 - Toast not visible in Modern Triton Theme
  • EXTJS-20127 - Animations continue running past completion on Touch devices in the modern toolkit
  • EXTJS-20149 - Floating components are hidden behind modal mask when reordering z-index stack
  • EXTJS-20245 - Prepare for deprecation of SVGElement.offsetParent in V48
  • EXTJS-20277 - Component findParentByType method does not return container when passing class
  • EXTJS-20525 - Resizing elements next to an iframe will lose track of mouse move
  • EXTJS-20900 - Hyperlink buttons kill the browser on Safari 8 iPad when text is selected in Desktop example's notepad window
  • EXTJS-21097 - Sheet component is not properly positioned in the modern toolkit
  • EXTJS-21120 - Ext.promise.Promise does not resolve/reject correctly when a promise is returned from a then() function
  • EXTJS-7419 - callParent does not work with inheritableStatics

Dashboard (1)

  • EXTJS-19634 - Dashboard component incorrectly positioned by drag and drop

Data (15)

  • EXTJS-17902 - Root firstChild/lastChild properties contain wrong nodes
  • EXTJS-18711 - An options store created from an options list config shouldn't update when the store changes
  • EXTJS-18750 - Incorrect getter is created for inverse side of hasMany association with a specified name
  • EXTJS-19911 - Webstorage and LocalStorage are not serializing data
  • EXTJS-19942 - Grouped ChainedStore does not update record id correctly on server sync
  • EXTJS-19959 - Session does not auto-include records in store for ManyToOne when the owner record is a phantom
  • EXTJS-20023 - Descendant nodes are still retrievable by id after calling removeAll() on a tree node
  • EXTJS-20031 - Shared id generators are not shared by models within same session
  • EXTJS-20045 - SelectAll functionality in grid selection models does not support use with BufferedStore.
  • EXTJS-20262 - BufferedStore not requesting enough pages on reload
  • EXTJS-20271 - filterFn is removed for filters that specify value or operator via binding
  • EXTJS-20309 - does not call base destroy()
  • EXTJS-20880 - incorrectly reads response object when responseText is empty
  • EXTJS-20971 - Chained store does not react when removing items from original store
  • EXTJS-21431 - Model#setId fails with associated store when there is no foreign key on the association

Direct (3)

  • EXTJS-16245 - RemotingProvider does not fire exception event
  • EXTJS-19681 - Aborting store load does not work when using a Direct proxy
  • EXTJS-20288 - Direct Proxy paramsAsHash option should only be applied to Read operations

Documentation (10)

  • EXTJS-19299 - getController has incorrect documentation for preventCreate parameter
  • EXTJS-19737 - Document the onResize params in container classes
  • EXTJS-20014 - Ext.Container references non-existent "Layouts Guide" in Modern Toolkit
  • EXTJS-20272 - Direct proxy API expectations are not fully documented
  • EXTJS-20382 - PagingToolbar documentation should mention incompatibility with ChainedStore
  • EXTJS-20519 - Typo in the onDataRefresh function of AbstractView
  • EXTJS-20570 - Ext.Array's findBy has incorrect index in documentation
  • EXTJS-20736 - Ext.util.HashMap.removeByKey() no longer has return type
  • EXTJS-20783 - Dead links in tagfield documentation
  • EXTJS-21382 - Menu focusOnToFront default not shown correctly in documentation

Drag (1)

  • EXTJS-20432 - Drop events not fired when drag source and drop target are the same

Draw (3)

  • EXTJS-19573 - Instancing sprite should reset the 'surface' config of the template
  • EXTJS-20811 - Replace 'next'/'previous' configs with 'lower'/'upper' in Ext.draw.modifier.Modifier
  • EXTJS-21023 - Clear button doesn't clear the canvas in the Free Draw example

Events (6)

  • EXTJS-19108 - ComboBox with ForceSelection and rawValue binding is not updating with a typed value
  • EXTJS-19870 - Possible undefined parentNode in Ext.event.publisher.Focus.processFocusIn
  • EXTJS-20289 - Components don't react to touch events on the Draw Example
  • EXTJS-20303 - Financial chart freezes when user tries to use the zoom feature
  • EXTJS-21274 - Clicking a toolbar can throw an exception on some components
  • EXTJS-21354 - e.getWheelDelta() always returns zero inside a 'wheel' event listener in IE11

Examples (14)

