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Many classes have shortcut names used when creating (instantiating) a class with a configuration object. The shortcut name is referred to as an alias (or xtype if the class extends Ext.Component). The alias/xtype is listed next to the class name of applicable classes for quick reference.

Access Levels

Framework classes or their members may be specified as private or protected. Else, the class / member is public. Public, protected, and private are access descriptors used to convey how and when the class or class member should be used.

Member Types

Member Syntax

Below is an example class member that we can disect to show the syntax of a class member (the lookupComponent method as viewed from the Ext.button.Button class in this case).

lookupComponent ( item ) : Ext.Component

Called when a raw config object is added to this container either during initialization of the items config, or when new items are added), or {@link #insert inserted.

This method converts the passed object into an instanced child component.

This may be overridden in subclasses when special processing needs to be applied to child creation.


item :  Object

The config object being added.


The component to be added.

Let's look at each part of the member row:

Member Flags

The API documentation uses a number of flags to further commnicate the class member's function and intent. The label may be represented by a text label, an abbreviation, or an icon.

Class Icons

- Indicates a framework class

- A singleton framework class. *See the singleton flag for more information

- A component-type framework class (any class within the Ext JS framework that extends Ext.Component)

- Indicates that the class, member, or guide is new in the currently viewed version

Member Icons

- Indicates a class member of type config

- Indicates a class member of type property

- Indicates a class member of type method

- Indicates a class member of type event

- Indicates a class member of type theme variable

- Indicates a class member of type theme mixin

- Indicates that the class, member, or guide is new in the currently viewed version

Class Member Quick-Nav Menu

Just below the class name on an API doc page is a row of buttons corresponding to the types of members owned by the current class. Each button shows a count of members by type (this count is updated as filters are applied). Clicking the button will navigate you to that member section. Hovering over the member-type button will reveal a popup menu of all members of that type for quick navigation.

Getter and Setter Methods

Getting and setter methods that correlate to a class config option will show up in the methods section as well as in the configs section of both the API doc and the member-type menus just beneath the config they work with. The getter and setter method documentation will be found in the config row for easy reference.

History Bar

Your page history is kept in localstorage and displayed (using the available real estate) just below the top title bar. By default, the only search results shown are the pages matching the product / version you're currently viewing. You can expand what is displayed by clicking on the button on the right-hand side of the history bar and choosing the "All" radio option. This will show all recent pages in the history bar for all products / versions.

Within the history config menu you will also see a listing of your recent page visits. The results are filtered by the "Current Product / Version" and "All" radio options. Clicking on the button will clear the history bar as well as the history kept in local storage.

If "All" is selected in the history config menu the checkbox option for "Show product details in the history bar" will be enabled. When checked, the product/version for each historic page will show alongside the page name in the history bar. Hovering the cursor over the page names in the history bar will also show the product/version as a tooltip.

Search and Filters

Both API docs and guides can be searched for using the search field at the top of the page.

On API doc pages there is also a filter input field that filters the member rows using the filter string. In addition to filtering by string you can filter the class members by access level and inheritance. This is done using the checkboxes at the top of the page.

The checkbox at the bottom of the API class navigation tree filters the class list to include or exclude private classes.

Clicking on an empty search field will show your last 10 searches for quick navigation.

API Doc Class Metadata

Each API doc page (with the exception of Javascript primitives pages) has a menu view of metadata relating to that class. This metadata view will have one or more of the following:

Expanding and Collapsing Examples and Class Members

Runnable examples (Fiddles) are expanded on a page by default. You can collapse and expand example code blocks individually using the arrow on the top-left of the code block. You can also toggle the collapse state of all examples using the toggle button on the top-right of the page. The toggle-all state will be remembered between page loads.

Class members are collapsed on a page by default. You can expand and collapse members using the arrow icon on the left of the member row or globally using the expand / collapse all toggle button top-right.

Desktop -vs- Mobile View

Viewing the docs on narrower screens or browsers will result in a view optimized for a smaller form factor. The primary differences between the desktop and "mobile" view are:

Viewing the Class Source

The class source can be viewed by clicking on the class name at the top of an API doc page. The source for class members can be viewed by clicking on the "view source" link on the right-hand side of the member row.

