Architect 2 Sencha Docs

Change Log

Changes made to Sencha Architect releases, listed by build number. See the About menu item to check the build number of your Architect instance. See the Release Notes for more information about the current release.

Version 2.2.3 Build 1044

  • Fixes rendering glitches for Mac OS

Version 2.2.3 Build 1039

  • Corrects base library path for Touch 2.3 projects

Version 2.2.3 Build 1038

  • Adds support for Touch 2.3
  • Boolean columns now have a unique icon.
  • Model Validations now includes a matcher config.
  • Architect now removes region from a floating panel inside a border layout.
  • Fixed timing problems that sometimes made saving a project unreliable.
  • Fixed issues that caused Architect to crash when it was launched behind a network proxy that uses auth or a .pac configuration.
  • Fixed problems that caused Ext Readers to exclude event bindings
  • Fixed code generation problems that occurred when adding a listener to or reader
  • Fixed problem that required Architect to be restarted for a URL Prefix setting to take effect.
  • Fixed error that occurred when trying to change the layout of a panel.
  • Visual SourceSafe files are no longer reported as bad metadata.
  • Missing params are added to renderer function of Touch Chart Axis.
  • Architect no longer deletes svn tmp folders.

Version 2.2.2 Build 991

  • Adds support for Ext JS 4.2.1
  • Adds support for Touch 2.2.1
  • Fixes problems that occurred when updating existing projects into architect.
  • Fixes a problem that caused a new resource file to wipe out metadata for existing resource files.
  • Fixes a problem where the instance was not removed from the Inspector when a metadata file was deleted from disk.
  • Corrects visual problems that occurred on tab overflow.
  • Corrects problems that prevented the File and Directory Watcher dialog from running if the metadata was modified outside Architect.
  • Allows setting of the layout for CheckboxGroup and RadioGroup components.

Version 2.2.2 Build 971

  • SDP auto-update is implemented. A full installation is required for this build but future updates of the Sencha Desktop Packager can be implemented without a complete re-installation of Architect.
  • Fixes the problem that caused phantom tab-closures when991ny tabs were open.
  • Adds the "Plain" value to the Ext.Button UI config.
  • Resolves problems creating a function with the same name.
  • Resolves the issue that a Touch 2.x CheckBox added as a column editor retained its boxLabel value.
  • Fixes the Uncaught Reference Error reported on the Forum for Touch 2.2 projects.
  • The pack: justify is now supported for Hbox/Vbox container layout config for Touch 2.2 projects.
  • Problems that caused large projects to render slowly when loaded are fixed.
  • You can now get out of the modal results window when publishing by clicking somewhere outside the box rather than having to explicitly close the window.
  • Grid columns that are nested underneath other grid columns (subcolumns) are now sortable.
  • UNC paths are now automatically disabled when the project is saved.
  • Projects that have spaces in class names should now build without error.
  • Proxy-related problems that sometimes caused Mac OS X to crash when opening Architect have been resolved.
  • Resolves issues that sometimes caused Windows systems to crash when opening Architect. If you continue to have problems, please post your information on the Forum.
  • Fixes problems that caused blank previews for Sencha Touch projects on Android and iOS. The changes required modifying how Architect uses Cmd for mobile packaging.
  • The Project Inspector Tree collapse/expand state is now saved.
  • The File and Directory watcher in Architect now handles temporary metadata files created by other applications.
  • Users can now turn off the File and Directory watcher.
  • Fixes problems that occasionally caused resources to disappear.
  • Architect now points to the right base library for Touch 2.2.

Version 2.2.1 Build 951

New Features

  • Adds support for Sencha Touch 2.2 and Sencha Cmd 3.1.1
  • An internet proxy authentication dialog is now provided for Linux and Windows
  • Fixes crash issues when using internet proxy server auto configuration .pac file on Mac
  • Fixes Model field duplication
  • Fixes duplicate component id(s) detected within same view
  • Fixes apparent UI locking on saving of large files
  • Improves VCS integration by ignoring more hidden files (.svn, .cvs, .git, .hg)
  • Fixes shift-DEL errors in Windows
  • Fixes rare problem upgrading projects from Architect 2.1 to Architect 2.2
  • Fixes a problem in configs that should allow string or mixed but were not allowing string
  • Fixes the issue of hideAnimation/showAnimation being treated as string instead of object

Version 2.2.0 Build 908

New Features

  • Supports and requires Sencha Cmd 3.1 for publishing and packaging mobile apps
  • Fixed some launching problems on Windows and Linux systems.
  • Fixed problems related to clicking on various Elements on Windows systems.
  • Fixed issues relating to the missing string option for some configurations.
  • Fixed shift-delete error.
  • Workaround for framework error in Ext JS 4.2 when setting enableFont: false in HtmlEditor.
  • Fixed problems that occurred when components shared same userClassName.
  • Fixed problems that occurred when declining an Architect upgrade.
  • Fixed problems that caused Architect to delete metadata files on load
  • Fixed a problem that occured when Numberfield and Combofield had their value cfg changed to string; this caused problems for users that had previously set values for these fields that were not strings.