  • EXTJS-19099 - Chart doesn't load the first time in the US Energy Example on Edge
  • EXTJS-20003 - Menu disappears after selecting an item in the Grouped Grid example
  • EXTJS-20223 - Kitchen Sink and Kitchen Sink Charts Example won't load on IE8
  • EXTJS-20233 - Color Picker value is not updated when editing color via picker form fields
  • EXTJS-20357 - Drag & Drop doesn't correctly select images in the Image Viewer Example on IE and Edge
  • EXTJS-20376 - Chosen items are not always selected in DataView Example
  • EXTJS-20710 - Submenu disappears when expanding/collapsing a group in the Grouped grid example
  • EXTJS-20748 - Enterprise examples aren't displaying data in modern toolkit
  • EXTJS-20757 - Missing icons for Grid Export, Pivot Grids and Drag & Drop examples in the Kitchen Sink
  • EXTJS-20792 - Remove icon deletes a an incorrect item in the Feed Viewer example
  • EXTJS-20839 - Sorting column ASC causes chart to disappear in Pivot Grids and Chart example
  • EXTJS-20898 - Pivot and Chart integration example has wrong X axis values in grid
  • EXTJS-20958 - Ext.ux.statusbar.ValidationStatus throws error when form is invalidated
  • EXTJS-21057 - Data associations example doesn't initialize scrollable correctly

Forms (51)

  • EXTJS-14011 - Search store does not pre-select entries present in multiselector
  • EXTJS-14205 - Radio buttons not cleared when selection moved with keyboard
  • EXTJS-15307 - UpdateRecord causes checkbox values in model to be true/false instead of inputValues
  • EXTJS-15718 - Date picker selection incorrect when rendered into a table element
  • EXTJS-16250 - Ext.ux.form.ItemSelector fails to load with an array store
  • EXTJS-17471 - createNewOnEnter should not create new tag when some value in dropdown list is selected
  • EXTJS-17779 - ComboBox forceSelection is too aggressive in clearing out the field input
  • EXTJS-17908 - Combobox doesn't fire beforeselect/beforedeselect when binding to a new store
  • EXTJS-18847 - MultiSelect component loses item selection when using scroolbar in IE
  • EXTJS-18992 - Validation of ComboBox doesn't occur if query is vetoed
  • EXTJS-19248 - ComboBox filter is not applied after repeated empty result set
  • EXTJS-19250 - Ext.picker.Date not setting an initial value in the modern toolkit
  • EXTJS-19317 - Tag field should clear typed value when it matches selection
  • EXTJS-19433 - File upload via form.submit() not processing response correctly
  • EXTJS-19469 - Selectfield does not automatically scroll to selected value on display
  • EXTJS-19590 - Cannot tap/click to select value in modern picker
  • EXTJS-19614 - ComboBox picker is visible (and incorrectly aligned) after move/resize of owning Ext.Window
  • EXTJS-19646 - emptyCls is not removed from combobox when value is set via binding and store is not loaded
  • EXTJS-19775 - Email and telephone hyperlinks remove iframe elements from HtmlEditor
  • EXTJS-19865 - Pressing "enter" on a textarea saves form instead of newline with defaultButton
  • EXTJS-19932 - getSameGroupFields() in Ext.field.Checkbox does not properly define a root for Ext.query
  • EXTJS-19946 - Tagfield selection event not fired when deselecting last selected record.
  • EXTJS-20044 - Disabling a filefield after a reset causes exception
  • EXTJS-20049 - ComboBox does not clear partial text selection after selection using typeAhead
  • EXTJS-20067 - New line character in displayField value of combobox prevents selection
  • EXTJS-20107 - Auto height checkboxgroup doesn't account for labelAlign: 'top' in height calculation
  • EXTJS-20121 - ColorField preview element has unprefixed class ("filter")
  • EXTJS-20185 - Ext.form.Panel.reset method is missing an argument
  • EXTJS-20199 - Destroying tagfield in a non-destroyed panel causes "Uncaught TypeError: Array.prototype.indexOf"
  • EXTJS-20232 - ComboBox does not fire onspecialkey event for ENTER key when expanded
  • EXTJS-20248 - stripCharsRe for ComboBox doesn't correctly replace if the same value is re-entered
  • EXTJS-20250 - ComboBox setValue returns undefined when value is cleared
  • EXTJS-20263 - Key press in Date Picker throws an exception
  • EXTJS-20298 - ComboBoxes in a widgetcolumn do not collapse when clicking their triggers
  • EXTJS-20335 - Can't choose month or year in date picker on Windows tablets
  • EXTJS-20341 - Menu disappears after touch in multi selector grid
  • EXTJS-20372 - After choosing a year in the date picker, the picker won't hide on Windows tablets
  • EXTJS-20394 - Radio buttons are not focused when clicking on the Radio Group label
  • EXTJS-20402 - setValue throws an error when binding a combo box with multiSelect while focused
  • EXTJS-20436 - Clicking on a toolbar does not dismiss an opened combobox
  • EXTJS-20447 - Field before/afterLabelTextTpl is not kept when calling setFieldLabel
  • EXTJS-20473 - Destroying a tagfield destroys its store's proxy
  • EXTJS-20480 - Ext.form.Panel.reset is missing its return statement
  • EXTJS-20492 - Error destroying a grid with a celleditor when tagfield has focus
  • EXTJS-20503 - ComboBox with typeAhead does not select value on blur
  • EXTJS-20610 - Datefield does not fire onchange when selecting date
  • EXTJS-20716 - Slider widget missing setMaxValue and setMinValue methods
  • EXTJS-20833 - Blanking out datefield does not trigger change event
  • EXTJS-20985 - Text fields select text on focus regardless of selectOnFocus config
  • EXTJS-21060 - Tagfield using plugin to apply list template not rendering template content
  • EXTJS-21148 - TextField trigger mousedown handler has incorrect focus check