Sencha Cmd 6.x


Release Notes for Sencha Cmd 6.2.2

Bugs Fixed

Fashion (5)

  • SDKTOOLS-1704 Fashion.saveMixins does not remove missing UIs

  • SDKTOOLS-1706 Sencha fashion live update does not work with Sencha Cmd 6.2.2

  • SDKTOOLS-1716 Saving multiple UIs of same mixin type fails on Linux

  • SDKTOOLS-1666 Saving multiple UIs of same mixin type fails on Windows

  • SDKTOOLS-1633 Using media queries in a mixin and nesting in a selector throws an error

Misc (1)

  • SDKTOOLS-1712 App watch sometimes gets stuck in a loop on Windows

Upgrade (1)

  • SDKTOOLS-1608 Wrong link when upgrading from ExtJS 4 app

Watch (1)

  • SDKTOOLS-1665 App watch loops continuously when a new scss file is added

Known Issues

Build (1)

  • SDKTOOLS-1516 Ext 5.1.3 - Can't build project with Aria theme

Release Notes for Sencha Cmd 6.2.1

Date: November 21, 2016
Version Number:

Bugs Fixed

Compiler (1)

  • SDKTOOLS-1598 - Optimizer produces incorrect do/while loop form

Fashion (2)

  • SDKTOOLS-1517 - Building theme package with lots of @extend usage takes a long time

  • SDKTOOLS-1575 - Fashion does not sort some types of references to deprecated variables

Microloader (1)

  • SDKTOOLS-1623 - onAppUpdate is no longer fired for 6.2 apps

Watch (2)

  • SDKTOOLS-1570 - Sencha Cmd is incorrectly detecting occupied port Linux / OS X

  • SDKTOOLS-1580 - Quickly stopping and restarting app watch results in fallback to dynamic port

Release Notes for Sencha Cmd 6.2.0

Date: August 18, 2016
Version Number:

New Features

Build (2)

  • SDKTOOLS-1533 - Should provide "app install" command to repopulate Cmd scaffold after pulling from source control

  • SDKTOOLS-1563 - Should provide "workspace install" command to repopulate all Cmd apps after pulling from source control

Fashion (2)

  • SDKTOOLS-1519 - Fashion should support a simple mechanism for deprecated variables

  • SDKTOOLS-1565 - Fashion should issue a warning when setting a deprecated variable

Watch (1)

  • SDKTOOLS-1562 - App watch should provide a switch to disable the internal web server

Workspace (1)

  • SDKTOOLS-1515 - Add a command that allows a cleanup of old app entries on workspace.json

Bugs Fixed

Build (7)

  • SDKTOOLS-1450 - Phonegap source file name changed

  • SDKTOOLS-1480 - YuiCompressor is still called even if closure is assigned

  • SDKTOOLS-1500 - Overrides are not picked up in development. Works in production build.

  • SDKTOOLS-1505 - Unable to find microloader element in index file when additional attributes are present in the script

  • SDKTOOLS-1539 - Cmd app should be able to run via the File Protocol

  • SDKTOOLS-1549 - 6.2 Nightlies issue w Ant

  • SDKTOOLS-1567 - Adding d3 package to ext/packages directory can break build

Compiler (2)

  • SDKTOOLS-1498 - Preprocessor doesn't always detect close tags

  • SDKTOOLS-1504 - Some comment placements inside sub-expressions cause compiled code to be incorrect

Fashion (3)

  • SDKTOOLS-1487 - Fashion compiler produces different output on Win machine than on Mac

  • SDKTOOLS-1547 - Cannot use relative viewport units with dynamic

  • SDKTOOLS-1553 - Fashion errors do not cause Cmd builds to fail

Installer (1)

  • SDKTOOLS-1491 - Wrong year in the license agreement

Misc (1)

  • SDKTOOLS-1506 - Disabling the microloader creates absolute paths to CSS in prod build

Upgrade (1)

  • SDKTOOLS-1569 - Can't upgrade workspace framework if workspace contains application

Watch (3)

  • SDKTOOLS-1420 - App watch should accept port switch and log dynamic port if specified port is in use

  • SDKTOOLS-1496 - Running 'sencha app watch' is changing port unpredictably

  • SDKTOOLS-1499 - On some machines localhost can be an unbindable address and breaks app watch

Release Notes for Sencha Cmd 6.2.0 Beta

Date: June 1, 2016
Version Number:

New Features

Sass (1)

  • SDKTOOLS-1042 - Sass compiler should support automatic inlining of resources like images

Bugs Fixed

Fashion (3)

  • SDKTOOLS-1466 - Fashion evaluates empty string and 0 as falsy values unlike Sass

  • SDKTOOLS-1467 - Fashion loses units when a number is used as an operand with an "and" or "or" operator

  • SDKTOOLS-1476 - Style compilation errors in latest Cmd prevents build

Generator (1)

  • SDKTOOLS-1401 - Example files are copied to ext folder when generating new app

Microloader (1)

  • SDKTOOLS-1451 - Incorrect order for files in "css" array of classic.json on Linux

Misc (1)

  • SDKTOOLS-1356 - Unable to modify application base path (app.output.base) in response file

Package (1)

  • SDKTOOLS-1442 - Unable to build a theme package that uses the modern toolkit

Service (1)

  • SDKTOOLS-1436 - Sencha service is unresponsive after app watch

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