Animator 1.3 Sencha Docs

Animator 1.3 Release Notes

Here is a comprehensive list of changes made to Animator in the version 1.3 release. For an overview of key differences introduced in Animator 1.3 that change the way you work with the product, see Upgrade Guide: Moving from Animator 1.2 to Animator 1.3

New Features

The following are new features and feature enhancements, listed by functional area.

Timeline and keyframes

  • Better looking, more usable Timeline with a compact design to show more animation tracks in the same screen real estate.
  • Keyframes can be dragged and snap to neighboring keyframes automatically.
  • Timeline automatically scrolls if a keyframe is dragged beyond the boundaries of currently visible segment.
  • When adding a keyframe in between an existing pair of keyframes, Animator automatically interpolates the values of properties to give the new keyframe.
  • Multiple keyframes can be selected with Shift-Click or with a marquee selection. They can then be moved, scaled proportionally, copied, and pasted.
  • Clock just below Object Tree precisely displays the playhead's position.
  • Keyframes can be added individually in an empty animation track. You no longer need to add keyframes by couples when starting to create a new animation.
  • More visible keyframe and timeline selection states. See Object Selection States
  • Timeline can be navigated with the keyboard. See Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Shift-click in the time header selects all keyframes from current time to new time.
  • New keyframes inherit from base state when possible instead of using default values.
  • With Recording mode on, create keyframes at the playhead position by manipulating object in the Stage

Object Tree and objects

  • Object Tree can be scrolled with the mouse.
  • Multiple objects in the Object Tree can be nested at the same time via drag and drop.
  • The base state of an object is now more accessible and easier to edit using the Base State/Keyframe State toggle or the Base Object diamond icon to the right of an object name in the Object Tree.
  • CSS ID base state object property has been changed to ID.
  • Can assign CSS Class property to objects.

Export and preview

  • New export to iBooks widget format.
  • Multiple animations can be exported to run on the same page (sandboxing).
  • "Go to previous scene" added to the Animator JavaScript API that controls animations.
  • Can jump to individual scenes by name in the Animator JavaScript API.
  • Can preview individual scenes in the browser.
  • Embedding without using iframe is easier.
  • Hidden objects stay hidden in preview.
  • Can add JavaScript interactivity before the start of a scene, at the end of a scene, or during an iteration. -setTimeout is used in exported animations to create more precise starting point.
  • Various improvements to CSS export.

Stage, code editor, scenes, and Library Panel

  • Can attach an image to a scene's background and set its repeat property.
  • Select library items individually to export them, or select none to export all library items.
  • In Stage, scale and resize controls are available at the same time.
  • Android-safe mode has been added that removes all features that don't work correctly on Android devices.
  • New Assets are in Library Panel shows all assets used in the current project and lets you replace or update them individually.
  • Code editor has autocompletion for Animator specific functions and MRAID/ORMMA APIs. Can also add custom autocomplete libraries for custom APIs.
  • Can edit 's content in the integrated code editor.
  • Can copy an object's animation to CSS directly, which is useful for interaction design.
  • Can insert iframe to projects.
  • Can control perspective-origin for scenes.
  • Add images to a project without saving.


  • General UI fit and finish improvements, improved UX.
  • Check for application updates without quitting and relaunching.
  • Close and open property group disclosure triangles by placing cursor over property group header (such as General, Actions, Dimensions) and using Alt-click key combination.
  • Remembers window size and location from last session.
  • Automatic restart after an update is complete.
  • New Open Recent item in Edit menu.
  • Save As/Export copies all assets in the Asset folder
  • In custom JavaScript actions data can be stored on this object and is available in all custom JavaScript calls.
  • Reauthorize or login with different account.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed.

  • Export no longer slows down when exporting multiple times.
  • Keyframes select correctly in Timeline.
  • Auto update works if user is not logged in.
  • Error message no longer appears when hidden objects are reordered.
  • Clicking on scrollbar no longer jumps to a different time.
  • Code editor does not show error when return statement is used.
  • Add keyframe at playhead works with object layer selection.
  • Removing/re-adding keyframes by undo/redo no longer causes animation to show up at time 0.
  • Adding object from pasteboard by drag/drop does considers drop position.
  • Deleted objects that have been readded with Undo can be deleted.
  • Changing scenes if scene ends after last keyframe now works in Firefox.
  • Deleting last keyframe does not leave it selected.
  • Deleting second-level (or higher) object no longer puts application in a potentially unstable state.
  • Images now display if there is a question mark in URL.
  • Radial gradient on object no longer enables scene gradient on start.
  • Radial gradient in certain configurations does not cause a crash.
  • Adding objects to pasteboard in object layer mode does not cause unexpected results.
  • Double clicking to drill down into objects no longer goes straight to base state when in layer mode.
  • Object pasteboard considers children dimension when previewing.
  • Deleting object quickly while entering in name edit mode does not cause an error.
  • Operations on hidden objects do not put Animator in an unstable state.
  • Stage does not scroll unexpectedly when blurring some config fields.
  • When toggling the active states of the borders using the combined property, can now undo state changes to all four borders at the same time