Grid (71)

  • EXTJS-13581 - Ellipsis is shown in widget column
  • EXTJS-16390 - Pasting cells from Excel into a grid with a spreadsheet model and clipboard plugin results in an extra row
  • EXTJS-16925 - Cell editing events are out of order when using tab to navigate cells
  • EXTJS-17005 - Checkcolumn checkchange should pass the record as a parameter
  • EXTJS-17196 - Buffered renderer plugin incorrectly sizes view when view size changes and it is hierarchically hidden
  • EXTJS-18351 - Focusing a cell does not scroll it into view when using touch scroller
  • EXTJS-18655 - Groups are disapearing in grids after a refresh is performed
  • EXTJS-18927 - Error in grouped grid after a store reload and group is collapsed
  • EXTJS-18989 - Groups with encoded HTML special chars breaks grouping
  • EXTJS-19251 - Containers in a WidgetColumn do not layout properly when scrolling beyond buffer zones
  • EXTJS-19280 - Tab does not properly move focus onto property grid in IE
  • EXTJS-19289 - List grid filter should not react to store changes that update the menu
  • EXTJS-19314 - forceFit configuration on grid causes layout run failures when showing hidden columns
  • EXTJS-19474 - CheckboxModel header checkbox should only operate on items available to the current view
  • EXTJS-19562 - List filters produce errors when destroyed if the store is a string value before menu is first shown
  • EXTJS-19633 - Grid grouping feature does not use value from groupFn if template column is defined
  • EXTJS-19675 - Grid with buffered rendering and cell editor sometimes throws errors after scrolling
  • EXTJS-19770 - Grid focus can prevent text selection
  • EXTJS-19846 - Infinite grid with BufferedStore, buffered renderer, and locked column displays blank view when scrolling quickly
  • EXTJS-19863 - Filter menu is not created when grid is configured with sortableColumns and enableColumnHide disabled
  • EXTJS-19872 - Stateful width of locked column is not applied
  • EXTJS-19875 - Unable to collapse all groups when using groupFn
  • EXTJS-19887 - CellModel does not apply styles correctly if the selected cell position changes
  • EXTJS-19916 - Docked Summary scrolls vertically with view when grid is locked
  • EXTJS-19964 - Cannot activate cell editor when editing was previously cancelled by clicking gridview
  • EXTJS-19993 - Dropping a column on a grouped column header can cause column misalignment
  • EXTJS-19996 - Grid view displays empty rows when grouping is cleared
  • EXTJS-20009 - RowExpander causes selection to be lost with multi selection when clicking on the row body
  • EXTJS-20019 - Ext.grid.column.Column setText() updates the wrong element
  • EXTJS-20021 - Removing records on grid with grouping does not update selection
  • EXTJS-20035 - Editing in locked grid causes change in normal grid scroll position
  • EXTJS-20058 - Destroying grid in action column handler creates error
  • EXTJS-20063 - Spreadsheet selModel can throw isModel errors when removing last record
  • EXTJS-20106 - Widgetcolumn's onCellsResized causes incorrect iteration though the array
  • EXTJS-20134 - Grid filters not applied correctly when using reconfigure with nested columns
  • EXTJS-20159 - Locked grid with a viewmodel throws exception on destroy
  • EXTJS-20177 - Ext.view.Table#onResize not passing oldWidth/oldHeight
  • EXTJS-20181 - Copying cell data from Excel on Windows includes line feeds which produces unexpected paste results in the grid
  • EXTJS-20194 - Locked split grid with specified locked size cuts off last locked column
  • EXTJS-20219 - Summary count in conjunction with grouping returns list of objects instead of count