Version 2.2.0 Build 894

New Features

  • Selective opening and saving of project files to enable better source code integration and improved performance
  • Architect is built using Sencha Desktop Packager, thus improving performance
  • Architect watches file system to detect and handle project changes from source control
  • The canvas now supports multiple Tabs to ease switching between components
  • The Project inspector added a "Quick Open" search box to help finding and opening components
  • Added createAlias and createClass configs to allow easier integration of external resources
  • Added ProcessConfig config for Ext JS and initialize config for Touch to allow easier code insertion when creating a component
  • Added ability to mock up data for stores

Known Issues

  • Extremely rapid clicking between linked components can lead to an error on Windows
  • In Ext JS 4.2, promoting a button's menu can lead to an error
  • Architect does not properly support UTF-8 characters in file names and paths
  • If the user creates a new resource in Architect (for example a my.css CSS resource) and sets the URL config before adding the file to the file system, then Architect will continue to believe it is a new file and overwrite the file on disk. To workaround, click Reload when viewing the resource code in Architect to load file into Architect

Version 2.1.0 Build 678

  • VersionCode, a property of package settings is now correctly marked as a string instead of an integer. This fixes a crash that occurred while packaging and simulating for Android

Version 2.1.0 Build 676

  • User components that have dependencies now properly restore those items
  • Added Package settings configs certificatePassword, provisionProfile
  • Updated Ext JS 4.1 abstract store events: metachange, update (added modifiedFieldNames)
  • Simulate and Package documentation in the Deploy guide
  • Fixed bugs related to Cmd setup
  • Sencha Cmd path is now used for all sencha commands
  • Windows now opens cmd windows when running package/simulate instead of a dialog
  • Removed double scrollbars on settings screen in OS X

Version 2.1.0 Build 670

  • Added support for Sencha Touch 2.1 (including charts)
  • Improved deployment and integration with Sencha Cmd V3
  • Templates will now indicate errors
  • Fixed a issue with getting Xml response data in Ext JS 4.1 projects
  • Added support for wildcard (*) in requires config
  • Fixed a crash that occurred while configuring certain layouts
  • userAlias now allow for dots except for Views
  • Fixed a focusing issue when the inspector is aligned left
  • Sencha Architect executables and installers are now digitally signed
  • Fixed an upgrade issue with Ext JS 4.1 and certain panel configurations

Version 2.1.0 Build 640

  • Fixed a bug preventing data to be loaded in a store with a root

Version 2.1.0 Build 637

  • Fixed a bug causing local CSS and JS files to not load

Version 2.1.0 Build 633

  • Relative image paths are now shown the in the canvas
  • Fixed a bug related to using escape characters in the data editor
  • Fixed scrolling issues in the inspector
  • Improved checks and feedback for internet connectivity
  • Fixes concerning framework specific configs/behavior
  • Fixed 2.0 to 2.1 project upgrade bug with preventHeader
  • Fixed a crashing bug with layouts
  • Improved compatibility with VM Ware Fusion

Version 2.1.0 Build 613

  • Config scrollable: Container and animation: Card Layout are no longer being generated as strings instead of booleans
  • Pressing home or end inside of a select box no longer crashes Architect

Version 2.1.0 Build 609

  • Fixed crashing bugs
  • Linked instances are now given smart autoNames
  • Prevent dialogs from growing veritcally forever
  • Allow periods in the appFolder
  • Overrides are now upgraded to the supported style for Ext 4.1 and Touch
  • Fix a bug where the code editor would become disabled
  • Comments add by users are handled better by code generation
  • Lots of fixes for Ext 4.1 (events, configs, etc)
  • Css using id selectors should now work on the canvas
  • User Components now no longer applies defaults
  • User Components with linked instances now restore correctly
  • Object configs with default values now provide that default in the editor
  • Unchecking library include css now correctly removes base css from the canvas

