Desktop Packager Sencha Docs

Release Notes

Version 1.2.1

General Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed wrong size of fixed-window after being minimized and restored (Windows)
  • Fixed incorrect behavior on fixed-size window (Linux)
  • Fixed possible crash when using proxy with authentication (Mac OS X)

Version 1.2

General Improvements and Fixes

  • Updated to Chromium 25 code base
  • Added support for creating multiple windows
  • Implemented sizing policy for fixed and constrained dimensions

New APIs

New Examples

  • Simple Tasks
  • Multi Window

Version 1.1.1

General Improvements and Fixes

All Platforms

  • Fixed the handling of URL containings references
  • Fixed possible crash due to byte misalignment in the package header
  • Fixed possible failure of loading URLs with multiple separators

Microsoft Windows

  • Added the support for proxy server authorization dialog
  • Fixed incorrect path handling in ionpackage tool
  • Fixed potential crash due to memory error when using io.watchPath
  • Fixed possible failure in loading automatic proxy configuration script

Apple Mac OS X

  • Fixed possible failure in Ion.ion.unzip
  • Fixed potential crash when using Cmd+Q to quit
  • Fixed OpenGL errors on mirrored external display
  • Fixed possible crash when using file dialogs


  • Added the support for proxy server authorization dialog
  • Fixed missing path watcher notification of newly created files
  • Fixed problem of closing the main window

Version 1.1

General Improvements and Fixes

  • Updated to Chromium 22 code base
  • Linux version (compatible with Ubuntu 10.04 or newer)
  • Allow HTML editing (cut, copy, paste) on input fields
  • and stream large data files to improve performance and memory consumption
  • Improved HTML5 Audio and Video support on Windows
    Supported media containers are Ogg (Vorbis audio, Theora video) and WebM
  • Activated support for Retina display on Mac OS X
  • Ensure application window raises to the top when created
  • Properly show multi-shortcut keyboard sequences for menu items on Mac OS X
  • Menu items beginning with text "About." and "Preferences." get special treatment on Mac OS X (see Ion.ui.Menu.addMenuItem)
  • New license model

New APIs