  • EXTJS-20227 - Adding new record can prevent RowEditor from performing validation
  • EXTJS-20235 - MultiSelector view does not realign on resize
  • EXTJS-20241 - Spreadsheet selection model with checkboxSelect set to true causes component to uncheck after mousemove
  • EXTJS-20244 - Grid filter information not sent in requests for bound viewmodel stores
  • EXTJS-20264 - Including a large subtable in a grid will cause it to scroll to top
  • EXTJS-20266 - Grouped grid columns cannot be created without a grid
  • EXTJS-20351 - Grid focusRow fails to focus new row after reconfiguring with a new column set
  • EXTJS-20387 - Spreadsheet model throws error when binding to the store
  • EXTJS-20395 - MessageBox has incorrect z-index after editing in a floating grid
  • EXTJS-20429 - Cannot scroll over a grid when using a tablet
  • EXTJS-20439 - Cannot use native text copy / paste in cell editors with spreadsheet model
  • EXTJS-20487 - Clicking an item on a grid that is partially out of view will not select it
  • EXTJS-20495 - Collapse/Expand a group with an empty group string causes it to disappear
  • EXTJS-20501 - Roweditor with checkboxfield editor throws an error in IE11
  • EXTJS-20548 - Cell editing on a grid swallows events intended for widgets
  • EXTJS-20583 - Grid filter creates a store load request when column menu is first expanded
  • EXTJS-20606 - RowNumberer background color does not fill entire cell if content spans multiple lines
  • EXTJS-20609 - Moving an element which contains focus can leave focus state inconsistent.
  • EXTJS-20634 - Grid tries to readd existing filters on refresh
  • EXTJS-20694 - CellEditing plugin should handle autosort of store on field mutation.
  • EXTJS-20719 - Column renderer passes null instead of meta object
  • EXTJS-20814 - CellEditing 'validateEdit' event does not contain the correct context values
  • EXTJS-20815 - CellEditing 'validateEdit' event is fired before editing occurs
  • EXTJS-20888 - Grid with checkboxmodel will not re-render checkcolumn upon reconfigure
  • EXTJS-20954 - Grid column resize causes parent panel to scroll to top
  • EXTJS-21034 - Scrolling a BufferedRenderer grid with an active CellEditor causes an error
  • EXTJS-21180 - BufferedStore and SpreadsheetModel throws an exception when rows are selected and Grid.reconfigure() is called
  • EXTJS-21328 - Grid with cell editing and a buffered renderer throws exception when activating editor after garbage collection has run
  • EXTJS-21334 - Dragging paging thumb doesn't scroll grid view properly in modern
  • EXTJS-21343 - Grid with cell editing and buffered renderer copies active editor value to other cell when scrolling
  • EXTJS-21365 - Grid cell inner html doesn't render full height when value is empty array

Layouts (9)

  • EXTJS-15309 - Collapsible panels inside a vbox layout are positioned incorrectly during expanding animation
  • EXTJS-18849 - DatePicker's controls move when the form resizes, which hides the owner container
  • EXTJS-18903 - Selected item is obscured under selection highlighting in the modern toolkit's overlay picker
  • EXTJS-19222 - Showing hidden items in an absolute layout do not display correctly
  • EXTJS-19721 - Panel with viewport plugin and box layout produces "targetCls is missing" warning
  • EXTJS-19791 - Accordion layout does not respect child animCollapse duration
  • EXTJS-20532 - Collapsed border layout regions do not show on re-add
  • EXTJS-21045 - Border region disappears when placeholder expand tool is tapped.
  • EXTJS-21189 - VBox layout does not properly lay out items when their height is set with a percentage

Locale (3)