Version 2.1.0 Build 588

  • Windows - CSS resources with relative paths are now fixed
  • Fixed bugs related to DateField
  • All known project upgrade bugs fixed
  • Fixed multiple bugs related to layout

Version 2.1.0 Build 584

Known Issues

  • Opening Architect 2.1 Projects with Architect 2.0 is not supported. Architect 2.0 will not prompt you that it is an Architect 2.1 project. This is fixed from Architect 2.1+.
  • Ext JS 4.1 projects: floating children are not removed properly from Canvas
  • Windows/Linux Opening Project: Sometimes the menubar will appear too early in the opening project screen



  • Configs that support multiple types now be toggled in between types


  • Added support for Ext JS 4.1
  • Added xtype and autoCreate configs to Controller Reference definitions
  • Can now upgrade ExtJS 4.0.x projects to ExtJS 4.1 using new Upgrade to 4.1 feature. Right-click Library in Inspector to access this feature.


  • Upgraded to
  • Dataviewitem
  • Changes to icons and startupimage configs in Ext.Application
  • Support for animations


  • Improved error handling will now provide more information for the Sencha Architect team to track down bugs
  • New cache-busting settings: can enable/disable or all resources including library and generated app.js
  • Saved project files can not be opened with older version of Architect; error message instructs user to upgrade to newer version
  • Save to Toolbox includes associated linked instances
  • Proxy information accessible in application settings
  • Improved support for 64-bit Linux distributions
  • User no longer prompted to back up when opening an archived project. The file being opened is already a backup.
  • CSS Resources loaded into the project will be reflected in the Canvas.
  • Projects load more atomically so if a class is corrupted only that class fails to load. The user is notified of the unlikely case of a corrupt metadata file.
  • When upgrading, custom configs matching new real configs are removed/converted


  • Major refactor of config system improves performance and memory footprint
  • Initial project load 50% faster
  • Project memory footprint 50% smaller
  • Canvas no longer rendered when in code view

User Experience

  • Holding down a modifier key and expanding/collapsing a tree node in the Inspector propagates the expand/collapse action down the branch
  • New loading screen added to improve user feedback
  • User message log added to Architect window on the lower left side
  • Clicking on tabs in a Tab Panel changes Canvas in Ext JS projects
  • Tabs in tab panel are selectable in the Canvas
  • If initial view is not set, a warning will appear on Application node
  • In Touch projects, double click to edit the tab titles
  • Direct has been removed from Settings menu item and made a Resource node in the Inspector
  • Growl messages moved to be less invasive
  • Updated icons for libraries and launch method
  • Framework removed from settings and now appears as config of Resource node
  • Persistent Toolbox documentation panel replaced with inline help icons with hover tooltips as previously used in Config panel
  • Elements are inserted at mouse position when using 'absolute' layout
  • Width and height shown in footer bar when components are resized via drag and drop in Canvas
  • Load Data View uses same look as full editor
  • Views that have been promoted to class can be unpromoted via context menu option 'Inline Class'
  • New user interface for object configs using the full screen editor
  • Reduced size of Copy to clipboard and Export to File buttons to accomodate resolutions down to 1024x768

Configs and Config Panel

  • Can change types of custom configs or framework configs that support multiple types
  • Can set displayName config in non-top-level instances to label them in the Inspector without affecting generated code
  • Can add custom events to top-level instances
  • Can set following configs for every top-level class: requires, mixins, singleton, uses, static functions
  • Can add multiples when adding fields for Model/Store, for example name, address, email, phone (comma separated)
  • Config components with one element maximum take up less space in the user interface
  • Typed array editor can be reordered by clicking and dragging
  • Model associations infer primaryKey from associated model
  • User will be presented a picker for configurations which have been associated to a model/store and require a field name (for example xField, yField, etc)

Code Editor and Code Generation

  • Find / Next / Find All implemented in editor (Ctrl + F)
  • JSHint distinguishes the difference between errors and warnings instead of marking all as errors
  • Changing indentation in settings updates the code editor and all generated code files
  • Escape characters ignored
  • Application actions use the parameter app instead of this.getApplication()
  • JSHint validation improved on individual function level
  • Creation of generic classes (utility, resource) supported to enable extending base/abstract classes that are not available in Toolbox
  • Local JS and CSS Resources within the project are editable
  • Templates use the Inspector and code editor
  • Can add functions to templates from Config panel
  • Objects use full code editor
  • Override code generated in updated format. Old projects are not upgraded, but overrides can be edited manually to match the new style
  • When user clicks a child Inspector node, editor will highlight relevant source code
  • Converting event bindings to controller actions has an improved generated controlQuery
  • Windows: Use Shift-Del, Ctrl-Ins, and Shift-Ins to cut, copy, and paste