  • EXTJS-20081 - Russian locale file uses incorrect thousandSeperator
  • EXTJS-20726 - Locale configs in Ext.locale.pt_BR.form.field.Date are incorrectly translated
  • EXTJS-20752 - "showGroupsText" config is incorrectly translated in Ext.locale.pt_BR.grid.feature.Grouping

Menu (2)

  • EXTJS-17945 - Menu selection changes URL to '#' on touch devices
  • EXTJS-20962 - Menu defaults config conflicts with shortcut component '-' separator

Misc (1)

  • EXTJS-20443 - Colorpicker components do not call onChange method from OK button after manually entering values

Panel (7)

  • EXTJS-19897 - Adding closing bracket in format breaks bind
  • EXTJS-19975 - Setting panel title with numeric value does not update the title
  • EXTJS-20043 - Panel tools do not get set correctly before render
  • EXTJS-20172 - Error collapsing a panel while layouts are suspended such as when using data binding
  • EXTJS-20672 - Panel does not respect header: false
  • EXTJS-6924 - Expand fails for panel with animation that is initially collapsed
  • EXTJS-9961 - Ext.panel.Panel with titleCollapse is not expanding on header click

PivotGrid (14)

  • EXTJS-18758 - Pivot configurator panel is not usable via key navigation
  • EXTJS-19181 - Range editor plugin does not calculate cell values correctly when "Uniformly" type is used
  • EXTJS-19465 - Configurator panel disappears after setting grid height
  • EXTJS-19506 - Case sensitive doesn't work in PivotGrid Configurator
  • EXTJS-19519 - Button "Value" is missing after change configurator dock position
  • EXTJS-19520 - Width of buttons in configurator dock is too small in Firefox
  • EXTJS-19602 - Pivot Grid lost focus after opening grouped column header
  • EXTJS-20208 - Error in console when tabbing through cells in Pivot Grid Cell editing plugin
  • EXTJS-20451 - Configurator plugin - filter of year value greater than 999 doesn't work
  • EXTJS-21094 - Group header alignment on rows is wrong in RTL
  • EXTJS-21211 - [Pivot]RangeEditor plugin missing fields for editing row value
  • EXTJS-21238 - [Configurator Plugin] It is hard to move items on touch devices
  • EXTJS-21388 - Pivot Grids - Column headers are not aligned
  • EXTJS-21442 - Empty cells should not be editable in Pivot grids

Scroller (15)

  • EXTJS-10272 - Auto height window with minHeight, scroll jumps after expand child panel
  • EXTJS-12640 - Auto height form scrolls to top when radiogroup option selected in container
  • EXTJS-15691 - Panel with relative height scrolls to top when adding items
  • EXTJS-16080 - Auto height form loses scroll position when modifying a value
  • EXTJS-16334 - Adding or removing elements to an auto height form causes it to scroll to the top
  • EXTJS-16349 - Auto height form scrolls when modifying value
  • EXTJS-18502 - Scroll position resets when a panel is added to a container with maxwidth
  • EXTJS-18895 - Binding in border layout can cause grid to scroll to top on selection
  • EXTJS-19140 - Clicking on a checkbox scrolls the form if a height is not set
  • EXTJS-19756 - When form is vertically scrolled, showing a hidden form field can cause the form to scroll to the top
  • EXTJS-6091 - Expanding/Collapsing auto height fieldset causes scroll position to be reset
  • EXTJS-7103 - Shrinkwrap auto layout component loses scroll position when layout is updated
  • EXTJS-7869 - Scroll position lost when Box layout updates
  • EXTJS-8231 - Tab setTitle will reset form panel scrollbar if form panel has auto height children
  • EXTJS-9286 - Form panel with auto height fieldset in viewport - setVisible cause scroll reset to top

Selection Model (4)

  • EXTJS-18018 - SHIFT select not working on Spreadsheet selection
  • EXTJS-20226 - Spreadsheet selection is lost after view is refreshed when type is "cells"
  • EXTJS-20238 - Spreadsheet selection model causes 'isModel() of null' error when calling setLoading() on parent container
  • EXTJS-21440 - Cannot select cells/rows in spreadsheet selection on IE11/Edge tablet

Tabs (1)

  • EXTJS-14334 - Cannot change activeTab via buttons in tabbar overflow menu

Templates (1)

  • EXTJS-20397 - After resizing charts, doubleclick doesn't return it to its default state in the Admin Dashboard

Theme (7)

  • EXTJS-14098 - Tab scroller arrows are not being shown correctly for RTL
  • EXTJS-18344 - Picker is styled incorrectly in windows theme
  • EXTJS-19827 - Load mask spinner animation not working correctly
  • EXTJS-19978 - Unexpected CSS token warning in Safari 9.0.1
  • EXTJS-20084 - Checkbox label's font size variable is incorrectly set
  • EXTJS-20188 - Sandbox builds display incorrect prefixes for CSS root namespace
  • EXTJS-20819 - extjs-checkbox-ui does not apply ui-label-color for the box label

ToolTips (3)

  • EXTJS-14959 - Tooltip's anchor is incorrectly displayed when the tooltip is shown by another component
  • EXTJS-17892 - Tooltips ignore mouseover events on touch devices
  • EXTJS-18896 - ToolTip displays an additional layer in IE8 and IE9

Toolbars (2)

  • EXTJS-20673 - Ext.toolbar.Breadcrumb's FontAwesome icons are not displaying in IE8 or IE9
  • EXTJS-20714 - Breadcrumb toolbars face the wrong direction in RTL in Triton theme

Tree (12)

  • EXTJS-17612 - getChanges doesn't include "index" after insertBefore call
  • EXTJS-19391 - Reconfiguring a locked tree sometimes renders empty rows
  • EXTJS-19678 - Tree panel does not render correctly if a child node is loading during render
  • EXTJS-19808 - Treelist's floating menu closes when the scrollbar gets focus
  • EXTJS-20007 - Tree view no longer applies expander class when mousing over the expander icon
  • EXTJS-20117 - TreePanel with a ViewModel store will throw an error if there is a locked column
  • EXTJS-20464 - Tree List should support filtering
  • EXTJS-20602 - Persistent "index" in node interface not updated correctly when moving node between parents.
  • EXTJS-20650 - Expanding and collapsing a Ext.ux.TreePicker node scrolls the picker to the top
  • EXTJS-20745 - Treelist doesn't allow selection of micro second level items in modern toolkit
  • EXTJS-20988 - Micro tree incorrectly shows the UI in the modern toolkit
  • EXTJS-21084 - Expand/collapse tree node will set normal view scrollLeft to 0

Window (8)

  • EXTJS-15843 - Window shows restore tool when it starts as maximized
  • EXTJS-19686 - Maximized window is draggable when animateTarget is configured
  • EXTJS-19984 - Ext.WindowManager.hideAll() does not hide mask when window is modal
  • EXTJS-20015 - Clicking on a modal mask causes an error and prevents closing in IE8
  • EXTJS-20088 - MessageBox shows scrollbars when displayed more than once on touch/hybrid-enabled devices
  • EXTJS-20155 - Toast gets collapsed if you click on the background in Modern toolkit
  • EXTJS-20187 - Toast windows throws error when focused
  • EXTJS-20846 - Toast window's stickOnClick config should default to false

Total: 329

Known Issues


  • EXTJS-10451 - Tree component does not support ARIA expanded state
  • EXTJS-10467 - Menu overflow scrollers are not navigable using the keyboard
  • EXTJS-10475 - ToolTip is not accessible
  • EXTJS-10477 - HtmlEditor is not accessible
  • EXTJS-10480 - Color Picker is not accessible
  • EXTJS-10492 - DragDrop is not accessible
  • EXTJS-10494 - Grid grouping feature is not accessible
  • EXTJS-10495 - Locking grid is announced as two separate widgets by screen readers
  • EXTJS-10497 - Grid row expander is not accessible
  • EXTJS-10498 - Grid RowBody feature is not accessible
  • EXTJS-10499 - Grid CheckboxSelectionModel is not accessible
  • EXTJS-10503 - Grid headers cannot be resized using the keyboard
  • EXTJS-10504 - Grid Headers cannot be reordered using the keyboard


  • EXTJS-10739 - RTL Charts do not correctly display bidirectional text


  • EXTJS-21139 - View incorrectly resized when changing screen orientation while the virtual keyboard is shown
  • EXTJS-21433 - Scroll snapping does not work in modern pickers when using Chrome


  • EXTJS-12345 - ComboBox's bound list becomes transparent on second show on iPad


  • EXTJS-4768 - Regions overlap when their width is too high to fit within a container in a border layout


  • EXTJS-13538 - Ext.ux.TabScrollerMenu has not been updated to work in Ext JS 5 and 6


  • EXTJS-17790 - Triton should support tree lines

Ext JS 6.2.1