Source Control

  • Function code saved as string[ ] instead of flattened string in metadata files
  • User settings have been moved to a .architect file that can be ignored by source control
  • Expanded/Collapsed setting stored in a .architect file that can be excluded from source control
  • Removed persistence of id from metadata to reduce merge conflicts
  • Removed all unnecessary data from metadata files

Bug fixes

The following reported bugs have been fixed in Architect 2.1.


  • Projects newer than current Architect build will not be allowed to open
  • CodeGen: View requires is not being included for override when a linked instance is used as a child instance
  • The title config of Field set will always be treated as a string
  • Pressing Esc key in code editor will no longer insert an invisible character
  • Card layout will no longer throw an error when there are no cards present or activeItem/activeTab is null
  • Prevent stack overflow when trying to clear userClassName
  • User can subscribe to events from linked instances
  • Sequence of fields in the Inspector will match sequence of fields in the config grid
  • Removal of override will remove requires reference in application
  • Code will be removed from the code view after deleting the component from Inspector
  • Deploy on Windows will now fail elegantly if directory does not exist
  • Viewport component will be resized when Auto Expand selected
  • Performing Save As over an existing project will properly remove old project
  • Fix validation for autoEl config to allow null and undefined
  • Controller className will now check for duplicate names
  • Simulate and Package will now protect against circular input output
  • Ability to add additional classes to controllers config of Application
  • Deploy will no longer copy .xds project file into deploy directory
  • Errors when selecting slider in canvas
  • Boolean config editors will only toggle on primary mouse button click
  • Edit Sizes dialog will no longer allow the user to delete all sizes
  • Opening a .xda that has upgrades will no longer prompt the user to make a backup
  • LocalStorageProxy and SessionStorageProxy will no longer accept reader or writers
  • Config grid will no longer begin to scroll when rapidly adding subcomponents
  • Fixed visual artifact in Windows OS when looking at the Settings dialog
  • Added forceCreate config to Controller Reference
  • Duplicating a button with a handler now properly renames the newly generated function
  • Dependency order of models is now maintained
  • Stores now appropriately require all models including associations
  • Allow square brackets in the name config of form fields, for example selectedOptions[]
  • Added handler config to Menu Item
  • Corrected the alias for Cycle Button from cycle to cyclebutton
  • Removing an override will now mark the project as dirty
  • Saving to the Toolbox with the same name will no longer generate two different toolbox items
  • List's loadingText config can now be set to boolean in addition to string


  • Video component is properly removed from the canvas when deleting the component
  • Audio component is no longer duplicated on the canvas when changing the docked config
  • Code generation of initialize and painted events was changed so that listeners would fire when they are used as child components
  • Added data config to Picker Slot
  • Stores no longer accept Delegate Event Bindings
  • Added missing configs for Picker Slot component
  • Added missing configs for Picker component
  • Changed draggable config of Component to be an object


  • Added textAlign config to Button
  • Added Row Numberer Column to the toolbox
  • Allow draggable config of Component to be an object in addition to boolean
  • Added flex config to tab configs of a TabPanel
  • Changed store's purgeCount config to be a number

Version 2.0.0 Build 439

  • Added detailCard config for NestedList
  • Fixed code generation for configs that contains return or comma
  • UX: Growl dialog no longer covers up canvas controls
  • Stores now add correct requires statement for associated models
  • Added the ability to define custom event signatures on top-level classes

Version 2.0.0 Build 442

  • Maintenance
  • Critical bug fixes

Version 2.0.0 Build 433

  • Added requires config to Application node
  • UX: Font size setting for Code Editor
  • Added Ext.Direct as a resource type
  • Upgraded Touch library to 2.0.1
  • Non-view components can now be exported to .xdc files
  • Fixed code generation for date configurations
  • Code written in Architect is now more source control friendly
  • Fixed issues with deployment

Version 2.0.0 Build 412

Fixed bugs:

  • Users can now add custom properties to child items
  • Images no longer revert to default width/height
  • Menu separator now appears in Toolbox
  • Can now work with old Architect beta projects without resulting in errors